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The Best Virtual Credit Card Options For Employees

July 4, 2022
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Many companies have started opting for credit cards to administer monetary rewards to employees. If you’ve found yourself in the same boat and are debating whether to go for the physical or virtual card, you’ve come to the right place to understand the best virtual credit card options for your team.

Virtual credit cards have a wide range of benefits that make them an attractive and convenient alternative to physical cards. This article will explain all you need to know about the best virtual cards available today!

What Is A Virtual Credit Card?

Virtual credit cards are highly versatile and are the safest, and easiest, payment option. Your data remains secure and your life is simplified when all the funds are accessible in one online platform.

On top of that, these cards can be used for temporary or one-time use, but are also available for recurring purchases. 

Every card arrives with a unique 16-digit card number tied to an existing credit card, and can then be created and used for purchases without risk to your company credit card data. 

To add even more convenience to your experience, you can create a virtual credit card with just a few clicks, depending on your financial services provider! However, not all credit cards offer virtual card facilities so ensure that you connect with your credit card company to determine whether this option is available for you. 

How Does A Virtual Credit Card Work?

Credit card providers that offer virtual services do so in one of two ways: through a digital app or through a browser extension that’s used for online payments and purchases. 

To use your virtual card, open the virtual card app or browser extension and create your card by selecting the budget you’d like to use, the expiration date, and your desired spending limit. 

PerkUp offers virtual prepaid cards with a user-friendly site and app! A simple, accessible and convenient platform, employees and the company will both benefit once the rewards system is applied to the work environment. 

Our Alternative To Virtual Credit Cards

When your employees work hard, the company reaps the greatest benefits. However, your employees deserve rewards too and this is where PerkUp comes in.

We offer a wide range of exciting perks and rewards that your employees will love. Look below for our approved Perk Categories:

Advantages Of Using PerkUp for Employee Rewards

So why should you use our perks to reward your employees instead of opting for the usual credit and debit card options? 

Well, because our platform benefits the company and employee simultaneously!

Here are just some of the advantages of signing onto our rewards system:

  1. We offer the company and its employees every benefit that would normally be enjoyed with the traditional virtual credit card. Our perks are flexible, can be used internationally and allow you to maintain complete budgeting and category control. 
  2. Our perk categories have been carefully chosen to appeal to a wide range of employee interests. We even offer resources to benefit employees physical and mental well-being, so you can be sure that the perks you reward your employees will help everyone work towards a happier and healthier workforce
  3. There are three payment plans to choose from, so you can find the best virtual credit card alternative for your specific company’s needs. As your company’s needs change or your workforce grows, you can alter your membership to another plan or perk category that meets your new requirements. Flexibility is key at PerkUp!
  4. Our system can be synced with 15 top HR and payroll apps and web services - you can connect your company systems to save time and achieve greater organization within your employee directory! 
  5. Our perk system is extremely simple for employers to use and has been catered to peak your employee’s interest simultaneously. Let your team build their excitement every time they login to PerkUp and have access to our wide range of perks and rewards! 
  6. By choosing PerkUp, you’re choosing to give your team the gift of choice with their rewards.  

Why is PerkUp The Best Virtual Credit Card Alternative?

Virtual credit cards have a wide range of benefits in general and simply put, the best alternative to participate in is PerkUp. Here’s why:

1. They are Safer

Do you need to make a one-time purchase for your company? You can protect your company’s credit card details with greater security by creating virtual cards specifically for employee rewards.

2. They Are Budget Friendly

Do your team leaders need to organize a catered lunch for employees at their monthly meetings? Or do they regularly need to stock up on office supplies?

You can set monthly budgets for each of these expenses when creating virtual cards and monitor your finances with ease!

3. They Make Accounting Easy

Virtual cards and their linked budgets will simplify things for your accounting department. They will immediately see where the spending has occurred, who spent the funds and how much was spent on a specific product. Tracking expenditure will be a breeze! 

If any anomalies are spotted, they will be easy to pinpoint and available to address.

4. They Keep Subscriptions In Order

Online subscriptions must be closely monitored to know what you’re being charged for and when renewals will occur. Although uncommon, subscriptions can also pose a security risk if one of those businesses suffers a data breach. 

To prevent any negative situation, you can manage your online subscriptions using a virtual card for each subscription. This makes it easier to keep track of these memberships and further protects your company credit card in all transactions.

5. They Can Be Used To Reward Any Employee

Do you want to issue a reward to a star employee? Or would you like to honor an employee who is about to retire? Virtual cards can be created to reward all their hard work at once!

Virtual cards can also be created to pay for all company celebrations.

In Conclusion

Virtual cards are a far safer and more convenient option than regular gift cards. They make life and work much easier for employers and employees alike.

This is especially true when it comes to rewarding employees with useful goods and services. 

The best option for rewarding employees in a way that also benefits the employer is right here at PerkUp. Explore our range of perks today and see for yourself.

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