Food Programs

Free food is awesome. Your people will agree.

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Food programs for all diets

Create excitement

Improve engagement

Company-paid lunches are a favourite perk, especially for millennials. Get your team excited with a lunch or two they’ll look forward to every month.

Promote inclusivity
Bring people together
Grow your remote culture
Keep your team together

Increase retention

As more offices are transitioning to remote and hybrid models, people are missing the free lunches and snacks they used to enjoy. Create a comparable remote-friendly food program.

Foster a connection with the team
Support remote and hybrid employees
Gain an advantage in recruiting
Embrace diversity

Support local options

Every individual has their preferences when it comes to diet. Ensure your whole team gets a meal they enjoy by using their Perk Card at the establishment of their choice.

Local restaurants, cafes & food trucks
Recurring or one-time budgets
Apple Wallet & Google Pay

Send rewards people love.