Employees: 150+

Industry: Hospitality

AutoCamp is a modern hospitality company with the mission of making it easy for everyone to get outdoors. AutoCamp has a distributed staff of 150+ team members and has locations in Joshua Tree, Yosemite, Russian River, Cape Cod, and Catskill Mountains. Founded in 2013, AutoCamp has raised $115M to date and has been featured by Vogue, Bloomberg, and Oprah Magazine.

The problem

A highly manual process

As a distributed team, AutoCamp has always understood the importance of rewarding team members for great work. Before partnering with PerkUp, AutoCamp was rewarding their team for getting mentioned in customer reviews, for receiving high house-keeping scores, and for their birthdays. The top performing sales teams would also be rewarded.

However, their process was cumbersome, according to AutoCamp People and Culture Associate, Antoinette Haggard.

“Before using PerkUp, our managers would have to go to grocery stores to pick up physical Visa gift cards, and each gift card had a $5 activation fee” Antoinette adds. The managers would then either distribute the gift cards to their people directly or give them to Antoinette, who would have to drive to the post office to mail them across the country.

“Due to the pain in our old process, we had a backlog of rewards that had been delayed for 2-3 months. We just didn’t have the time to do all that manual work every week.”

The solution

A streamlined and easy-to-use platform

AutoCamp ultimately chose to work with PerkUp due to the product’s ease of use, customizability, and flexibility.

Simplifying the process

PerkUp has made it a lot easier for Antoinette and her team to reward AutoCamp team members on a consistent basis. What used to take Antoinette hours can now be done in just a couple minutes.

Giving rewards a personal touch

PerkUp has also helped AutoCamp offer their team members a better rewards experience altogether. Whereas Visa gift cards can feel impersonal, PerkUp’s customization options have made it easy to send rewards that feel special. In Antoinette’s own words:

“Our old process was very annoying. Now it’s so fun to reward a team member because I can choose a fun GIF or picture, and add a message. The rewards are fun and personalized for the recipients to receive.”

Empowering the AutoCamp team with choice

Whereas before AutoCamp had to send Visa gift cards with high activation fees or guess whether someone would rather an iTunes or DoorDash gift card, now they can empower every individual to choose their own reward. When it comes to employee rewards, there is no one-size fits all. Everybody has unique interests and preferences, and it’s important that the rewards they receive reflect that.

“Our team members have loved the versatility of PerkUp. Some can request physical cards and use them at the grocery store, whereas others can use their PerkUp card to shop on Amazon.”

The result

Better rewards and increased engagement

Antoinette noticed positive results almost immediately after switching to PerkUp. “Our team has been a lot more engaged because rewards themselves are going out more consistently and faster. It’s a lot more exciting to be rewarded for something immediately than months later,” she explains. For the AutoCamp team, the consistency they’ve been able to achieve with PerkUp has been key.

“PerkUp has been a great way to easily reward our team members who are doing fantastic work. With PerkUp, we’ve been able to save multiple hours every week, while giving our team members a better experience.”

In addition to their sales team incentives and guest experience rewards, AutoCamp plans to start using PerkUp to distribute branded swag and send work anniversary milestone gifts. Their team is excited to no longer need to hold inventory and start sending swag to their remote team members as well.

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