Home Office

Boost your team's productivity by equipping them with the best work-from-home setups.


Home Office


As more businesses consider the possibility of going remote, it’s clear that home office and equipment stipends are becoming increasingly crucial. 

From ergonomic office furniture to laptop and desk accessories, a proper working set-up will lead to improved productivity and employee satisfaction. 

Whether or not your business intends to bring back its workforce in a full or part-time capacity, it’s important that employees feel supported at home. 


As contemporary work culture continues to evolve, more businesses will begin to adopt remote or hybrid settings. This means that home office stipends are a must.

  • Google is currently offering its employees up to $1,000 to buy work-from-home gear
  • At Twitter, remote employees are provided a one time $1,000 work-from-home allowance 
  • Superhuman, a blazingly fast email app, provides each employee a $3,000 desk set-up stipend


  • Increased employee satisfaction
  • Improved productivity 
  • Increased retention rates
  • Attract higher quality employees

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