Quickbooks Payroll

Sync your company's employee directory to keep PerkUp members updated.

Connect PerkUp with 

Quickbooks Payroll

What can this integration do?

When connecting your Quickbooks Payroll account to PerkUp, we'll retrieve your company's employee directory. Once the list imports, you'll have the following options:

  • Send PerkUp invitations to the employee directory
  • Sync members with your directory so that new employees automatically receive perk cards when joining
  • Automatically deactivate perk cards when employees leave the organization

How do I integrate this with PerkUp?

Your account must be on a Plus plan to connect this integration.

  1. Sign in to PerkUp
  2. Navigate to your company's admin panel
  3. Select "Integrations" in the left-hand navigation
  4. Select Quickbooks Payroll and complete setup steps

Note: you must have admin permissions to install and setup this integration.

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