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Tips To Write A Thank You Card For Employees

August 10, 2022
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Employee recognition is crucial if you want to run a thriving organization. It provides motivation, makes the team feel valued, and delivers a sense of accomplishment, all leading to greater loyalty and engagement from within. One of the many ways to drive this recognition is by writing a thank you card for your employee. 

While your employee will appreciate a gift, a heart-felt note accompanying the gift can add the final touch and make the recipient feel truly special.

If you want to send the perfect card but have no idea where to start, look no further. We have all the tips and tricks needed to write a sincere thank you card that will guarantee your employee feels appreciated.

Why Should You Write A Thank You Card For Your Employee?

Sending thank you cards to your employees won't just make them feel good. It can do wonders for your organization as a whole. Having a team that feels appreciated and valued for their hard work can improve overall company productivity.

An employee thank you card can make a team member feel more loyal to your organization. Personalized letters make them feel seen and understand they’re more than just a number. This is great for company culture and employee retention! 

Boosted retention has financial benefits, too - replacing employees is an expensive exercise. This is because you have to factor in recruitment costs, training, and other onboarding costs. Keep in mind that these charges aren’t just monetary in value - they are also taxing on time. 

When Should You Write A Thank You Card?

There are many instances when a thank you card will be appreciated by your employees. 

You can write these cards to congratulate an employee of the month. You can also send them to team members who have contributed something significant to a team. Small or big - any achievement is an opportunity to thank your hard-working A-team! 

Consider sending employees thank you messages when they’ve gone above and beyond. Extra effort, covering for a colleague, a work anniversary, or stellar work are all great reasons to thank your team. 

Meeting a specific standard of work, bringing in new clients, extra hours, additional educational accomplishments, and leadership skills should also not go unnoticed! 

Thank You Card For Employee: 5 Top Tips

1. Choose An Appropriate Way Of Thanking Your Employee

When thanking your employee via letter, there are several different options to choose from. You could write a handwritten card, send the thank you in an email, or type out a thank you note.

There is no correct way to say thank you, but it is important that you choose the right option for the occasion. For example, a handwritten thank you card is extremely personal and has the highest impact. If you want an employee to feel super special, this is the way! This is a good option if you’re looking to thank an employee for a significant contribution or years of service.

A typed-out thank-you note is also special but much easier for you. If you’re thanking more than one team member, consider this option! 

Lastly, an email is a great way to thank your employee when time is of the essence. Although this option is the least ‘personal,’ it will still make the recipient feel appreciated. 

2. Use A Clear Subject Line

It’s essential to identify the purpose of the note or letter from the outset. This is especially true if you send the thank you note via email. 

A clear and concise subject line is the perfect way to let your employee know what the contents of the mail include. Some examples of good subject lines include ‘thank you’ and ‘an appreciation for your extra efforts.’ 

3. Make Use Of The Company Letterhead

When writing or typing a thank you letter to your employee, be sure to use the company letterhead. This is a simple addition that adds a lot to the gesture.

This way, your employee can always look at the note and associate it with positive company culture. If they retire or leave for another opportunity, they’ll never forget who the message was from and that the organization valued them. 

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4. Keep It Short And Simple

Less is more, and the same applies to a thank you card to your employee. 

Don't write out long-winded letters with big words that will take ages to read. Keep the letter short, simple, and to the point.

This is because it lets your employee know exactly what you are thanking them for. It also makes it clear that you value their time and what they’ve contributed to the organization.

5. Be Sure To Proofread

Nothing is worse than receiving a thank you letter with countless spelling errors, incorrect references, and grammatical errors. 

A poorly written letter will not show your employee that they’re valued! Instead, it will look like you didn’t invest much time or energy into the letter. 

Spelling is one thing - but make sure you don’t thank them for the wrong contribution! Just before sending the letter, make sure you proofread the contents. This will ensure that the letter is ready to do the job it was intended for.  

What To Include In Your Thank You Letter

The Reason Why You Are Thanking The Person

It's important to set out exactly what you are thanking your employee for. A general thank you can come across as impersonal and may leave your employee confused. 

Be sure to mention whether you appreciate their years of service at the company or their hard work on a project. 

What Their Contributions Have Done For The Company

Your employee will feel encouraged and special when you detail how their contributions have helped the company. Did they land a client that brought in good revenue? Have their leadership skills inspired a team to upskill themselves?

Maybe the extra effort they put in helped their team reach an important deadline. Knowing the effect of their hard work is an essential part of any thank you card.

An Encouraging Phrase

To make each thank you card unique - consider adding an encouraging phrase. 

An example could be ‘keep up the good work!’ or ‘your dedication has helped lead this company to its success.’ These simple phrases will make your employee feel seen and encourage them to keep going.

Check out our guide to employee appreciation quotes for more ideas on what to say here. 

Another Thank You At The End

When ending off, add another thank you. This may seem insignificant - but it will really bring home the gravity of your message. 

Final Thoughts

It’s so important to thank your employees for the time and effort they put into your organization. 

With these tips and tricks to write the perfect thank you card, your employees are guaranteed to feel extra special!

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