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How To Write A Thank You Letter To An Employee Leaving (with examples)

August 10, 2022
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It will always be sad to see an awesome employee go. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t use the opportunity to celebrate their time at the company! 

One of the best ways to honor hard work and say goodbye is to write a thank you letter to the employee leaving the company. 

This individual may be moving to a new office, starting a new job, taking a sabbatical, or retiring. Whatever the reason, a great thank you letter is the perfect way to wish them well! 

If you’re looking for the perfect way to say bon voyage, we’ve got your back. With help from our guide, you can give the person the best last impression of your business! 

How To Write A Thank You Letter To An Employee Who Is Leaving 

Think About Your Relationship

When writing a thank you letter to an employee leaving the company, it’s crucial to consider your relationship. Did you have a working relationship with the person? Did they work for a different department?

Your relationship will impact what you write in your letter. If you worked together -  it’s even more important to say goodbye the right way. 

Employees that resign or retire should leave with a positive impression of the company. Consider reminiscing about positive experiences everyone shared. You can also remind them of their impact on the team and on you. 

Make your letter genuine and personal - try Including funny stories and personal anecdotes. It’s always best to send your employees off on a positive note!

Think About Your Company Culture

Company culture plays an essential role in how you say goodbye to your employees. Giving your employee a top-tier thank you letter is an excellent send-off. It also makes a good impression on the rest of your team. 

Employee recognition is vital for engagement, motivation, and productivity. Similarly, fostering a positive company culture stems from keeping your employees happy and engaged. 

Writing a thank you letter to someone leaving the company can improve your current teams' feelings about the workplace. This can add to a positive work environment and company culture.

While a thank you letter may seem like a simple gesture, gratitude and recognition are always appreciated. Recognition improves productivity among the rest of your team. Your people will want to work harder to earn the same credit when they resign or retire someday, which means a more driven workforce! 

Keep Their Experience In Mind 

Writing a thank you letter to a departing employee should be all about celebrating their achievements. No matter how long they were employed, their experience and contribution to the business matter.

In your note, mention the person’s accomplishments during their time with the company. This will help show your employee that you value them and that their hard work was noticed!

When you’re saying goodbye, it’s important to make them feel special! If your letter feels insincere or impersonal, it may leave a negative impression. 

Suppose your employee leads a project or team. In this case, mention how they inspired and encouraged their peers. If they played a significant role in growing the business, say how they have positively impacted the company. 

Paying attention to your employee’s growth will help them leave their post with a sense of accomplishment and pride! 

Stay Positive

Goodbyes are never easy! However, it’s essential to stay positive in your thank you letter. Even though you’re sending them off, keep things inspirational and filled with your hopes for their future.

When crafting a thank you letter, try not to get bogged down by the fact that your employee is resigning. Instead, honor their years of hard work with a fantastic farewell. It’s important to show them that you’re excited about their new opportunities! 

Mention positive memories your team shares or how the leaver has changed the company for the better! 

Include encouraging messages and well wishes. This will help your thank you letter feel more genuine. It will also create a memorable send-off for the person, who can read the letter as often as they want. 

Include What You’re Thanking Them For

A thank you letter should focus on gratitude. In your letter, remember to mention the reasons you’re thanking them. 

If your employee is resigning, you can thank them for their hard work and wish them well on their new journey. Transitioning to a new position within the company or outside the business can be intimidating. Reminding them of how far they’ve come can help them confidently start the next chapter of their career! 

In the case of retirement, it may be best to thank your employee for their loyalty and impact on the organization and its people. 

In both cases, remember to mention your employee’s significant milestones or accomplishments. This will make it clear that their efforts were noticed. 

It may be tempting to keep these milestones generic if you're in a rush. For example, you might want to mention that they’ve been a big part of your company’s growth. However, this isn’t as personalized as it could be. 

Think about how your company has grown or changed for the better. Then think about how your employee contributed to this progress. 

Did they add to a great company culture by instigating team game nights? If they were part of a department that achieved significant success - was the person a team leader who kept their colleagues motivated? Perhaps your employee brought in a big client who opened doors to substantial opportunities. 

In addition, you can also mention smaller, sweeter wins. Did your employee petition for tasty snacks in the office that everyone loved? Did they make their team laugh or bring their much-loved dog to work now and again? These details will make your employee feel special, noticed, and treasured. 

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Keep It Casual 

Getting the tone right in your letter can be challenging. Generally, communication between management and employees should be kept professional. However, a farewell thank you letter is the perfect opportunity to get a little more casual and friendly. 

Include personal anecdotes or a funny work story to make your letter feel more personal. Similarly, you can mention an event or accomplishment that shines a light on your employee’s significance within the company. 

Try to avoid sounding stiff or overly professional. Instead, focus on acknowledging their achievements. A great thank you letter should be a celebration of their time at the company! 

Include A Gift 

If you want to spruce up your thank you letter to an employee, consider including a parting gift. Gifts are a great way to show appreciation.  It can also make a fantastic memento of their time at the organization.

PerkUp makes corporate gift-giving a breeze! With a PerkUp rewards card, your employees can choose the most incentives they want. 

You can load a specific gift or a dollar amount onto each rewards card. Employees can use their perks anywhere that accepts Visa payments.  

You can also schedule a gift. If you know the date your employee is leaving, prepare a thank you gift in advance! On their last day in the office, they’ll receive a custom notification about their gift. 

If you’re thinking about gifts for a retiring employee, check out this guide on the best retirement gift ideas

Retirement gifts should be memorable and thoughtful. These should help your employees kick back and relax or reminisce on the good old days. This will set the perfect tone for the rest of their retirement and leave them with a great last impression of the company. 

Wish Them Well

Lastly, you should wish your employee well in their new endeavor. Ending your letter with an inspirational quote or message of encouragement is a fantastic way to leave a good lasting impression. 

Thank You Letter To Employee When Leaving The Company: Examples

If you’re looking for inspiration for a thank you letter, we’ve got you covered! Our list of examples will help you craft the perfect note - one that your employee is sure to love.

Example 1

Dear [insert name]

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for all your hard work during your time at [insert your company’s name]. It’s hard to say farewell to such a dedicated and motivated employee. Your contribution to the sales team has not gone unnoticed, and we’re sad to lose someone as valuable as you. 

Thank you for exceeding company expectations and inspiring your team with your spectacular work ethic. You have spearheaded some amazing projects, such as [insert significant project]. You have performed consistently - which is evidenced by your top salesperson award! 

Your passion, drive, and excellent jokes will be sorely missed. Our weekly team meeting won’t be the same without you! 

Congratulations on your new job - you deserve it! I look forward to watching you grow in your new role as sales director. Although I am sad to see you go, I know you will thrive in your new work environment. 

Once more, thank you for everything you’ve done as part of our team.


[insert your name]

Example 2

Dear [insert name]

Thank you for ten wonderful years of incredible service and loyalty to [insert your company’s name]. I have enjoyed our spirited collaborations and your unique approach to problem-solving. Your cheery smile and positive attitude will be deeply missed. 

You have achieved many admirable things during your time with this organization. We owe many successes in the marketing department to your tireless dedication and leadership. Not only did you bring in [insert name of client] - you were the driving force behind boosting our sales by [insert percentage].

Although it’s hard to say goodbye to such a valuable member of the business, no one deserves to relax more than you! You have set the perfect example for the rest of our employees, and we can only hope to find someone to fill shoes as big as yours. 

Enjoy your retirement! May it be as fruitful and enjoyable as our time spent with you at [insert your company’s name]. 


[insert your name]

Final Thoughts

It’s important to show appreciation for an employee who is resigning. Saying goodbye to a valued team member is tough! Thank you letters are an excellent way to show gratitude and give your employee a proper send-off! 

Farewells are a fun way to close the chapter on your employee’s years of service. However, nothing is more memorable than a personal and sincere thank you letter. 

We hope our guide on how to write a letter to an employee when leaving the company has helped you. All you have to do now is pen down the perfect message! 

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