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20 Best Corporate Swag Ideas For Employees

November 1, 2022
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If you’re looking for the best corporate swag ideas - you’ve come to the right place! 

Company swag is an excellent way to connect people with your brand and connection is more important now than ever in the changing face of today's workplace. 

If you are gifting swag, you no doubt want to choose the best corporate swag for your employees. 

This isn't something that should be rushed, however. Take time to consider the recipient individually and gift swag that is useful and appropriate for your employee to genuinely convey that you appreciate and value them. 

We have put together a guide to the best corporate swag ideas that your team will love. 

What Is Corporate Swag? 

Products that feature an organization's logo and name are known as swag. These branded products are traditionally given to clients or potential clients as gifts. Swag can be used as a way to promote your company. 

However, swag can also make excellent appreciation gifts for employees. Good quality, long-lasting swag is sure to boost employee pride!

Why Is Corporate Swag Important For Your Business?

Promotes Company Objectives and Values 

Providing employees with the best corporate swag can add a bit of fun to the workplace. It can also promote your brand to outsiders. If you’re an eco-conscious company, having people use branded travel mugs can promote this value. Outsiders who see this swag in use will know that you walk the talk. 

Employees want to be recognized for their contribution to your organization. Company swag, given in a meaningful way, can create some great ambassadors for your brand. If your employees use swag outside the office - it sends a message to external parties that your staff members are proud of their roles. 

Unites Employees 

Employees who feel that they are part of a team work more cohesively. You can encourage feelings of unity with company swag.

Engage your employees by asking them to put forward ideas for the best corporate swag and designs. Collaborating with your team is a great way to get to know your employees better, and they will feel proud of using the items they helped create. 

Welcome New Employees 

While company swag cannot replace a great company culture, attractive salary, and good benefits, it can contribute to making a great first impression. 

Onboarding is an excellent opportunity to gift some well-thought-out company swag. A thoughtful welcome message tucked into the gift box will make new hires feel comfortable in the office! 

What Makes The Best Corporate Swag?

The items you choose to represent your organization can significantly impact your brand. 

Swag (the abbreviation for stuff we all get) makes your brand visible. The items you choose should reflect your company values. 

Whether you’re giving out promotional swag, or swag to welcome new hires, remember that swag might be the first impression someone will have of your business. 

Thousands of products make for appropriate swag. If you want your company swag to make an impact, here are a few guidelines for choosing items to make an impression. 

Good Quality 

You don’t want people associating poor quality with your brand. Good quality should be your priority. High-quality items will earn you good impressions! An item with longevity will be around longer to raise awareness of your brand. 

In Line With Company Culture

Make sure the items you choose are an accurate representation of your organization. If your employees tend to have similar hobbies that are encouraged by the company - use this! 

For example, do your employees take yoga in the morning as a team-building activity? Yoga mats would be a great example of company swag in this case. 

Every time employees use the item, they get reminded that they are part of a team. They’re also reminded of what the team strives towards. 

Function Meets Form

Branded items should be helpful and look good. Try to make the item distinctive by using attractive colors, materials, or shapes. 

Popular items you can use daily are a great way to increase your organization's exposure. 

While original swag will get attention, don’t underestimate the free publicity you will get from a good quality basic like an umbrella or branded apparel. 

Be Mindful

Not all employees will appreciate the same swag. If you’re gifting swag to individuals, or smaller groups, you might need to take the time to figure out what they’d appreciate. 

If you’re gifting swag to many people - such as new hires - stick to swag items with mass appeal. Whilst getting branded fitness gear might sound like a great plan - perhaps not everyone will enjoy it. 

You might also want to consider the impact of your company on the environment. If employees receive swag they don’t particularly like - they’re more likely to throw it away. 

Think Outside the Office 

For many employees, remote work has become the new norm. Create products that are useful to your employees in their home environments. 

Athletic wear and self-care items may come in handy for the remote worker. Consider branded candles or cooler boxes for out-of-office use. 

Best Corporate Swag Ideas

1. Baby Onesie ($16.48)

What better way to show your employees that they’re valued than by including their families in the company? 

When getting clothing for little ones, comfort and quality are the top considerations. This onesie is thick enough to provide warmth and leaves an opportunity for layering. 

The three-snap design allows parents to easily remove and change the onesie as needed. The material used is 100% cotton. This item washes perfectly in washing machines and can be thrown in the tumble-dryer on a low setting. 

This comes in multiple sizes, is designed for toddlers up to 24 months old, and has a durable custom-printed logo on the front.

2. Baby T-Shirt ($16.48)

With similar considerations to the baby onesie in mind, this baby t-shirt offers comfort, style, and quality. 

Not all babies feel comfortable in onesies, no matter the quality. If you want to expand your employee’s baby wardrobe with a custom-designed shirt, you can’t go wrong here. 

This baby t-shirt has been designed with durability in mind to withstand whatever your baby can throw at it.

The little t-shirt comes in many sizes and is designed for babies up to 24 months. It won’t degrade in washing machines or tumble dryers - so long as you keep the settings low. 

3. Spiral Journal ($12.48)

This 5x7-inch spiral journal displays your brand boldly on the cover. Perfect for note taking, it contains 75 high-quality pages. 

The cover is protected by thick glossy laminate. This is opposed to the much less durable paper wrap which is found in most journals. This means that the journals will last as long as your employees need them to. 

This is one of the best corporate swag items because of its broad appeal and widespread use. 

If you offer this kind of swag to employees or business partners, your brand will seem more professional. When paired with other stationery items, this notebook can make for an excellent gift package for potential investors or new hires.

4. Canvas Tote Bag ($13.48)

This canvas tote bag is versatile and can be used for many different events and scenarios. 

Besides bearing your brand logo for all to see, it can work well as a swag bag. Why not pop a bundle of swag items into this bag? Your new employees will love it! 

These bags are ideal for giving away as prizes or promotional gift bags. Made with 100% pure cotton and measuring 15x15 inches, this bag is both durable and spacious.

The natural canvas coloring helps avoid dirt and wear showing over time. However, if it does get dirty, wash it on a cold setting. Ideal for everyday use, this slim and stylish tote bag makes for a perfect travel accessory that will last years.

5. Standard Youth T-Shirt ($21.99)

This simple and stylish t-shirt makes a perfect addition to any kid’s wardrobe. Does your employee have a young child? They’ll love this swag item. 

Made using 100% preshrunk cotton, the standard youth t-shirt provides a comfortable fit. This shirt has been quarter-turned to eliminate center creasing. This means that the logo will avoid damage, and keep looking fresh for years to come!

A classic unisex shirt, this suits any occasion - from school days to sports practice.

There are fourteen different color options available. The standard youth t-shirt comes in five sizes (XS, S, M, L, XL), accommodating children of all ages and shapes.

6. Stone Coaster Set ($20.48)

This beautiful and high-quality coaster set offers serious value. If you choose to get this 4-coaster set for your clients, your brand logo can stand out as a conversation starter. 

If given as a gift, these soapstone coasters serve as great housewarming gifts. Further still, they make for excellent additions to the office.

The non-slip, scratchproof cork bottom ensures that these durable coasters last for years. At 4x4 inches, they work with almost all mugs, cups, and bottles, and are easily cleaned with a damp cloth. These slim coasters are a must for anyone looking for something small to show off their brand logo and identity.

7. Soy Wax Candle ($20.48)

If you’re looking to make a strong first impression, these are the best way to make it happen. Create a warm, welcoming atmosphere with these beautifully scented wax candles. You’re invested in your employees’ downtime - and they should know! 

Your brand logo goes onto the glass, ensuring it stays crisp and clear no matter how far the candle burns. The package includes a metal lid to avoid damage to the candle or wick when not in use.

The soy wax candle comes in two white scents (vanilla and birch & black pepper) and two pink scents (vanilla and watermelon). These scents provide a unique and memorable sensation, but if desired, unscented options are also available.

8. Performance Polo - DTFx ($29.98)

The perfect style choice for anyone wanting to dress professionally without appearing overly formal. The performance polo works for teams and organizations looking for a uniform, or a long game on the golf course. 

The breathable polyester material wicks moisture to keep the wearer cool and comfortable in any environment. This works best in the summer heat and helps avoid sweating and overheating.

The logo design is printed using a technique known as Direct To Film (DTFx) which offers improvements over traditional methods. The performance polo comes in eleven colors from sizes S to 3XL.

9. Pet Bowl ($20.48)

The way to your employees' and clients’ hearts is through their pets! 

This highly durable ceramic bowl works perfectly for dogs or cats. The print design wraps all around the bowl, offering a large surface area for whatever design or logo you want. The pet bowl is 100% dishwasher safe, and the print design won’t get damaged in the process. It’s also microwave safe, allowing for it to be used for more than just its intended purpose for pets.

The pet bowl comes in two sizes (small and large). It measures 6 inches in diameter, allowing for 16oz. of liquid. The larger size measures 7 inches in diameter and allows for 32oz. of liquid.

10. Backpack ($58.48)

This lightweight but durable backpack offers the perfect balance between form and function. The slim design hides a spacious interior allowing for a large carrying capacity. 

The size makes this backpack ideal for work, exercise, and travel. Made using 100% polyester with two adjustable padded straps, the backpack is also extremely comfortable to wear.

Inside are two main compartments and a laptop storage pouch, while the exterior includes a zip-pouch and mesh side pocket. The backpack itself measures 17 inches x 12.5 inches x 5 inches.

11. Premium Hoodie - DTFx ($39.98)

This premium pullover hoodie offers a soft feel, unisex sizing, and a relaxed fit, making it ideal for daily wear. Made using a mix of cotton and polyester fabrics, this premium hoodie offers warmth and breathability in equal measure. 

The kangaroo pockets on the front provide warmth on cold days or even temporary storage for small items.

The DTFx variety of this premium hoodie offers high-quality print on the front. This helps ensure that the premium hoodie can be used daily without fear of damaging the print with regular use. The premium hoodie is available in three colors from sizes S to 2XL.

12. Tablet Sleeve ($28.48)

Employees must keep their tablet screens safe and secure when traveling. Especially if these are company issued! 

That’s where this slim tablet sleeve comes in. Featuring a bold, one-sided large print, your brand’s logo will stand out. The interior is padded with a soft plush microfiber fabric, ensuring that tablet screens won’t be damaged through jostling.

Coming in at 12 inches, this tablet sleeve fits most current-gen tablets. The sleeve’s lightweight design means it won’t take up any extra space in a bag. Made using high-quality polyester and a heavy-duty YKK zipper, the tablet sleeve is durable enough to protect whatever is inside it. 

13. Phone Grip ($17.48)

Designed to attach to the back of modern smartphones, this versatile accessory offers many improvements and benefits for the user. 

The shape makes it easier to take one-handed selfies. What’s a work event without some team photos?

This accessory also offers a secure grip for texting while on the move. The grip functions as a stand for employee phones, making it easier to watch videos and make calls hands-free.

14. White Mug ($11.48)

Do your employees plan on entertaining business partners or clients? Offering tea and coffee in a branded mug makes a statement. 

The durable ceramic material helps the white mug resist everyday wear and tear. However, it still offers a comfortable grip. The wraparound printing design offers a large area to showcase your brand’s unique style.

Available in 11oz. and 15oz. sizes, you can choose the right size for your company's needs. Don’t worry, the mug is dishwasher and microwave safe, too.

15. Mini Bluetooth Speaker ($32.48)

The most important part of portable Bluetooth speakers is the balance between sound quality and size. This mini Bluetooth speaker strikes the perfect balance between rich sound and convenient design. 

With features like built-in volume control, track selection, and play/pause buttons, employees can control sound directly. The micro-USB port allows for quick and convenient charging. This means that team gatherings can always have some background tunes! 

With 3W of power, the mini Bluetooth speaker packs a real punch for its size and lasts over 3 hours. The dimensions are 2.44” x 2.36”  x 2.36”, making this speaker incredibly convenient to carry around. 

Available in eight colors and featuring a vibrant custom design, this makes for a stylish addition to any swag offering.

16. Insulated Water Bottle ($24.98)

This premium, double-walled stainless steel water bottle offers a great way to stay hydrated on the go. With a vacuum-insulated system, water will stay cool and warm beverages will stay warm. 

This makes the insulated water bottle the best option no matter what your employees are drinking. The lid is 100% spill-proof, making it easy and safe to store in a bag.

With a height of 10.75 inches and a 2.75-inch diameter, the insulated water bottle can hold 20oz. The wraparound design offers a large canvas with which to show off your brand. It’s advised that you only hand wash this bottle, as it isn’t dishwasher safe.

17. 4-In-1 Charging Cable ($20.48)

When traveling or simply burning through work, it’s easy to forget to charge your phone. Your employees will appreciate this 4-in-1 charging cable! 

Powered with a USB-A cable, it offers support for micro-USB, Apple’s lightning cable, and the increasingly popular USB-C.

Thanks to its 5V input, employees can even charge multiple devices at once. 

18. Power Bank ($36.48)

Another excellent charging solution to rival the previous idea, this power bank sports a large area to display your logo. 

Designed for emergency use, this 5000mAh battery will keep a phone topped up for hours. The device features built-in micro-USB, Lightning, and USB-C cables in the body. This means it’s compatible with all modern smartphones! 

With a width of 2.62”, a length of 4.92”, and a height of 0.43”, this power bank is ultra-portable. The LED indicators serve to inform the user when it needs a charge, and when it’s at full capacity. Despite the many cables, it’s recommended to only charge one device at a time.

19. Skinny Tumbler ($21.48)

This 20oz. tumbler offers a smooth travel experience. Rugged and durable, and made with two stainless steel walls, it keeps drinks secure. 

The double wall design also helps retain the temperature of whatever gets put inside it. This makes the tumbler ideal for long road trips. At 8.25” x 2.75”, this tumbler is anything but miniature, adding to the premium feel.

20. True Wireless Earbuds ($42.98)

These small, ultra-sleek earbuds offer high audio clarity and decent battery life. The best part is that these come at a reasonable cost. 

The custom logo printed on the sides of the earbuds helps these devices feel premium. With up to 4 hours of music playback on one charge, these earbuds will easily last a whole day when paired with their charging case.

Compatibility with Bluetooth 5.0 on modern smartphones allows for strong connectivity in almost any environment. These make for an excellent addition to any swag store. Your employees will be over the moon! 

Final Thoughts 

These corporate swag ideas are sure to make your company stand out. Who wouldn’t want their employees and clients proudly displaying their company-branded products? 

Remember that the purpose of company swag is to make an impression on the recipient. Swag should be thoughtful and practical. It should also look great - so keeping the material high quality is essential. 

If you’re looking for the highest quality swag - PerkUp has your back. There are loads of swag options to choose from, and PerkUp has the best range on offer. These can swiftly be branded with your company details and sent off in no time! 

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