The Company

Novi connects brands with manufacturers and suppliers to make it faster and easier to develop products that meet their values. They are the first technology-driven network solution that provides fast and easy access to raw ingredient data to help bring transparent products to consumers. 

A Strong Foundation Built on Values

At Novi, everything they do is guided by their core values of Personal Sustainability, Transparency and an Ownership Mindset. When Meredith Herberg-Waldron joined the team as the Head of People and Culture, she emphasized the importance that culture should play in her role. Their employees are at the heart of what they do and it is clear that they have created a space where team members can show up to work as their “whole selves”. Self care is non negotiable at Novi and it was important that their Employee Perk Program was a reflection of their unique culture and values.

Attracting Top Talent with PerkUp

Competition for talent in the tech industry is fierce and organizations have to be creative in how they communicate and deliver value to candidates. Novi has leveraged PerkUp in both their job postings and interviews by sharing with potential employees how they would be supported as a team member through their inclusive perk program. When it comes to assessing job offers, “benefits are make or break for candidates” and PerkUp is an intriguing offering that gets candidates excited about joining the team. It also allows them to deliver a consistent experience to candidates once they have joined the team and can access all the cool perks they heard about in their interview process.

"As a growing startup, time and resources can often be tight, so the best onboarding experiences for me are those that don't require a lot of touch points or hand holding on my end."

Easy and fun Onboarding Process

We know a lot of organizations can empathize with Meredith when she said “as a growing startup, time and resources can often be tight, so the best onboarding experiences for me are those that don't require a lot of touch points or hand holding on my end”. Our goal was to make onboarding as easy as possible and to build a relationship with Novi so that we could provide ongoing support that wouldn’t require hands-on administration from their team. Meredith did an incredible job of “getting the team hyped up in an all hands in meeting” which made onboarding a breeze. This process left the team feeling supported and empowered to start buying perks because of the importance their leadership team placed on the program. This allowed us to offer support to individual team members in real time and help them in a meaningful way because of the early connection we made.

"The people build the culture and we just foster that"

Our Employees Create our Culture

PerkUp is supporting Novi’s culture by allowing employees to buy perks that reflect the values of their team. They have been able to utilize the different services available through the platform to provide support to individuals and are integrating perks into their daily conversations. Employees are using slack to share what they have purchased and get each other excited about all the perks available to them. At Novi, “The people build the culture and [we] just foster that”, and PerkUp is helping them to continue evolving and defining what that looks like. We have had so much fun getting to know the team at Novi and look forward to helping them continue integrating PerkUp into their growing organization.

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