19 Unique And Rewarding Christmas Gifts For Employees

July 31, 2023
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The festive season is approaching - it’s time for companies to line up ideas for unique and rewarding Christmas gifts for employees. 

But, there are many considerations when choosing suitable gifts. Besides your budget, you must select items your team will appreciate and value. 

There’s no point in giving gifts for the sake of it - an Employee Happiness Survey found that 50% of employees believe the gifts they receive from their employer reflect how valuable they are. In other words, research shows employees associate their rewards with their worth. 

Interestingly, the same survey found that more than one in three employees has never received a gift from their managers. 

A possible takeaway from this, and something we firmly believe at PerkUp, is that it pays to reward your employees. 

Besides showing team members how much you value them, giving gifts during the holiday also boosts morale. Most importantly, it’s a great way to say thank you for all your employees’ hard work. 

How Do You Show Staff Appreciation Over The Holidays?

Despite 9 out of 10 Americans celebrating Christmas, many organizations are unsure of how best to celebrate the holidays with their team. 

Luckily, at PerkUp, we know a thing or two about employee appreciation. To thank your employees and spread some festive cheer, we recommend you do the following:

Of course, everyone loves receiving presents. Handing out unique and rewarding Christmas gifts for employees can often be the proverbial cherry on the cake after a long productive year at the company. 

But Wait, Why Gift Your Team At All?

Popular career portal, Zippia, reports that 80% of employees would work harder if they felt better appreciated by their company. 

Zippia also found that 69% of employees looking to quit their jobs would stay if they received recognition and rewards.

This might indicate that showing appreciation over the holidays, whether through gifting or other means, can improve:

  • Employee engagement 
  • Staff retention
  • Motivation
  • Productivity

Don’t worry if you don’t know what to buy your staff for Christmas; our guide is here to help you. 

19 Unique And Rewarding Christmas Gifts For Employees (Ideas To Suit The Whole Team)

Try any curated gifts from our list below. We’ve organized them into five categories to help you pinpoint the perfect solution for your team. 

Tech: Embrace The Future

Our tech geeks scoured the PerkUp rewards catalog for Christmas’ best tech gifts. These gadgets and gizmos will improve productivity and bring joy to your hardworking employees’ day.

Gift Of Choice: Give The Perfect Gift Every Time

1. Tile Sticker (2022) 2-Pack ($54.99)

Tile helps you keep track of your things! Stick the Tile Sticker to anything from remotes, chargers, headphones, glasses cases and other electronic devices, and use Tile’s free app to find them! 

This is a great gift for the team member whose always losing their keys and other belongings, and needs to locate them multiple times a day. You can find devices from a long distance with Tile and it will even notify you about your phone via a ringing sound! 

A practical, easy to use and well received gift. 

2. Belkin MagSafe 3-in-1 Wireless Charger ($149.99)

Employees will love being able to charge their iPhones, Airpods, and Apple Watch all at once and quickly.

This smart-looking device will eliminate all their cabling headaches, leaving them with a tidy-looking desk. It’s as easy as plugging in the charger, and they’re ready to go.

Keep in mind that the Belkin MagSafe 3-in-1 Wireless Charger is only compatible with the iPhone 13 and 12 series. Make sure that your cover is also MagSafe enabled.

3. Professional Selfie Stick Tripod ($26.99)

The Professional Selfie Stick Tripod is perfect for the local office influencer or the next Instagram star. 

Employees can use this Bluetooth-operated tripod to take photos up to 100 feet away. This distance makes it an excellent option for group photos during team building sessions and year-end functions. 

Employees can change it into a selfie stick for those more up-close and personal shots.

The Professional Selfie Stick Tripod is compatible with both iPhone and Android devices. It comes with a non-skid surface for tripod mode. So say goodbye to those awkward accidental camera shots.

4. Wireless Bluetooth/USB Wired Mechanical Keyboard ($94.99)

Zippia reports that BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) usage at work has increased by 58.3%.

This wireless keyboard will make bringing a device to the office a seamless experience for team members.

It connects with up to three pieces of tech using Bluetooth, making it easy to switch between paired devices.

This wireless Bluetooth keyboard also has a wired mode with a USB Type-C connection, allowing your employee to use other non-Bluetooth devices with the keyboard.

With broad compatibility and a Broadcom Bluetooth 5.1 chipset, this keyboard is perfect for homes, offices, and light gaming. 

5. AeroGarden Harvest with Gourmet Herb Seed Pod Kit ($164.95)

With AeroGarden Harvest, your employees can grow and harvest their crops all year round. It’s excellent for cooking enthusiasts who love to add a little extra something to their creations.

Plants grow naturally in the water, while the energy-efficient LED encourages faster growth. 

The AeroGarden takes the guesswork out of growing these crops. It will let your staff know when to add more plant food and water.

Your employees can enjoy watching their herbs sprout in days and harvest in just several weeks.

Treats And Beverages: Perfect For The Sweet Tooth

Every office has a sweet tooth in it. Our in-house treat experts have carefully selected several Christmas gifts for employees to indulge in the finer things in life.

6. Nostalgia Electric Ice Cream Maker ($44.99)

Your office’s avid ice cream lovers will go nuts over this gift. The Nostalgia Electric Ice Cream Maker is perfect for remote employees and the office kitchen.

With this gift, employees can quickly whip up tasty ice cream treats. The Nostalgia Electric Ice Cream Maker can make up to 2 quarts of ice cream. This ice cream maker is enough to treat your entire accounting department.

The bucket is detachable, and the maker also comes with a handy candy crusher to add in an extra sugar rush.

7. Signature Macaron Gift Box Set ($29.40)

Who doesn’t love macarons? Add rainbow-colored flavors, and you’ve got a winning recipe for Christmas. 

These tasty treats aren’t just a delight for the palette but are exciting and colorful. They’ll make an excellent addition to the next office party or as a well-deserved gift.

The Signature Macaron Gift Box Set contains 12 fabulous mouth-watering treats, making it a perfect budget-friendly gift. Consider adding employee Christmas cards to accompany each box set. 

8. Nespresso 50 Count Ispirazione Variety Pack (Medium & Dark Roast Espresso) ($38.50)

We all know that one employee who is obsessed with their cup of espresso. We get it; nothing beats a great pick-me-up to start the day.

If your caffeine-loving employee has an espresso maker at home, why not get them a Nespresso Variety Pack?

This pack comes with 5 flavors and 10 capsules each. The aromatic flavors include:

  • Capriccio 
  • Ispirazione Roma 
  • Ispirazione Genova Livanto
  • Ispirazione Firenze Arpeggio
  • Ispirazione Ristretto

This Nespresso pack has enough variety and flavor to kick off their day.

9. Chocolate Chip Cookies (Keto & Gluten Free) - 6 Pack ($34.99)

Freshly-baked cookies are the best, especially over Christmas. 

Nobody needs to cheat on their diet with these tasty treats. These chocolate chip cookies by Nunbelievable are Keto-friendly, contain no gluten, and have no added sugar. 

No matter how restrictive their diet, your employees can still enjoy the best-tasting cookies over the holidays.

10. 24 Dark & Vegan Mini Chocolates Pack ($24.80)

Veganism is a popular and growing lifestyle choice. Buying gifts for vegans may feel intimidating due to its exclusion of animal products. However, it’s as easy as buying this 24 Dark & Vegan Mini Chocolates Pack.

Show your vegan employees appreciation with our favorite Askanya vegan mini dark chocolate pack.

This festive pack comes with four flavors, each brimming with the deep richness of dark chocolate. It’s guaranteed to impress your team.

11. Oreo® Truffle - 12 Pack ($24.00)

Who doesn’t love a good Oreo cookie? We certainly can’t resist them. These truffles from Zac’s Sweet Shop are to-die-for. They will undoubtedly make all your sweet tooth employees melt with flavor.

The truffles have a divine richness of the classic cookie, chocolate, and cream cheese smothered in milk chocolate. Each pack comes with 12 mouth-watering Oreo truffles.

Wellness: Wholesome And Healthy

Everybody knows that a healthy employee is a happy employee. Keep your staff happy and healthy with these unique Christmas gifts for employees.

12. PureVis Bottle ($99.00)

The PureVis Bottle is a brilliant gift for employees who enjoy exercising, sipping water at their desks, or staying hydrated on the go. 

The unique technology inside of this water bottle eliminates up to 99% of bio-contaminates. It makes this water bottle the first self-cleaning water purification bottle in the world. Your employees can enjoy fresh, clean water in only 60 seconds.

13. Blissful Gift Set ($75.00)

Treat your employees with the Blissful Gift Set from Lush. 

Lush is an ethical company that guarantees that its products will be cruelty-free. Show your staff you care about them and the environment by gifting them Lush’s Blissful Gift Set.

Each biodegradable gift box includes:

  • Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner 45g
  • Sleepy Shower Gel 110g
  • Dream Cream Self-Preserving Body Lotion 45g
  • Pink Peppermint Foot Lotion 45g
  • Gorgeous Moisturiser 10g
  • Rub Rub Rub Shower Scrub 130g
  • Honey I Washed The Kids Soap 100g
  • Comfort Zone Shower Bomb

This gift box will be a real treat for your environmentally-conscious employees.

14. Mindfulness Cards ($11.60)

Motivate your employees with these Mindfulness Cards. 

Every card has an inspiring message with a daily task behind them. It’s a great way to cultivate mindful moments at any time. These cards will bring calmness, joy, and awareness to the holiday season and everyday life.

The pack also includes eight blank cards your staff can use for personalization. The rest of the cards come in four color-coded groups:

  • Rest and balance
  • Insight and awareness
  • Curiosity and joy
  • Kindness

Employees interested in empowering their mindfulness and nurturing a daily gratitude mindset will enjoy working with these cards.

They must pull a card at the start of the day for their daily exercise. They can also put the cards up around the house or office for excellent access to those inspiring messages.

15. DE-STRESS Relaxation Set ($45.00)

If it has been a stressful year at the office, consider getting your employees a De-Stress Relaxation Set. This set will help them unwind for the holidays. Everyone will return full of energy and motivation. 

We highly recommend the included wheaty bag to help release tension in the neck and shoulders. The wheaty bag also keeps your staff warm during those cold December days.

Each set has:

  • De-Stress balms
  • Sleep Well mini balm
  • Microwavable wheaty bag

Home: Because We’re All Family

They say home is where the heart is. These unique Christmas gifts for employees will make their homes a comfortable space. Whether you have remote or office employees, these gifts will add a sense of family and warmth to every desk.

16. Lush Garden ($135.00)

It’s a well-known fact that some greenery will reduce eyestrain. 

This Lush Garden gift adds greenery and a touch of beauty to employees’ desks. The classy selection of succulents will make a memorable statement on any work surface. 

To top it off, this succulent gift box is eco-friendly and humanitarian. Each garden provides six months of safe water for one person in the developing world.

17. Bedsure Heated Blanket Electric Throw ($54.99)

No doubt your employees can imagine waking up to a cold and snowy day while still warm and cozy in bed. This blanket will help your staff to beat the winter blues by providing warmth up to 113°F.

They’ll be able to adjust the temperature with a handy attached remote control.

The Bedsure Heated Blanket Electric Throw will also promote blood circulation while sitting at the desk. It is perfect for helping relax the body and to relieve fatigue.

18. Scented Candle ($59.00)

Scented candles aren’t just romantic gifts; they’re also perfect for the office. They serve both a decorative and valuable function.

These hand-poured perfume candles will make your staff’s home or office feel like a tranquil oasis.

Our selection of scented candles is plant and mineral based. They come with a natural wick and are housed in a frosted glass container. All of this makes these scented candles an excellent choice for the environmentally conscious employee or company.

19. Oil Diffuser ($108.00)

The benefits of aromatherapy are a proven fact. There are plenty of uses for employees, from reducing anxiety to sharpening focus. 

This oil diffuser is an essential gift that many employees will appreciate. Staff can steam pure essential mist effortlessly and create a calming and nurturing space around them. 

Your calm, invigorated team will feel more motivated to tackle a busy and productive day. The elegant design of this oil diffuser also makes for a great decorative ornament.

Get In The Spirit of Giving!

It doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg to find great Christmas gifts for employees. More meaningful recognition can come from thinking carefully about what the recipient would enjoy or giving them the gift of choice.  

We hope these Christmas gift ideas have inspired you to reward your employees with something special this festive season.  

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