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Integrate with Gusto to keep your employee directory up to date.

Gusto Integration Overview

Connect Gusto to PerkUp

Import start dates, birthdays, and keep your people directory up to date automatically. Connect Gusto to PerkUp to sync your employee directory every 24 hours. We’ll pull in new employees and remove those who’ve been terminated.

Integration Features

Sync your employee directory to PerkUp

Keep your PerkUp people directory up to date by connecting Gusto. Once connected, we will run a sync with Gusto every 24hrs to ensure your employee data is always accurate inside of PerkUp. With this sync, we will automatically pull in new employees and remove those who have been terminated.

Import employee start dates and birthdays

When you connect Gusto to PerkUp, we’ll pull in every employee’s start date and birthday so you can automatically send each employee a gift on their birthday and work anniversary. Further, you can create custom tenure-based work anniversary gifts.

Get people managers involved

Connect Gusto to PerkUp to sync your organizational chart. Automatically link every employee to their people manager, and give managers a budget they can use to send gifts and rewards to their teams. Take it a step further by letting managers write personalized birthday and work anniversary messages for their reports.

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