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13 Corporate Gift Ideas To Wow Your Employees

September 8, 2022
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Everyone wants to feel valued, and your employees are no exception! If you’re looking for a great way to acknowledge your team, you’ve come to the right place - we’ve got an amazing list of corporate gift ideas. 

Employers can have a powerful impact on employee morale. Valued and appreciated employees contribute to a great corporate culture and they also feel consistently motivated to produce work of high standards.

There are many ways to show employees that you value their contribution to your organization! Corporate gifts for employees can be a sincere way to thank your team and show that their efforts are appreciated. 

In this article, we share the reasons corporate gifting is a great idea. We’ve also put together a list of corporate gift ideas that your employees are sure to love! 

What Makes A Great Corporate Gift For Your Employees

A thoughtful, personalized gift creates a lasting impression on an employee. Gifts should be meaningful, personalized, and appropriate for a business environment. 

This doesn’t mean that you need to break the bank for employees to feel valued. At the end of the day, it’s sincerity that counts! If you’re feeling unsure of corporate gifts for employees, think about how you would feel if you were to receive them. Here are some of our top tips to ensure that you give your employees excellent gifts. Read on! 

Set A Realistic Budget 

Company budgets for gifting are generally limited. However, many corporate gift ideas can fit into a tight budget. Ensure you have a realistic budget for employee gifts so that you can be aware of what your options are. 

Depending on what the reward is for (think tenure or performance) - you may want to allocate more or less of the budget to various gifts.

Be Unique 

Do your research on the team, or individuals, receiving the gifts. Whilst a good, old-fashioned company mug is often used to show appreciation - your employees deserve something even more special! 

For example - if your team is filled with foodies, a voucher to a highly rated restaurant is a good corporate gift idea. Send a clear message of appreciation with a gift that reflects the effort your employees pour into their roles. 

Keep It Functional

If you’re looking to wow your team - consider gifts with clear functions. Plants can brighten up a workspace, whilst gift cards allow employees to choose their incentives. On the other hand, a company lanyard will probably end up in the trash. When in doubt - get practical! 

Personalize Your Gift

Regardless of your budget, add a personal touch. A handwritten note addressed to the recipient will always take your gift up a notch. Let your employee know why you’re recognizing them and simply, that you value them. 

Company swag can make excellent gifts for employees, especially when welcoming recruits. However, you want to focus attention on the employee and not on promoting your brand. 

You can do this easily by embroidering the employee's name on some apparel. Or, you can print their name on corporate stationery to make it personal.  

Why Should You Give Employees Corporate Gifts?

Employee retention is a big challenge for all companies and individuals often cite a lack of appreciation and toxic workplaces as leading reasons for their resignations. 

People who feel undervalued become disengaged and unproductive and ultimately, these employees seek different working environments. It’s just that simple. 

Words of appreciation can indeed make an employee feel valued. However, a well-timed corporate gift shows employees that you’re willing to make the extra effort to express your thanks. 

Here are the top reasons you should consider hopping on the corporate gift train.

Promotes Company Culture And Values

Corporate gifts communicate company values, as well as cultivate an environment of employee appreciation. 

These gifts work to strengthen relationships between team and management. This is because employees who receive gifts will feel as though upper management notices their efforts. 

Bolsters Employee Engagement. 

Employees who feel valued look forward to coming to work. The more positive the workplace, the higher the chances that you will engage your employees.

Engaged employees are not just happy employees. They are people who care about the organization and its goals. 

Engaged employees produce work of higher quality, place value on customer satisfaction, and increase sales. 

Boosts Your Company Reputation 

Employees who feel appreciated are more likely to recommend your organization to people outside of work. This is great when it comes to hiring new employees, as well as increasing customers. 

In fact, 90 percent of engaged employees are more likely to proudly represent their companies in public by wearing or using company swag. 

Corporate Gifts Your Employees Will Love 

There are clear benefits to giving employees corporate gifts! If you’re not sure where to start - we’ve got your back. Here’s our list of the top corporate gift ideas that your employees are sure to appreciate. 

PerkUp Rewards Card

Sourcing gifts can be time-consuming and challenging, especially if you work in a large corporation with many employees. 


Plus, if you don’t know your employees well, you might choose a gift they don’t want or need. 


Unlike store-specific gift cards, a PerkUp rewards card is like a one-stop shop where employees can purchase their reward of choice. There are many options to choose from and employees can shop whenever they please!


Utilizing PerkUp rewards makes corporate gifting a breeze. With PerkUp, you keep any unspent funds from the gift cards you allocate out and your employees are always enjoying the gift of choice. 

Bloomscape Mini Money Tree ($49.00)

This miniature money tree will liven up any home or office. In recent years, people have been waking up to the advantages of introducing some greenery to the work environment. Plants clean the air and create a more harmonious atmosphere for employees.

According to Chinese legend, the money tree is a sign of affluence that can bring wealth and good fortune. There are also many health benefits associated with the use of this plant in ancient medicine. What better choice is there for an eco-friendly corporate gift idea to wow your employees?  

While money may not grow on trees, the money tree is a great idea for a corporate gift. We cannot guarantee that the Chinese lore is true, but it’s a gorgeous addition to the office setup nonetheless! 

David's Top Teas Sachet Tea Wheel ($36)

Sometimes a budget just doesn’t allow for extravagant gifts. This is especially true when you have a large team that you’re hoping to send gifts to. It’s a good thing then, that what counts more than the price is the thought and planning that goes into gift giving. 

A simple gift of flavorful treats accompanied by a sincere message is all that’s needed to show your team that you value them. Treat your top performers to some top teas with this innovative tea sampler. 

With 36 sachets of 12 teas and infusions, employees can discover new taste sensations and find their new favorites. 

This sample set includes traditional teas and herbal infusions, as well as fresh and fruity blends. It has something for everyone. Beautifully packaged in a vibrantly-hued container, it will make a big impact at an affordable price. 

Fitbit Versa 3 ($229.95)


Corporate gift ideas are always well received when they relate to your employees’ interests. With more and more people turning to a healthier lifestyle, any gift that helps them on their journey is a winner. 

With the Fitbit Versa 3, employees can hike, bike, and run phone-free. They can also check their workout metrics later on the Fitbit app. They can view their distance and pace in real-time thanks to built-in GPS. The Versa 3 is even water resistant up to a depth of 50m! 

An upgrade to the Fitbit Premium membership will offer even more perks with coached virtual workouts and guided health programs.

Although this gift might be on the more expensive side of things - it’s a surefire way to impress your team! After all - they deserve the best. 

LARQ Water Filtration Bottle ($99)

While many workplaces provide hydration with a water cooler, if you want to wow your employees, this stylish water bottle is one of the most useful corporate gift ideas you can consider. 

Adequate hydration can increase employee productivity by up to 14%.  

Provide your employees with pure, filtered water on the go with the LARQ water filtration bottle. This self-cleaning, insulated, stainless steel water bottle easily sanitizes your employees’ water. It also cleans the inner surface of the bottle. 

Your employee will have their very own supply of thirst-quenching, life-giving filtered water in just 60 seconds! With the convenience of their own water bottle, there’s no queuing up at the water cooler for a sip of H2O.

Lula’s Garden Zen Garden ($28)

Increase your corporate employees' zen moments with a miniature succulent plant. This comes in a beautifully crafted planter as well!

The popularity of succulents has increased greatly in recent years. They’re the perfect gift for an employee who needs a low-maintenance plant companion for their desk. 

These are great for any office due to their compact size. These gifts are affordable, which makes it easy to gift them to many of your valued employees! Everyone will love the minimalist design and fresh look of these little natural wonders. 

The reason so many people fail to successfully implement plants into their office spaces is the lack of sunshine. While many succulent species also require bright light, plenty thrive in low light too. This makes them ideal for the less sunny conditions of most offices.  

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Maker Wine Rosé Party Pack ($90)

When it comes to corporate gift ideas, wine is always a popular choice. However, it can be expensive when gifting several employees at once. 

Don’t let your budget be a hindrance to your idea of presenting your employees with some good wines. 

Each pack of these canned wines offers award-winning, 90-point-rated Rosé of Grenache and Sparkling Rosé. Two GoVino Glasses are also included with each pack of 12 cans. 

When gifting alcohol, first ascertain which of your employees drink it. This is very important whenever you choose this type of gift.

People have preferences for the type of wine they like to consume. Do a little digging to discover which type is the best for which employee. But if they like a good sparkling wine, they are bound to love this gift. 

Beats By Dre Beats Studio Buds ($149.95)


Even in the corporate world, most employees like to listen to music on their commute or when unwinding after work. Show your appreciation with a gift that elevates their appreciation of music. One great idea is these Beats Studio Buds from Beats by Dre. 

If employees choose to listen to some inspiring music at their desks, these earphones are perfect for that too. These wireless, noise-canceling earbuds will keep out office noise. Employees will be able to enjoy only the sounds they want!

Beats by Dre are known for producing high-quality earphones that are long-lasting and reliable. That makes these compact earbuds a definite candidate for your list of corporate gift ideas. They are compatible with both Apple & Android devices and include a built-microphone for calls.

Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition ($189.99)

In the fast-paced corporate world, it is vital to make some time for leisure, too. Many of your employees may enjoy reading, but never have the time to indulge this passion. 

Encourage this love of the written word with one of the best corporate gift ideas for your employees. You guessed it - we’re huge fans of the Kindle Paperwhite. 

This Signature Edition Kindle offers users wireless charging capability, an auto-adjusting front light, and a whopping 32 GB of storage. 

Give your bookworm employees a gift they will treasure. With the Kindle Paperwhite, they will be able to unwind and relax with a good book, anytime, anywhere. From the beach to a lunch break - employees will hold on to these gifts! 

Appreciation Gift Box From Swanky Badger ($99.99)


Show your appreciation with an appreciation gift box carefully curated for the discerning corporate employee. As we said above, personalized gifts are always excellent corporate gift ideas.

Inside the gift set, employees will find a selection of gifts. The elegant Birch plywood cigar box is accompanied by a stainless steel hip flask and funnel. The box also includes a split leather men’s wallet,  notebook, pen, and a bottle opener.

This gift is sophisticated and sure to wow the employees lucky enough to receive it! Each item is charming in its own right, and all of them together are quite striking. 

Insulated Stainless Steel Cocktail Shaker ($39.99)


Corporate gifts can be top-notch without breaking the bank. Although they make fantastic corporate gift ideas, bar essentials are often overlooked. Shake things up with a shaker that is as beautiful as the cocktails it creates. 

A must for anyone who loves entertaining, this top-quality cocktail shaker from Snowfox is double-walled to prevent icy hands while creating superb cocktails. Notable features of this premium product are its insular properties, leak-proof silicon gasket seal, and built-in strainer. 

Amazon Echo Dot ($49.99)

Struggling to come up with corporate gift ideas that will appeal to most people? The wireless connected devices market offers plenty of gift opportunities! 

When you don’t know too much about your employee’s interests, this may be just the thing to reward them with. 

Amazon’s Echo Dot smart speaker is the perfect addition to the modern, smart-connected home. This ultra-cool smart speaker uses the Alexa assistant to control smart home devices, set timers, and answer questions. 

The Echo Dot has a unique design that sets it apart from other Echo speakers and is the most affordable one from Amazon. It offers a whole host of benefits. 

The Echo Dot is compatible with Google, Outlook, Microsoft, and Apple calendars. Your employee never has to be late for a meeting again, as the Alexa assistant can even call for a ride with Uber or Lyft. 

Breville Nespresso Essenza Mini Espresso Machine ($169.95)

Coffee is one of the best-loved beverages in the world. It provides most of your team with the get-up-and-go they need to start their working day. To truly wow your best and brightest, take their coffee enjoyment to the next level with the Breville Nespresso Essenza. 

Nespresso is renowned for quality coffee products, and you simply cannot go wrong with this gift choice. This sleek and stylish machine is the newest and most compact single-serve espresso maker from Nespresso. 

It will add to the decor of any kitchen, but they don’t have to use it at home. It would be just as welcome in the office so that top-quality espresso from Nespresso is always close at hand.

Final Thoughts

Recognizing your employees has many benefits. It drives employee engagement and can boost your company's reputation. 

Corporate gifts should be personalized and unique to show employees that their efforts are valued. The best part is that these gifts don’t need to break the bank - just be sure to set a realistic budget.

If you weren’t sure where to start,  we hope these corporate gift ideas have given you some inspiration. 

From PerkUp rewards cards to Kindles to packaged wine, the options are endless. 

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