Ingenious Ideas For Personalized Christmas Gifts For Employees

September 29, 2022
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Christmas is around the corner - it’s the perfect time to bond with your team and build on company culture. Did you know the tradition of gift giving is a simple yet effective way of showing your appreciation and rewarding employees for their hard work? 

One way to approach this is by selecting personalized Christmas gifts for employees. But, this is easier said than done, especially if you have a sizeable team. How do you account for personal taste and other individual quirks? 

The team at PerkUp is here to help - our guide to personalized holiday gifts will help you navigate employee appreciation over the holidays. We’ve also got some ideas of what to put on the Christmas shopping list.   

How Do You Show Employees Appreciation Over The Holidays?

The holiday season presents the perfect opportunity for employers and management to show appreciation to staff through gifts and events. 

There are many ways to enjoy the festive season with your employees – host a party, take the team to lunch, organize a virtual celebration, have a games day, or participate in some charity work, to name a few. 

Perhaps the best-known tradition is giving gifts. When you personalize the gifts, employees can enjoy rewards that are uniquely theirs. The gesture instills a sense of connection with the company, as the gift recipients realize you’ve taken the time to consider them individually.

Overall, this can boost employee motivation, inspire engagement, and improve work performance. It impacts the organization’s bottom line through better employee retention and more effective outcomes. 

How To Choose Personalized Gifts 

When choosing personalized gifts for employees, there are some things to consider before making your purchase: 

Ensure They Are Appropriate

When handling any form of employee gifting, make sure it’s appropriate. Building better relationships with your team also means creating an environment where they feel safe and comfortable. They are employed by you or work under you and with this authority, comes responsibility. 

Ensure your gift is appropriate and doesn’t make your employee uncomfortable. 

This also applies to favoritism. Avoid a situation where the gifts indicate any sort of bias, for example, by spending in different budget ranges for different people on the same team. It may cause resentment and alienate certain individuals. 

Look For Meaningful Gifts

With over 80% of employees agreeing gifts improved their relationship with their company, imagine the impact personalized gifts can have. 

Personalized Christmas gifts for employees establish a personal connection. The recipients can appreciate that you’ve taken the time to consider them as individuals; they’re not another name in the crowd. 

The work the person does suddenly becomes part of something bigger. Your employee now holds tangible evidence the company knows their name and values them and their contributions. 

Share Some Festive Cheer

Everyone loves festive cheer. It’s a reminder that the year is drawing to an end, and there is time ahead to enjoy with family and friends. So, you can get bonus points with your team for giving personalized gifts that bring the season to mind. 

Fit’s The Employee

Choosing gifts that suit every employee's taste can be challenging, maybe even a little overwhelming. If you give the employee who’s a make-up enthusiast gifts that are more suited to someone who enjoys the outdoors, you can imagine it won’t have the intended effect. 

If you oversee a big team, getting to know each person and their likes and dislikes might be impossible. One way to approach this is to send out an employee survey and ask the team about their interests. You can also rope in line managers and have them do the necessary leg work. 

How Much Should You Spend On Gifts?

Naturally, the price ranges of gifts can vary a lot, and there’s no hard and fast rule here. A general ballpark can be to spend under $100 per person. That said, it’s entirely up to you to decide how much you have in the budget. 

Working in your favor with personalized gifts is they are generally quite meaningful due to being unique. This means you can get away with spending in your ideal budget range as the recipient is sure to appreciate their reward no matter its cost.  

11 Unique Ideas For Personalized Christmas Gifts For Employees

Now that you know how to select a gift and how much to spend, let’s run through some options for personalized Christmas gifts for employees: 

1. The Firecracker by UrbanStems ($70)

Full View of The Firecracker image number 0

Flowers may be one of the most traditional gifts to extend within professional relationships, but that doesn't mean your recipient won't be blown away by them - especially if they're this stunning bouquet by UrbanStems!

The Firecracker includes a mix of Thistle, Craspedia, Roses, and Solidago that when combined, create a fiery mix of texture and color. Your recipient is sure to let out a surprised gasp when they open the door to see this beautiful assortment waiting for them.

2. Bones Surprise Coffee Sample Pack ($30)

Bones Coffee does a great job with unique flavors. Their products include blends such as maple bacon, strawberry cheesecake, peaches and scream, mint invaders, and coconut rum. 

For the coffee lovers in the office, this sample pack provides the perfect opportunity to select their own five unique flavors to try. Plus, the recipient can also choose whether they’d like whole bean or ground coffee to suit their machine. 

3. Swanky Badger Personalized Whiskey Glasses ($28)

The Swanky Badger whiskey glass set will make the perfect personalized Christmas gifts for employees who enjoy their whiskey. Each tumbler holds 250ml, is sturdy, and is made from quality glass. 

While these beautiful whiskey glasses would be unique on their own, add a finishing touch by having them personalized. Engrave the name or initials of the gift recipient into the two glasses for a truly classy and luxurious drinking experience. 

4. The Hampton Popcorn Company Celebration Gift Box ($55)

The Hampton Popcorn Company boasts a wide array of popcorn and sweet gift boxes. But the best gift box based on the sheer variety it has to offer is its Celebration Gift Box. 

Filled with gourmet popcorn sure to please anyone with a sweet tooth, the Celebration Box contains packs of rainbow bites, caramel corn, celebration pop (fruitfetti), cupcake pop (caramel and white chocolate), and whirly pop. 

If all these signature Hampton Popcorn Company treats weren’t convincing enough, take a look at your personalization option. Decorate the Celebration box with one of The Hampton Popcorn Company’s special design options, or upload your own logo, image, or message to be printed on the box.

5. STIL The Planner Addict ($45)

STIL’s Planner Addict is a classic for any office goer who enjoys mapping out their week, taking notes, and keeping to-do lists. It's also perfect for the organizers amongst us who enjoy using stickers during their daily planning. 

The Planner Addict set comes with an elegant planner, a sticker book, work stickers, a Muji pen, and a task sticky. As a final bonus, add a personalized touch for your employee. Monogram their name or initials on the planner. 

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6. Lush Cosmetics Relax Gift Set ($45)

The Lush Cosmetics Relax gift set is perfect for any skincare or spa lovers in the office. It’s also ideal for helping your team members unwind and relax after a busy year. 

Featuring an array of Lush’s best sellers, including a bubble bar, bath bomb, shower gel, and body lotion, this set is made to prep your employee’s mind, body, and soul for a good night's rest. 

While you can’t monogram a bath bomb, Lush does allow you a personal touch at checkout. You can add notes to the recipients with heartwarming messages wishing employees a merry Christmas.  

7. Swanky Badger Home Office Upgrade Set ($80)

Another favorite from Swanky Badger, the Home Office Upgrade set is the perfect blend of practical, personalized, and perfect. It’s sure to be one of the best personalized Christmas gifts for employees who have a love of leather and classic aesthetics.

This gift set comes with a custom mousepad that can be engraved with your employee's name, a personalized catch-all to match the mousepad, and a leather coaster. Choose from four luxurious signature styles and select the color your employee will love the most.

8. Spoonful Of Comfort Meme-Theme Lavender Package ($47)

Most companies have at least one team member who entertains the office with their great sense of humor. For them, the Meme-Theme Lavender Package is the perfect way to show you care while injecting some fun into the reward.   

The Meme-Theme Lavender care package is dedicated to lavender and relaxation. It comes with a fuzzy sleep mask, lavender hand lotion, lavender lip balm, a lavender candle, and half a dozen delicious cookies. Personalize the gift box with a sweet message on checkout and sign it with the company name. 

9. Linden Square The Movie Night ($85)

Linden Square has mastered the art of creating gift boxes that are personalized, unique, and well-thought-out. While they have many options available to choose from, the Movie Night box provides the perfect snacks for a festive night of watching Christmas movies. 

With The Movie Night Box, your employee will be able to experience an elevated theater experience from the comfort of their own home. The box is filled with delicious locally sourced snacks, including salted caramel chocolate pretzels, salted bourbon caramel, banana foster almonds, yellow kernel popcorn, and a personal popcorn popper. 

Add a note or video message to the box for a personal touch. Your employee can read or listen to your words of appreciation while enjoying their gourmet snacks. 

10. Scentered DE-STRESS Relaxation Set ($45)

The holiday season is all about taking some time away to de-stress, especially after a year of hard work. The Scentered DE-STRESS relaxation kit is the perfect way to jump-start your employees' transition into the holiday calm. 

Help your employee switch off and relax with the DE-STRESS aromatherapy balm, the Sleep Well aromatherapy balm, and the small microwaveable wheat bag guaranteed to help ease any body pains. 

Add a personalized touch with a heartwarming message on the checkout page and encourage your employee to take a well-deserved rest. Let them enter the holiday season ready to rest and rejuvenate for the new year. 

11. Swanky Badger Appreciation Gift Box ($100)

The Appreciation Gift Box is the perfect vintage-style gift box for those who appreciate a classic style. The beautiful birch wood cigar box holds a slew of amazing gifts, all personalizable with the name of the intended gift receiver. 

Inside the birch wood cigar box, your happy employee will find a personalized steel hip flask, a stainless steel flask funnel, a personalized split bifold leather wallet, a 40-page notebook and pen, and a stainless steel credit card bottle opener. 

A full-sized personalized treat, this will make for the perfect festive gift for long-tenured employees or stand-out managers. 

Final Thoughts

Christmas is a time to celebrate your employees and their commitment to the cause throughout the year. Our buyer's guide and list of personalized Christmas gifts for employees should help you find a unique solution to suit every person. 

At the end of the day, unique gifts are a great show of appreciation for the excellent work your team does.  

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