Provide your team with flexible meal options that cater to every diet.




When it comes to employee performance, there’s no better bet than a well-fueled workforce. Provide your team a wide-range of food options and other meal services to order at home. 

Unlike office catering, this is an inclusive way to support your employees’ food habits while also giving them the ability to choose. In addition, it’ll free up your team’s time, removing the added stress of having to whip up a meal before, during, or after work.


While per diems are nothing new, meal service perks are all the rage with top tier businesses who are hoping to support their teams’ appetites.

  • Snapchat provides its people a $16/day meal allowance
  • Circle, a global internet finance company, sets aside a $200/month stipend for lunch
  • Masterclass, an online course hub, offers their employees a $120/month snack stipend


  • Happier people and increased productivity
  • Employee retention
  • Flexible and inclusive

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