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Celebrate key milestones with Slack notifications.

Slack Integration Overview

Connect Slack to PerkUp

Connect Slack to PerkUp to get notifications when individuals receive rewards, or when they’re celebrating a key milestone. Choose whether you’d like the notifications sent privately or publicly. Customize each notification with GIFs and variables. 

Integration Features

Public and private notifications

Get notifications sent to public and/or private channels when you connect Slack to PerkUp. Notifications can be automatically sent when an individual receives a gift or reward, or when they are celebrating their birthday or work anniversary. Choose whether you’d like the notifications to be sent publicly or privately, and to which channel.

Birthday and work anniversary reminders

Connect Slack to PerkUp to get reminders for each individual’s upcoming birthday and work anniversary. Reminders can be sent privately to your organization’s PerkUp admins and/or the individual’s people manager.

Automate custom messages

Include variables (such as tenure, first names, etc.) in each notification and message sent through Slack. Add a custom GIF to make each notification even more fun.

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