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10 Year Employee Anniversary Gift Ideas People Love

June 3, 2022
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Deciding on a 10 year employee anniversary gift for a loyal employee is no small feat. 

After all, not all work anniversary gifts are made equal. Miss the mark and you may well lose an opportunity to make an employee happy and deepen their connection with your company. Work anniversary gifts that are well-executed reward friendships, partnerships, and shared accomplishments.

A career develops through time and includes a variety of distinct stages. Employees feel distinct emotions at each level. For example, their feelings in year 1 or year 5 are not the same as their feelings in year 25.

Employees in their ten-year stage begin to have a sense of genuine ownership in your company. They often consider their coworkers to be like family, and are actively involved in your company’s growth.

24 Awesome 10 Year Employee Anniversary Gift Ideas

Below, we will look at a number of 10 year employee anniversary gift ideas that your employees are sure to appreciate.

1. Paid Sabbatical

Burnout, persistent work stress, and less time for self-care and personal growth can all be results of the modern work week. Sabbaticals are becoming more prevalent as employees take extended periods of time off to reset and rejuvenate, potentially pursue a project, or even switch careers.

According to a study, when leaders go on sabbatical, it provides significant benefits. Results showed that they were better positioned to produce new ideas for the business, develop confidence in their leadership skills, and communicate with stakeholders. 

Offering tenured staff the option of a sabbatical is helpful not only to the employee, but also to the company. It allows your employee to take a break and come back to work feeling motivated and ready to take on additional responsibilities.

2. Travel Set

It's time to update your employee's business travel kit with some luxury items that also serve a practical purpose. A debossed laptop sleeve and passport holder, Tile Mate Bluetooth tracker, and leather cord tacos are all good additions to work-related equipment that may already be worn out or damaged. 

The devil is in the details, and for a 10 year employee anniversary gift, you'll surely want to include a customized card. 

3. Tick Something Off Their Bucket List

Everyone has a wish list of things they want to do. 

You could make it part of your onboarding process for employees to write down five things on their bucket list. Years later, you can recall the list and gift the person with one of the experiences they noted. 

Every time they recall the wonderful experience, they'll remember how much you cared to make it happen. Talk about employee devotion!

4. A Luxury Technology Set

Everyone loves to receive the newest and greatest in technology and gadgets. Gift ideas here could be a sleek, wireless hub, or a universal charging cable and leather cord organizer. Aim for helpful accessories with a quality feel. 

To really make your work anniversary gifts stand out, incorporate your logo into the gift, whether through a sewn-on tag or embossing.

5. A Commemorative Video

Because most of us have smartphones with excellent video capabilities, creating videos is a breeze. 

Send out a memo to everyone at the company asking them if they would record short videos highlighting their best moments with their colleague. Collate the videos, upload them online, and email the links to your employee as a reminder of how valued they are within the team.  

A commemorative video is an incredibly personal 10 year employee anniversary gift that they are bound to love! They can always look back on it and see what thoughtful messages their colleagues had about them.

Here are some examples of topics your video could cover:

  • Describe your colleague in three words.
  • What is your favorite memory of your colleague?
  • What was your first impression of your colleague and how has that changed?

6. Buy The Person A New Computer

If your employee has been with you for a long time, they most likely require a technology update. Computers do not last indefinitely and experts estimate that you should replace your computer every four to five years to stay in line with the latest techn and hardware.

The truth is technology plays a significant role in the daily lives of your employees. An aging computer can slow down productivity at work and is more likely to lead to security breaches. So, why not give them the upgrade they’ve probably been waiting for? It can make a huge difference to their time at work.  

7. Commission A Personalized Portrait

The gift of a unique photograph or piece of art can make your employee's home or office feel just like home. With so many artists offering their services at affordable prices online, an idea is to explore a commission for your employee.

You can, for example, commission a comical portrait of them. Or get a pet portrait that features their furry friends. 

Art is a personal gift that will help employees connect with your company and they can cherish it forever. 

8. Give Them A Vacation

If your employee has been with you for a decade, you may want to consider an extended vacation as a 10 year employee anniversary gift. 

This will be appreciated even more if the person usually only takes a week or two off at a time. Encourage them to make it a bit longer and take a three-week or month-long vacation. They deserve a break and will come back feeling refreshed and motivated to get back to work!

9. Offer Stock Options

Stock options provide an incentive for your employees to see your company succeed. They are rewards that grow in value over time and give the person better peace of mind for the future. 

Because stock options are not realized in the moment, it is ideal to couple them with a more tangible gift. Your employees will appreciate the feeling that they have a stake in your company's growth and have something to show for it.

10. Give Them Their Own Parking Spot

Everyone craves a VIP parking spot, especially when they are for a select few. 

Ensure the parking spot has perks besides having the person’s name on it. Perhaps it's the location that is just a few steps from the main door or the fact that it's covered to protect their vehicle from the harsh weather. 

11. Funny Trophy or Plaque

10 year employee anniversary celebrations do not necessarily have to be formal. It's good to have some fun every once in a while! 

Consider creating awards for your employees who are celebrating their work anniversaries, such as "Best at preparing coffee," "Always shows up on time," and so on. 

Also, inserting an air of humor into the office workspace will encourage laughter and vulnerability, which is important for creating rapport between employees in your company.

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12. Consider Promotion Opportunities 

An employee who is focused on their career does not want to remain stagnant. Over the course of 10 years, this person has learned a great deal about you and your company. If they are currently in a role where they have room to go up, it may be time to assess whether there is an opportunity for them at a higher level.

Make sure they get a raise to go along with the new duties and provide all the necessary training to help them along.

If you don't currently have an opening in your business, meet with that person to discuss their future. An honest career discussion demonstrates that you want to invest in their development, even if you can't give them extra responsibilities just yet.

13. Dinner With The CEO

Who doesn't love a delicious meal at an elite restaurant? Add in a mentor or the company CEO as company, and you have a winning combination for a 10 year employee anniversary gift. It’s recognition at a high level and an opportunity for the person to connect with someone they look up to in the business. 

14. Investigate Whether You Can Reduce Their Workload

It’s no secret; today’s working environment is fast-paced. Ask anyone and they will agree they could do with a helping hand somewhere along the line. 

As a gift, you could hire your employee an assistant to help them stay organized and better manage their workload. Or you could delegate tasks to someone more junior on the team. Your employee can also start mentoring this person, adding another layer to their job satisfaction. 

15. Recognition From The C-Suite

Every one of us would be pleased if our work and efforts were recognized by the company’s c-suite. It improves employee morale in a big way to receive a message of appreciation and congratulations from the top-level executives to mark the occasion. It bridges the gap between management and the rest of the team and builds professional relationships.

16. A Handwritten Card

Though this gift is simple, it’s always welcomed. A handwritten card with a thoughtful message shows that you have taken time to think of the person. Try to get everyone on the team to sign it personally and add it to the present you give to your employee.

17. Upgrade Their Desk

Out of all the things at the office, an employee's workstation is probably the most important. It is here where ideas are born. It’s where they spend most of their time creating strategies, developing innovations, and contributing to your company's growth.

To provide a space where the person can continue to do their best work, consider an upgrade to their workstation or office equipment. For example, you could give them a new back-supporting ergonomic chair or a nice new desk. It’s sure to put a smile on their face on their 10 year work anniversary.

18. Invitation To A Committee

During their tenure, your employee will have learned valuable business skills. Combine this with their work experience, education, and interests, and you have a perfect opportunity for taking their contributions to the next level.  

When the person reaches this significant milestone, it might then be worth asking if they would like to serve on an exclusive committee or panel, or mentor a junior employee. 

Just make sure you position it as a privilege rather than a burden. You are not honoring someone by asking them to do more work. Rather, you are granting them the leadership role and influence that their seniority warrants. 

If the person accepts, make a point of congratulating and honoring them in their new position. If they are being appointed to an existing committee, hold a public welcome with the other committee members. 

You should also send an announcement to all the relevant people acknowledging the person's promotion. In the announcement, highlight the person’s accomplishments during their tenure and wish them a happy 10 year anniversary with the business. 

19. Schedule An Appointment With A Professional Services Provider

Every one of us has a personal interest and your employees are no exception. Their interests can range from painting, singing, or dancing, to football, tennis, and other activities. 

You can make a work anniversary that much more memorable by allowing the employee to celebrate it doing something they love. Sign them up for a session or day with a teacher, expert, or coach in a field they enjoy or follow. This will give them a chance to learn a thing or two about their hobby or interests outside of work. 

20. Allow For Remote-Work Time

For many people, remote work is a highly coveted perk. They value the ability to choose and have freedom around where and when they come into the office. Not surprisingly then, remote work time is a great gift to make a person feel appreciated.

Because remote work allows for movement and doesn’t require your employee to report into the office, your employee could choose to work from home or work as a digital nomad while traveling. 

21. Roll Out The Red Carpet

Mark the anniversary with a formal celebration to commemorate your employee. Invite their relatives and friends to join in the festivities. You can even host this online as a virtual party. 

During the event, host a presentation that talks about the person’s significant milestones. Complete this with congratulatory messages from their coworkers. For this, ask everyone to tell an interesting or amusing anecdote about the person, or simply ask them to leave a message of congratulations. 

Such surprises have a significant influence on your employees and make them feel valued and appreciated.

22.The Gift of Experience

If you want your employee to remember their 10 year anniversary for years to come, provide them with an experience they would not ordinarily provide for themselves but would actually appreciate. 

It could be something adventurous such as a hot air balloon ride or a trip in a helicopter. Or something relaxing such as a weekend away or a mini yoga retreat. The options are literally endless and you can get input from the person’s team as to what they think they might enjoy. 

23. Get Them A Cake

Sending a sweet gift is a terrific work anniversary idea for individuals with a sweet tooth. You can order a cake, and the entire team can participate in the cake cutting via conference call or a team meeting in the office. 

Make the event even more memorable by sending a batch of cupcakes from the bakery to the entire company.

24. Boss For The Day

Allow your employee to take control for a day. They are unable to make substantial policy changes, but they do receive some nice benefits such as having the best parking spot in the parking lot or deciding on their own seating arrangement for the following year. 

You can take this one step further and also give them an opportunity to submit a proposal for something they think would be a good idea. Many of these fresh ideas can contribute considerably to business growth.

Final Thoughts

A 10 year employee anniversary gift needs to be thoughtful and specific to that individual. They have been with your company for a long time and should be known and respected for their contributions to your company. 

Something on this list should have stood out to you and given you some inspiration. Now, it’s time to go out and get your employee the perfect 10-year anniversary gift!

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