Corporate Holiday Food Gifts: Ideas To Thank Your Team

September 29, 2022
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The festive season comes but once a year. Why not use the opportunity to spoil your employees with some tasty treats? If you’re looking to show employees that you value them, these corporate holiday food gifts are for you! 

We’ve compiled a list of what we consider to be the top corporate holiday food gifts. The best part is that all the items we’ll look at below can be redeemed using our PerkUp Rewards Cards!

So, without further adieu, let’s take a look at these amazing gifts.

Corporate Holiday Food Gifts: Top ideas

1. Askanya 12 Mini Chocolate Bars Pack ($13.80)

Each of these chocolate bars is made of the finest Haitian cacao. These packs are made by Askanya, Haiti’s first beans-to-bar chocolate bar producer. 

This gift pack includes 12 miniature chocolate bars in 6 different flavors. This means that there will be one of each flavor for both your employees and their loved ones! They can enjoy these as a dessert after a tasty holiday dinner. This pack is a great employee appreciation gift

2. Brightland Olive Oils Mini Essentials Gift Set ($70)

Brightland Olive Oils are produced by a California-based, family-run business. Making use of no fillers or artificial preservatives, this company is 100% natural. The oils are 100% organic, which is great for health-conscious employees.

Your staff are bound to love this small gift set of 4 small bottles of olive oil products. These include two of Brightland’s best-selling extra virgin olive oils. In addition, your employee will receive bottles of raw Balsamic vinegar and Champagne vinegar. 

3. Carnivore Club Classic Snack Box ($54.99)

Carnivore Club is a US-based company that has found great success with its snack boxes. These delicious gifts contain premium artisan meats - not one for vegetarians! 

Your employees will love snacking on the Classic Snack Box. Each box contains 4 - 6 handcrafted premium cured meats. The boxes may include a selection of salamis, chorizos, prosciutto, or a number of other options.

4. Deux Cookie Dough Best Sellers Mini Pack ($45)

While team lunches are great, cookie dough is arguably better. 

Not only is Deux Cookie Dough designed to be enjoyed straight from the jar, but it's both vegan and gluten-free! Each flavor is jam-packed with additional nutrients to boost your immune system and collagen levels. These jars are the perfect blend of healthy and tasty!

This Best Sellers Mini Pack includes six 4-ounce jars that come in three flavors. Each employee will get 2 jars of Chocolate Chip Flavor with extra Zinc, Birthday Cake Flavor with extra Ashwagandha, and Brownie batter with extra Vitamin C and Aloe Vera.

5. Oh! Nuts Store Nuts & Dried Fruit Tower Gift Basket ($44.95)

Oh! Nuts is a candy, nuts, and dried fruits store that is based in Brooklyn. They have a variety of products to choose from! However, their Nuts & Dried Fruit Tower Gift Basket is truly eye-catching.

This extensive gift basket will provide your employee with a wide array of snacks to enjoy. If they’re feeling peckish, they can grab a selection of premium roasted nuts, popcorn, and variety packs of different dried fruits. 

These gift baskets are great for employees with less of a sweet tooth. If they love healthier snacks - why not gift them this excellent option? 

6. SnackMagic Ultimate Snack Mix ($50)

SnackMagic is specialized in keeping snacky individuals satisfied at all times. If your employee loves a good treat - this might be one of the best holiday food gifts for them! 

The SnackMagic Ultimate Snack Mix is sure to have it all. This gift pack comes with 14 - 25 types of snacks for your employees to choose from. Be it savory bites or sweet treats, this snack mix has you covered!

7. SQUISH Candy Treat Yourself Jumbo Mix ($26.75)

Squish Candy is renowned for being the first artisanal candy store in North America. They’re also known for having over a hundred gourmet gummy flavors for you to choose from.

If your employee has a sweet tooth - this gift basket is a fantastic idea. 

Their Treat Yourself Jumbo Mix contains 24 bags of gourmet gummies. These come in a variety of 12 flavors. Although some flavors are alcohol-inspired - note that they don’t actually contain any alcohol. 

Final Thoughts

Giving your employees a token of appreciation around the holidays is a great way to boost morale in the office. If you gift your employees with any of these corporate holiday food gifts, they’re sure to leave the office beaming. 

Each of the items listed above can be redeemed using PerkUp rewards cards. This makes the employee recognition process easier and more efficient for you or your HR team. 

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