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14 Great Ideas For Administrative Professionals Day Gifts

August 8, 2022
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Whether Admin Day is just around the corner or you’re planning ahead, it always helps to find inspiration for gifts. Luckily for you, PerkUp has your back! 

We’ve compiled a list of fourteen of the greatest Administrative Professionals Day gifts to help you wow your employees. These will definitely help you show your appreciation on their special day!

From simple gifts like coffee mugs to extravagant surprises like a spa day - we’ve got ideas for Administrative Professionals Day gifts that will suit any company budget. 

What Is Administrative Professionals Day?

Administrative assistants, secretaries, and other admin professionals are the backbone of any office. These professionals work hard to keep the office running and meet organizational needs and these heroes ensure that everything is in place so businesses can run smoothly. 

Celebrated in the last week of April every year, National Administrative Professionals Day is the perfect opportunity for your company to get together in celebration of the administrative team. It’s time to show appreciation for the amazing men and women who keep the office in order. 

Why Should You Recognize Employees On This Day?

This special day, also known as Admin Day or Secretaries Day, is important to celebrate. Recognizing your administrative team is essential - let’s discuss why. 

Recognition Boosts Morale

Administrative professionals often go unnoticed in the office. However, without these incredible individuals, the office wouldn’t run as optimally as it does. Taking time to appreciate these workers' enormous contributions and dedication is a great way to boost their morale. 

There’s nothing worse than a thankless job. Underappreciated employees can become demotivated and detached from their work. Instead of letting your employees feel undervalued or invisible, it’s essential to acknowledge them. An excellent way to show recognition is through Administrative Professionals Day gifts. 

Recognition leads employees to feel more positively toward their tasks, co-workers, and the company as a whole. Employees with a positive attitude are more motivated and productive. Surveys also show that 82% of employees are happier when they are recognized at work

Recognition Strengthens Relationships

Employees who feel valued are more invested in the company's success.  By recognizing the efforts of administrative professionals, you can foster a stronger bond between employees and the future of the organization. 

Additionally, having other team members recognize them on their special day can help to strengthen relationships between these professionals and their co-workers. 

Good working relationships contribute to a healthier and happier workplace and can make all the difference when it comes to job satisfaction and are essential for productivity and motivation.

Teamwork makes the dream work!

Administrative Professionals Are The Backbone Of The Company

Employees that work in admin are the building blocks of any company. Quite simply, without administrative professionals, the office would be in utter chaos! 

Administrative employees keep things running smoothly in the workplace and can often be the face of the company. Whether they greet clients, assist with queries, or schedule meetings, admin staff are often responsible for first impressions. 

Because these employees are the first line of contact for clients and business partners, they set the tone for your workplace. 

Recognizing the enormous contribution that admin professionals make encourages them to put their best foot forward. Recognition is a great way to incentivize employees to work hard.  

Administrative Professionals Day Gifts

1. PerkUp Rewards Card ($20-$100+)

A PerkUp rewards card is a great, efficient way to give your administrative employees gifts or incentives. 

You can load this card with various perks that employees can easily access. These perks include specific gifts, as well as simple dollar amounts that employees can spend on incentives they really want. 

There is nothing better than the gift of choice, and the PerkUp rewards card allows for just that. A PerkUp card lets your employees choose a gift that they are sure to love. 

It also removes the hassle of trying to single out a gift that caters to everyone. This is ideal if you’re rewarding a whole team and want to keep each gift personal.  

For special occasions like Admin Day, PerkUp allows you to schedule gifts ahead of time. This makes recognizing employees easy - you won’t forget to commemorate this special day! 

2. S’Well Stainless Steel Travel Mug with Handle ($25)

Admin professionals work long hours and spend much of their time behind their desks. To avoid fatigue, employees often use coffee to keep them going. With coffee being a staple drink in the office, gifting your employees a fantastic coffee mug is a no-brainer. 

Each of these snazzy travel mugs costs $25. They’re splash-proof and designed to fit most cupholders. Not only can these gifts act as designated office mugs, but they can also be used everywhere! These are perfect for chilly mornings when your employees need some extra motivation. 

Hot chocolate, tea, or a strong kick of caffeine - your admin team will love these gifts, regardless of their choice of hot beverage. 

3. Lula’s Glow Garden ($34)

Desk plants are a fantastic way to decorate and bring some life into your office space. They help create a relaxing environment and can give your desk the final touch it might need. Small plants, like succulents, are great gift ideas. They’re low maintenance and can quickly spruce up any space.

Lula’s Garden specializes in succulents. A succulent is a great idea for employees who don’t know what to do with a fern or an orchid. 

The team will love the thought behind their green Administrative Professionals Day gifts. Employees interested in plant life will be especially pleased, as this gift considers their hobbies! 

4. Company Merch ($20-$100)

Company merchandise always makes for fantastic gifts for your employees, administrative or otherwise. Not only does it foster a stronger connection between your admin team and the company brand, but it’s a fun way to give an office-appropriate gift. 

For merch like sweatshirts, pens, and notebooks, add an extra sparkle by adding your employee’s name or a personalized phrase. 

5. Bones Coffee Favorite Flavors Sample Pack ($30)

If your employees already have cute mugs in the office, you can’t go wrong with gifting them a hot beverage. Bones Coffee offers this incredible coffee variety pack that your employees will surely get excited about. 

If your admin employee loves a good cuppa joe, this pack is for them. They’ll receive five exciting flavors in the box: Maple Bacon, Sinn-O-Bun, S'morey Time, Highland Grog, and Strawberry Cheesecake. 

Each flavor package is 4oz, which the recipient can use to brew around 10 cups of java. This is a fun gift that your admin pros can experiment with!

6. Ordinary Habit Enchanted Puzzle by EurekartStudio ($40)

Your admin professionals work hard - no doubt they deserve a break! A great way to get your hard-working employees off their feet is to gift them a puzzle. What better incentive to wind down after a long day? 

Putting together a puzzle brings people together or allows them to hang out alone. This gorgeous puzzle is $40 and worth every cent. It will remind your employee to pause once in a while, look up at the sky, and take a moment for themselves. 

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7. Nidra Deep Rest Luxury Sleep Mask ($21.95)

For $21.95 each, these luxury sleep masks are the perfect gift. Your admin experts members are the driving force behind your office, and they need all the sleep they can get. 

These masks are great for improving sleep quality at home or for travel. Whether your employees are taking a nap on a flight or getting ready for bed, these masks are sure to help them get some decent shut-eye.  

8. Snack Magic Sweet Tooth Box ($50)

Everyone loves free food! So, why not give the team the gift of a great snack? 

If your employees love different foods, snack boxes from Snack Magic are a great idea. Grab each admin pro a Sweet Tooth Box, and give them some time off to sample the goods! This way, they can bond over a snack break in the office or at home.  

This box includes 14 to 25 items and is sure to make your employees beam. If your admin expert loves a bit of sugar - this one’s for them! 

9. Swanky Badger Appreciation Gift Box ($99.99)

Taking time to reset and recharge after work is essential. This helps employees feel ready for the next day instead of being overwhelmed. Why not grab some self-care gift baskets for your admin team? This can help your team make the most of their downtime. 

This gift box includes a stainless steel hip flask and a flask funnel. It makes for a sophisticated gift that encourages your employee to take a breather. 

They’ll also receive a cigar box, leather wallet, notebook, pen, and bottle opener. These items can help your employees kick back after a long week. Each gift box is packaged beautifully, which will make your team feel special. 

10. Petzl TIKKINA Headlamp ($19.95)

It’s important to remember that your employees have interests and hobbies outside of work. Administrative professionals work exceptionally hard to keep the wheels turning in the office every day. A gift aligned with their hobbies can encourage them to let their hair down when they leave the office. 

If your employees love a good trail run or a hike - this headlamp is perfect for them. 

For $19.95 each, your admin team can receive a top-quality headlamp. This lamp has three lighting levels and can run off a rechargeable battery. It’s an ideal reward for adventurers who enjoy participating in outdoor activities.  

11. A Day Off (priceless)

Even the most dedicated employees appreciate a day off every now and again. If you really want to wow your admin team, give them a paid day off. This is an excellent way to show appreciation for their hard work. 

You can give them the day off on National Administrative Professionals Day or let them choose a day that suits them. Either way, they will be grateful for the opportunity to spend extra time with friends or family. 

12. Original Rose Spalding NBA Basketball Planter ($75)

This one is for the sports enthusiasts who follow all the NBA games. If you want to gift your employee something unique this Administrative Professionals Day gift, a little bit of decor can go a long way! 

For $75, this NBA planter is a perfect contribution to the recipient's office or home space. The planter is handmade in New York City and will be the envy of their colleagues. 

13. Maker Wine Celebration Sparkling Wine Pack ($55)

Your admin team needs to feel appreciated on this commemorative day - why not gift each employee the perfect way to wind down at the end of a long week? These canned wines are pretty to look at, not to mention pretty good on the palate. 

If you’re trying to say thank you, these Maker wines will do the trick! With a selection of six white and rosé sparkling wines, your team is bound to appreciate these. They also get two GoVino glasses with the package, which the person can use long after the wine is gone!

14. Mac Lab Macarons Signature Macaron Gift Box Set ($29.40)

Paris might be far away, but don’t despair! These macarons are not only stunning to look at, but they’re also top-quality sweet treats. The best part is that they’re totally within reach!

If you want your employees to bite into one of these, prepare to pay $29.40. This is a great deal, considering each gift box packs 12 assorted macarons. These are packaged with elegance and will show each employee that they’re appreciated. 

Final Thoughts

Organizations are only as strong as their employees. What better way to keep your employees happy and motivated than by taking some time out to celebrate them? 

Even though admin employees keep the office running, they often go unrecognized. When the time comes, it’s essential to show them your appreciation! 

National Admin Day is the perfect time to thank your admin team for their dedication. Hopefully, our list of Administrative Professionals Day gift ideas has helped you find the best way to say thank you! 

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