Employees: 200+

Industry: Gaming

Deep Silver Volition (Volition) is a video game development company with 200+ employees spread out across the United States. Volition has been creating successful video games for 25+ years and strives to create a culture of collaboration, creativity, growth, caring, and respect. They recognize their people are their greatest strength and bring a personal approach to the work they do.

The problem

Tracking employee rewards with Excel spreadsheets

As a team that understands the importance of collaboration, Volition organizes a number of team building events including monthly Bingo, costume contests, game credits and more. In addition, they send employees monetary birthday gifts every year.

According to Office Manager, Brittney McIntire, Volition used bulk gift card purchasing software which was time consuming, required extensive monitoring and tracking, and resulted in a lot of lost gift cards. 

“Before PerkUp, I had to keep an Excel document to track who received what gift card, what vendor the gift card was for, the amount that was sent, and the reason. Since PerkUp has an administrative portal all of this is done automatically for me. It’s a very simple process now.”

The solution

A flexible platform that saves money

Volition came to PerkUp for a few main reasons: they were able to keep all unspent funds, each reward was flexible and could be used anywhere, and because of PerkUp’s ability to support their entire distributed team.

Keeping unspent funds

One of the main reasons Volition chose PerkUp was because they are able to keep all funds that go unspent. With their previous solution, any funds loaded on a gift card that got lost or went unused would “disappear into the void,” those funds had essentially gone to waste. On average 22% of gift cards go unused, which can amount to significant savings.

Sending flexible rewards

Moreover, Brittney liked that PerkUp's reward cards could be used anywhere Visa is accepted, compared to a traditional gift card that can only be used at a specific store.

“I really liked the idea of one card that could essentially be used anywhere, instead of having an employee look through a list of stores to pick where they wanted us to buy them a gift card from. The employee would then have to wait for a physical card to show up in the mail or for an e-gift card to slowly make its way to their inbox.”

Whereas in the past 90% of Volition’s employees chose Amazon gift cards, they are now empowered to use their reward funds at local shops and cafes as well. Brittney also mentions the team is happy they can save up and accumulate their funds for larger purchases.

Supporting Volition’s distributed team

A third reason Volition chose PerkUp was because of the support for their distributed team. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, a large portion of Volotion’s new employees are fully remote. Whereas in the past it was difficult to find gift card options in unfamiliar areas, with PerkUp each employee can use their funds in their local community, in whatever way they see fit.

The result

A seamless rewards experience employees love

Overall, Volition’s results with PerkUp have been overwhelmingly positive. Employees are more engaged, and participate in more events now that their rewards are distributed through PerkUp. 

“PerkUp has vastly increased the value of our monetary perks. $50 seems like a better gift through PerkUp than an Amazon gift card. Employees seem to participate in events more frequently now that PerkUp is the prize. They feel less limited by what they can buy.”

Additionally, PerkUp has made program administration much easier for Brittney. Whereas she had to spend a lot of time managing and updating countless Excel spreadsheets, PerkUp now takes care of all that headache for her.

“The ease of use has been a life saver for me. No more Excel spreadsheets with endless gift card information to look through. It makes things very easy in terms of sending gifts and setting up recurring programs.”

Moving forward, Volition plans to keep using PerkUp for the aforementioned occasions and for more upcoming events, including a Halloween Costume Contest.

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