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How To Align Rewards With Inclusive Workplace Practices

June 2, 2022
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Inclusive workplace practices ensure diversity in the workplace. A workforce that is diverse brings forth unique opinions and perspectives, which ultimately improves performance

Companies can strive to create an inclusive culture that extends to how they reward their employees for good service.

As you’ll see below, an effective rewards system is just as important as any other inclusive workspace practice.

Using A Rewards System As An Inclusive Workplace Practice 

According to Forbes, when it comes to addressing inclusivity in the workplace, it is “a journey and not a destination”. 

This process takes time and patience and can involve some trial and error to get right. Fortunately, today there are many methods at our disposal to speed up this process.

Implementing a rewards system is one way to foster inclusivity in the workplace. If we understand the pillars of inclusivity, it’s easy to understand the value of a rewards system as an inclusive workplace practice.

So let's look at the pillars of inclusivity. We’ll explain how you can use a rewards system to support each of these pillars.

Feeling Valued

The more appreciation you show towards a person and the work they do for your company, the happier they’ll be doing their work. As an employee’s sense of value at work increases, their productivity and work quality does too.

One of the best ways to make your employees feel valued is by introducing a rewards system. Using this system, you can reward your employees for many reasons. 

These reasons can range from a job well done on recent projects to a show of genuine gratitude for an employee’s years of service.

It’s also important to reward employees for taking initiative and being innovative, especially when they succeed in fostering diversity in the workplace.

A Sense of Belonging

Inclusivity blossoms from an employee’s sense of belonging. They need to feel welcome and included at their place of work, no matter their background. 

The more comfortable employees are at their place of work, the more connected they’ll feel to the company. As a result, they will be more committed to the company out of respect. Establishing a sense of belonging will also lead to higher-quality results.

Offering all your employees equal rewards in return for loyalty and performance promotes a healthy culture characterized by belonging.

By avoiding showing favoritism and alienating anyone, you can effectively cultivate inclusivity in your workplace.

Acknowledging Uniqueness

Equality is essential in the workplace. With this in mind, you must still ensure that your employees feel appreciated as individuals. It is important to show appreciation for their strengths, experiences, and differences.

Even members of the same cultural or religious group are not all exactly the same, but people across the world have similarities too. Each individual is unique and presents themselves differently, but there are ways to create bonds based on shared values. 

If you acknowledge and appreciate a person's uniqueness, you will make them feel welcome. The more welcome your employees feel, the greater their sense of belonging will be. 

Here, you can also use rewards to show appreciation for the uniqueness of your employees. You can achieve this by presenting them with more options when it comes to rewards. 

The more options there are, the greater the chance that they'll find rewards that suit their needs and desires. It makes it clear to your employees that you take their uniqueness needs into account.

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Learning and Development 

Providing all your employees with opportunities to further their education and training is an HR best practice. You should try to do this no matter their level of experience or job description.

One of the very best places to work for in terms of training and development is the multi-industry company Barloworld. They train every single employee, from office cleaners to senior management. 

It’s common practice in Barloworld to take entry-level staff up the corporate ladder with individual career development plans. 

Even staff members who didn’t have the chance to complete high school can eventually attain a higher degree. And they reap the rewards of successive promotions.

These kinds of inclusive workplace practices reinforce the idea that the company cares about the growth of all its employees. It also gives people from less privileged backgrounds opportunities that will diversify your workforce across the board.

Access To Resources 

It’s always worthwhile showing your employees that you care about their health and well being. You can provide your employees with the opportunity to attend mental health seminars, for example. 

Employees become disengaged from work when they don’t have the resources they need to do their job well. It creates stress, which is bad for their health. It is also very disheartening when coworkers have unequal resource access.

Making sure your employees have quality equipment and access to healthcare resources shows you care about much more than just your bottom line. 

Using rewards as part of your inclusive workplace practices is another means of achieving this end. Rewards can include all kinds of resources from mental and physical health support to brand new home office equipment.

Multigenerational Workforces 

Diversity is not just about race, nationality or religion, it’s also about age. By taking the age groups of your employees into account, you can establish inclusive workplace practices. 

It is important to consider what appeals to different generations and find ways to meet that. Your oldest and youngest employees may need some extra help with learning new technologies. Middle-aged employees can benefit immensely from mentorship as they look to grow into management roles.

There are also many times when you can offer everyone the same reward, no matter their age. A good example of this is monthly team lunches or custom company swag for everyone.

PerkUp As A Reward System That Promotes Inclusivity 

This article has broken down several great ways to foster a more inclusive workplace. But doing all of this can be tricky and time-consuming.

PerkUp is a platform that helps employers drive employee engagement in ways that save their company a lot of time and effort. Our application enables companies to send and schedule awesome rewards employees love.

Using PerkUp is a great way to promote inclusivity. Our platform offers thousands of rewards options so everyone finds something meaningful to them. When it comes to employee rewards, there is no “one size fits all.”

In addition to this, your employees themselves will be much happier in the inclusive workspace that you have created for them.

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