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Employer's Guide To National Intern Day Appreciation

August 5, 2022
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Most employers don’t know about National Internal Day until their interns start talking about it! This day celebrates the amazing work that interns do and shows appreciation for all they contribute to business success.

Let your current and future interns know they are valued members of your team with quality National Intern Day appreciation. This day also provides you with an opportunity to reflect on the successes of your intern program, and doing so can help you set realistic goals for the future.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the best ways to show appreciation to your interns on National Intern Day. Read on!

What Is National Intern Day?

National Intern Day is a day for employers to celebrate their interns and recognize all they have accomplished. Started by a company called WayUp in 2017, it falls on the last Thursday in July every year. 

One purpose of this holiday is to encourage employers to value internships as a key part of professional development. The movement has inspired companies to invest in their internship programs and interns by bringing to light the challenges entry-level candidates face in the business world. 

How To Show National Intern Day Appreciation

Let’s look at some National Intern Day appreciation ideas to celebrate your team:

Send A Personalized Thank You Note

National Intern Day appreciation doesn't have to be complicated! Sometimes the simplest gestures can mean the most. 

A handwritten thank you note is a thoughtful way to show appreciation for all that your intern has done for your company. 

Host An Intern Appreciation Event

If you have a sizeable intern intake, you may want to consider hosting an event to celebrate National Intern Day. This is a great opportunity to show your interns how much you value their contributions. This is also a great space to get to know them better. 

You can even invite a few professionals to speak to your interns about their experiences. This is an amazing way to show appreciation and give your interns some valuable insight. If you have a budget, you can provide each intern with an appreciation gift box after the event.

Give A Small Gift

On National Intern Day, you could give your interns PerkUp rewards cards. You can load these cards with a particular gift or a dollar amount and this allows employees to procure the incentives they truly want. PerkUp works with a variety of businesses to ensure that employees have a wide range of options and can enjoy the gift of choice!  

The trick to a great gift is to ensure your specific employee will love it. If you know your intern is interested in hiking and camping, gift them an AllTrails membership. This will allow them to access guides and maps for the outdoor activities they love! 

Say Thank You

Of course, one of the best ways to show your appreciation on National Intern Day is simply to say thank you. 

Let your intern know how much you appreciate all they have done during their tenure. This is a great way to show your intern that you are genuinely grateful for their contributions. Don’t forget to wish them a happy intern day along with the message of gratitude! 

Write A Positive Review On LinkedIn

One of the best employee appreciation gifts you can give your interns is to write positive reviews for them on LinkedIn. 

This will not only help your interns’ professional development but will also show future employers their potential to be valuable members of your workforce. 

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Benefits Of Showing Intern Appreciation

While interns may not be permanent members of the team, there are still benefits to showing your appreciation:

Boost Team Morale

When you show appreciation for your interns, you can boost the morale of your entire team. Appreciation is a crucial part of maintaining a positive and productive work environment.

Improve Employer Brand

When you show appreciation for your interns, you also improve your brand as an employer. This is because you demonstrate that you value everyone’s contributions, no matter their position in the company.

Furthermore, it’s a sign of your commitment to your team’s professional development. This makes your company more attractive to future talent, whether it's through your internship program or more experienced employees.

Attract and Retain Great Talent

A recent study shows that 44% of employees change jobs due to a lack of recognition. Therefore, showing appreciation for your interns is also a great way to retain the talent you’ve begun investing in. By making your interns feel valued, you're more likely to convince the top performers to stay with your company after graduation. 


Show your team of interns that you value their contributions with some National Intern Day appreciation. 

When you recognize your interns, you can boost their productivity. You’ll also prepare them for successful future careers, where they strive to perform their best!

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