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10 Tech Company Swag Ideas To Gift Employees

September 6, 2022
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At PerkUp, we’re all about rewarding your employees for their performance and loyalty. If you’re in the tech industry, gifting your team some tech company swag is a great way to say thanks for a job well done. 

Working in tech means stepping up your game to offer rewards that align with your employees' skills and interests. As problem solvers heavily involved in software, nifty gadgets, digital products, and advancing technologies, a simple gift mug might not conjure up quite as much excitement as you’d hope. 

In this article, we’ll look at what tech company swag entails, as well as when and why to use it. To top it all off, we’ve compiled a list of the ten best swag items to use as reward ideas. We’ve selected them for their wow-factor and excellent quality to ensure any employee will appreciate them.

What Is Tech Company Swag?

Tech company swag refers to the promotional products that tech companies gift their employees. These gifts are free of charge, even if they come from the company store.

When you give out tech company swag, you’re not just rewarding your employees for their hard work. By gifting valuable items they can appreciate and use daily, you’re also letting them know you’re willing to pull out the stops to keep them feeling happy and engaged. 

As the items are branded, you get to put your company name out to the world. When employees are willing to use the gear and create that association with the organization for all to see, it’s a sign they love their place of work. 

In this way, company swag is a bit of free advertising for your company. It can put the organization top of mind for potential new hires and even potential new customers. 

The main upside of it all? The gift recipients will feel more connected to the business they work for and each other.

When Is Gifting Tech Swag A Good Idea?

Here are some occasions when gifting company swag might be a great idea:

Welcome New Employees

Who doesn’t love a good welcome gift? Many leading tech companies now send out swag bags as gifts to welcome new team members to the organization. The gifts essentially act as a way of showing gratitude to the candidate and recognizing the time and energy they spent going through the interview process.

Depending on what you gift your new team members, the swag might help them settle into work life and feel closer to their new team. Branded items create a connection and unify the people using them. 

Generally speaking, gifting new hires is a good way of setting the tone for how the newbie can expect to be looked after going forward. 

Reward The Existing Team 

You can use tech company swag to reward your existing team for their excellent work. This might come after completing a big project, reaching a goal, or landing a new client. If your employee has gone above and beyond for your company, why not say thank you with some high-quality swag?

Celebrate Employee Milestones

Significant milestones such as office work anniversaries or employee birthdays are reasons to celebrate and a good time to whip out the tech swag. 

You can set different gift levels based on the importance of the occasion. For example, an employee celebrating a 5th anniversary might receive a higher-budget gift than someone on their first anniversary. 

Commemorate Important Holidays

Holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, Employee Appreciation Day, Admin Professionals Day, and Intern Day are all potential occasions for rewarding your team. 

Receiving a gift is usually a feel-good for the recipient. So, gifting on these occasions can help show how invested you are in each individual, personally and professionally. 

Why Should You Gift Tech Swag to Your Employees?

Tech company swag serves several purposes. Let’s look at why you should consider gifting tech swag to the relevant parties. 

Brand Promotion

When people inside and outside the workspace use your branded swag, it benefits your brand awareness. 

You’ll get your name out there on cool items that people love to use. These items can spark conversations and lead people to discover more about your organization.

The result - next time they need a service like yours, your organization might come to mind.

Boosts Productivity

When you reward your employees for their excellent performance with tech swag, it incentivizes them. Swag can be a morale booster that drives higher work quality and productivity.

Swag can also drive productivity in a practical way. For example, gifting someone wireless earphones can help them in online meetings. Similarly, a 4-in-1 charging cable can assist the person with keeping their devices fully powered at all times.  

Increase Employee Engagement

Low engagement levels in the workplace can result from a person feeling disjointed from their team members and invisible to upper management.  

By giving out incentives, including swag, management can change that and strengthen the relationships in their teams. Receiving incentives can empower employees and help them realize that leadership is invested in them and their roles within the company. 

Receiving a gift also instills a sense of appreciation - the same applies to receiving swag. It can make employees feel as though their efforts are valued. This can boost their confidence at work and lead them to tackle their job roles with renewed vigor. 

There are many benefits to increased employee engagement! In case you’re interested, read about the top ways to inspire employee engagement and retention.

Improve Team Relationships

Tech swag gifts can improve team relations. These gifts can foster a sense of unity amongst team members. 

For example, can you imagine a group of employees calling into an online meeting wearing the same branded wireless earphones? That’s sure to send the signal that they’re a team! 

These swag items can serve as conversation starters and make the team feel like one unit. 

Promote Company Culture and Loyalty

Gifting employees tech swag as a reward for their hard work is a great idea. It can make employees feel more welcome at your company, boosting their loyalty to your business. 

You can use tech company swag to celebrate landmark achievements at the company. For example, you could reward employees for significant workplace anniversaries. Who wouldn’t want a cool swag item after five years at your company? 

What Type of Tech Swag Should Be Gifted?

Deciding on which tech swag items to order can be tricky. 

Fear not, for we’ve put together a list of considerations you should keep in mind. Read on to understand what to look for when ordering the perfect tech company swag.

Popular Tech

The more popular the items are, the greater the response will be. This doesn’t only relate to employees who are gifted with these items but includes external parties who see the swag. 

When hunting down the best swag options, ensure your employees want them. There’s no use gifting swag that your team members don’t actually like and won’t use. 

Practical Tech

Utility goes hand-in-hand with popularity. The more useful the swag item, the more appreciative your employees will be of the gift. For example, if your team members use public transportation, gifting car chargers won’t be as useful as power banks. 

Similarly, a wireless charging pad gift will ensure that your employees' desks are kept relatively neat. This will boost productivity and keep the office space snazzy and neat.

Consider items that are the most helpful to your employees in the context of their workspace. In this way, you’ll not only increase employee satisfaction but productivity as well.

Consider sending out a survey asking employees which swag items they would prefer. You might also want to include team managers in a discussion about what each department would use the most. 

Quality Tech

Don’t gift your employees a tech company swag item that is cheap, flimsy, and breaks within the first week of use. What does that say about how much your company cares for its employees?

Although it may cost a bit more, high-quality products ensure you’re safe rather than sorry. However, this doesn’t mean you must break the bank for tech company swag. 

Working with a company such as PerkUp will ensure that your swag items are high quality and affordable. 

10 Tech Company Swag Ideas Your Employees Will Love

We’ve established when and why to use tech company swag. Now let’s look at the top tech company swag ideas out there. 

1. Wireless Earphones ($42.90)

Everybody listens to music - be it at work, at home, or during the daily commute.

Wireless earphones are a fantastic tech company swag item. They are versatile and useful and can be functional at work and home. Employees can use them when they dial into online meetings or when they hit the gym.

These are also portable, and their battery life means they don’t need to be charged constantly. These earphones have 2 to 4 hours of music time! Employees will also receive extra earphone covers and a charging cable. 

2. Full-Sized Bluetooth Speaker ($42.90)

If you want to serve your employees the gift of music and good times, consider this Bluetooth speaker. 

These have two, three-watt speakers - enough power for a party! Show employees that you value their relaxation at the end of a long week by gifting them one of these. 

Team members will love Bluetooth speakers for recreational purposes or even for presentations at work. Whether hosting a barbeque or following a yoga routine, these speakers will be appreciated. 

Each speaker has plenty of space for your company branding! Add some color to really make them pop. 

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3. Power Bank ($36.48)

All devices depend on electricity. What we mean by this is that they need to be charged constantly. As so much depends on devices these days, people always need access to electricity for work and home. 

If your employee’s phone is dead, they might miss a call from that client they need to speak to. They might also miss a call from a family member who wants to tell them some big news!  Because we need constant access to phones and tablets, why not ensure they’re never flat? 

Offering employees power banks as tech company swag is a great way to help them keep their devices charged. This means they don’t need to worry if they wake up one morning and their phone battery is flat! With a power bank, they can simply charge it on the way to work. 

These power banks are also a great way to ensure less cable clutter in the office. 

4. Phone Grip ($17.48)

Cellphone accessories have become important tech company swag ideas in recent times. Employees need their cell phones a lot these days! Consider adding a phone grip to your swag catalog. 

These are great for employees, and make even better promotional items for the general public! The more people use these branded phone grips, the more your brand will be promoted.

Phone grips help make operating on your phone easier. These can help with office work but are really great for employees to take home with them. 

5. 4-in-1 Charging Cable ($20.48)

This handy 4-in-1 charging cable can help your employees maintain a neat workspace. This will boost productivity, which in turn can benefit your company! 

This cable can accommodate a variety of devices. Your employees won’t have trouble finding somewhere to turn when one of their devices needs to be charged! These are handy to have in the office and at home.

If employees keep this in the same place, they’ll never need to worry about finding all their chargers before work! 

6. Car charger ($23.90)

Employees who carpool or drive themselves to work will appreciate this tech company swag idea! 

Car chargers are essential for those who spend a lot of time on the road. If your employee is driving to an important meeting, do you want their phone battery to die? 

Keeping connected is important. Car chargers ensure that any employee can keep their device plugged in while traveling in a car. If they wake up in the morning and realize their phone battery is flat, it’s not a problem! They can simply plug in on the way to work. 

This car charger has a dual-USB port, which means that two devices can be charged at any time. Got a flat tablet and phone? No worries, this car charger has got your back. 

7. Backpack ($48.58)

A backpack with your company’s logo and slogan is an exceptional piece of tech swag.

These will be super useful for your employees. A good-quality backpack allows your team to carry important things to work - such as laptops and other devices. If they carry expensive gear to and from work, you’ll want them to do so with care. These backpacks can allay your fears! 

These eye-catching packs will also serve to further brand promotion, both internally and externally. 

8. Insulated Water Bottles ($24.98)

Most companies these days are intent on reducing their carbon footprint. One of the easiest ways to do this is by cutting down on the cups and plastic bottles in the office.

If you’re looking to take your tech company green, why not start with this swag idea? Insulated water bottles are useful to employees, both in the home space and the office. 

Consider gifting your employees with branded, insulated water bottles. These can be used to fill up on H20 at the water cooler throughout the day! 

In addition to having a much lower environmental impact, these bottles are very portable and can be carried anywhere. If your employees need to keep hydrated at their desks or on a hike, they’ll turn to these! 

9. Wireless Charger ($26.90)

A wireless charger is one of the best tech company swag items you can offer. This high-tech gadget is practical, user-friendly, and perfect for the office. 

Each charging pad can be printed with your company logo or design. To use this nifty piece of tech, your employee simply places their phone on the center of the pad. Sit back, and let the magic get to work. The phone will charge - no cables necessary. 

Sometimes, people forget to plug their mobile into the charger. This charging pad removes that problem! Your employee can keep this wireless charger in the office or at home. We can’t promise they’ll be able to charge in peace - everyone will want to see and try this out. 

10. Laptop Sleeve ($28.48)

A laptop sleeve is a must as an option for your company swag items! If your employees are lugging their laptops around, you want them to have good-quality laptop sleeves. 

Laptop sleeves make for great swag items. If your team tends to move their laptops around, consider this as your swag of choice. It’s a good bet for hybrid teams or those working remotely.  

Remote workers tend to work from places other than home. They may travel a lot or move between their favorite coffee shops. Having a top-quality, branded laptop sleeve will serve them well! It can also be great advertising, given the places and people it will see! 

Final Thoughts

Swag can be extremely useful and has a place in all companies! Whether you’re looking for rewards for your team or seeking the perfect promotional item for a career fair, these ideas should have your back! 

Remember to find out what kind of swag your tech team wants and which items will be most beneficial to them. Do this, and you can let your brand do the talking for you. 

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