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How To Use Rewards For Your Referral Bonus Program

August 10, 2022
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Monetary rewards have become the go-to for appreciating hard and successful work from an employee. Although these are generally well appreciated, why not excite your employees and reward their efforts with a meaningful gift?

In this article, we dive into more engaging ways to reward an employee who achieves a successful referral. 

What Is A Referral Bonus Program?

It’s no secret that companies need to expand by employing the best of the best. It’s also true that it can be difficult to find high performing employees that meet the needs of the company, but chances are that your existing employees may know where to find these individuals!

An employee referral program defines this process and allows employees to be involved with the recruitment process. Your team carries an insider’s perspective on the company culture and understands what skills are required to excel at the position. This makes them some of the most relevant individuals to help find new talent!

Whether it’s an employee going around their neighborhood promoting job vacancies, recruiting through social media or simply phoning a good friend, a referral program opens the doors to finding new hires that are sure to stick with the company long-term. 

Along with that, it’s clear that a chosen candidate will reflect back onto the employee so they will only reccomend individuals that they’re sure would be a solid fit for the team. Chosen candidates will also settle in with ease as they start the position by already having a familiar face within the current team. 

The referral bonus program then, is the incentive provided to employees for every successful referral they make. It motivates them to seek out the best prospective hires so they can also be rewarded for their efforts. 

Rather than extending extra monetary compensation to employees, consider treating them to vouchers or recreational rewards to maintain their interest! This is where PerkUp comes in to streamline the entire process for you. 

Referral Program Rewards 

The key to a successful referral program is keeping your employees engaged at all times. It’ll be close to impossible to recruit the best of the best if your employees aren’t motivated to find these individuals and then recommend them to the company. 

Enticing rewards are the first step in motivating your employees to willingly engage with the program. Note that not every reward will be a solid fit for your company, so it’s important to consider your specific team’s needs, the corporate culture and the type of talent you’re looking to attract. 

We’ve drawn on years of experience to put together an awesome list of referral program gifts. Not only will these products speak to a variety of employee interests, they will excite and entice your team to take the extra step of finding new talent for the company. 

Continue reading for gift ideas ranging from tech products, to home appliances and even food related goodies!

Apple MagSafe Battery Pack ($100)

An innovative and highly desirable tech product, the Apple MagSafe Battery Pack will make for a productive referral bonus gift. 

Not only will it come into everyday use, but your team will definitely be motivated to participate in the referral program once Apple products are involved. You will be offering a reward that can be inaccessible to buy without pre-planning for the majority of people and will thus creating an engaging and exciting incentive. 

The Apple MagSafe Battery Pack is a compact and magnetic charger that allows the user to attach it to their iPhone (works for iPhone 12 and newer versions) and charge the device while on-the-go. This is a perfect office accessory, especially for those that commute and need extra accessibility!

FitBit Versa 3 ($230)

The FitBit Versa 3 is an impressive health and fitness tracker that’s incorporated an in-built GPS, voice assistant, a health metrics dashboard and various fitness features to help elevate one’s wellness experience. 

This gift is definitely within the appropriate price margins for the context that it’s being made available for. To have an employee go out of their way to find high talent for the company is not an action that should go unacknowledged or under-appreciated, and thus, it’s important to reflect the significance of their efforts through the right gift.

The FitBit will not only show them how much the company appreciates their referral, but will also upgrade their health and lifestyle and provide a new resource for them to within their wellness routine. 

S110 Bluetooth Portable Speaker ($50)

The Monster S110 Bluetooth Portable Speaker is a great product that can come in everyday use and definitely shows off the company’s appreciation for an employee’s referral. It can easily fit into a bag or backpack, making it perfect for travel, hiking and any other on-the-go activities. With amazing sound quality, you’ll be adding an extra layer of fun to any employee’s day.

Tech products are always a good idea when it comes to providing incentives for programs such as referrals. They can excite and motivate employees a lot more than gift boxes, and even monetary rewards, and offer the opportunity to receive something that the regular person may not impulsively purchase themselves. 

Nostalgia Electric Ice Cream Maker ($45)

The way to your employees' hearts is always through their stomach, so why not extend the perfect ice cream maker for every referral they make?

Nostalgia specializes in a wide range of fun home appliances that will add a special touch to anyone’s kitchen. The electric ice cream maker makes 2-quarts of ice cream, frozen yogurt or sorbet! It’s easy to use and will be a hit at anyone’s house party. 

This gift can also be added to by including the various starter mixes that Nostalgia offers for different flavoured ice cream!

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Nuts & Dried Fruit Tower Gift Basket ($45)

A convenient, accessible and easy to deliver gift that is also original and healthy! This is an awesome way to say thank you for all and any referrals your team makes, and will keep them and their family full for a while! 

Along with that, the Oh! Nuts tower gift basket includes a variety of high quality, nutritious treats that are perfect to bring for an office snack and will definitely assist your employees in their day to day life. It’s also a great value for all that’s included in it!

Stainless Sparkling Water/Soda Machine ($70)

The Phillips Stainless Sparkling Water/Soda Machine is a unique, exciting and engaging incentive for your referral program. 

Extremely easy to use, this machine will let users make an instant carbonated beverage whenever they please. It’s important to note that the required CO2 bottle is not included in the product and could be a great add on to add extra value to this gift!

Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition ($180)

Whether it’s through music, movies or video games, employees need to unwind and enjoy their everyday life. It’s never manageable to constantly be at work and every employee needs the chance to unwind and step away from professional stressors. 

The Kindle Paperwhite is a great gift to allow them to accomplish this, and is also appropriately priced for the referral program. 

Your employees, especially those with a passion for reading, will definitely appreciate an elegant and sleek e-reader in exchange for finding new talent to bring into the company!

Aroma Nook ($60)

The Aroma Nook diffuser by Saje Natural Wellness is the perfect accessory for any office space and allows users to destress, find a calming state of mind and simply find peace within an environment that can be tense at times. 

Users can add their choice of essential oil and allow the aromas to waft through their desk space. Whenever they turn their diffuser on, they’ll remember the appreciation and recognition they received from the company! 


As rewarding as money can be, the chance to earn something unique and well thought out can better encourage employees to follow the referral program.

Whether you’re looking to offer tech or wellness products, or even home appliances, PerkUp’s services and rewards are all an employee will ever need! 

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