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The difference is in the experience is a platform for plain gift cards. Unlike, PerkUp enables awesome rewards, globally.

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Send rewards globally, save money

Give people rewards they love


Keep unspent funds
Download tax reports
Globally accepted
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PerkUp is the rewards platform finance and HR teams love.

Give people rewards they love

Keep unspent funds

Maximize your budget efficiency by keeping any unspent funds. Over 20% of gift cards go unused every year. With PerkUp, you’re only charged when money is actually spent.

Download tax reports

Download real-time transaction reports. Gift cards are a taxable benefit regardless of whether they get used. With PerkUp, you can stop taxing employees on unspent money.

Globally accepted

Send your team awesome rewards, regardless of where they’re located. PerkUp can support your employees in 30+ countries and our cards work anywhere Visa is accepted.

Built-in Integrations

Connect your HR or payroll platform to automatically sync employees from your company’s directory.

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Send rewards people love.