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18 Of The Best Welcome Gifts For New Employees

September 15, 2023
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Every great relationship is built on the foundation of a great first impression, and it’s no different in the workforce. If you’re onboarding a nervous new employee, you need to provide a warm, welcoming environment that puts them at ease and sets them and the company up for success. 

One way to nail your new employees’ first impression is to welcome them with awesome gifts. 

Use this guide to learn about welcome gifts for new employees – their purpose, their benefits, and how to choose the best option. Then browse the below catalog until you’ve found the perfect gift to kickstart your company’s relationship with your new employee.  

The Importance Of Welcome Gifts For New Employees

Welcome gifts for a new employee set a good precedent. They create a warm and welcoming first impression that benefits both the new employee and the company. 

Introduce Company Culture 

Welcome gifts are a great way to introduce your company culture to new employees, especially the niche cultures that develop within teams. Whether you’re a practical bunch or a group of jokesters, your gifts can have some elements that mimic these values to the new employee. 

It’s a thoughtful introduction that will get them in the right mindset and provide some guidance. It will also ensure your team members understand the company goals and mission.

Initiate Engagement And Productivity

By getting your employee started with a gift, you establish that the company has the ability to see and reward hard work. And as we know, employees that receive recognition for their work and their value at the company perform better. In fact, they are 14% more engaged and productive than employees in organizations without recognition programs. 

Initiate a gift-giving and recognition system to incentivize new employees and build employee engagement from the get-go. 

Establish Positive Workplace Communication

Communication is an important characteristic of any successful and well-performing team. Unfortunately, many new employees struggle with workplace communication barriers, chief among them is anxiety about approaching a superior. 

Welcoming your new employee with a gift will break the ice. It’s an effective way of setting a communicative standard that shows your company is involved and interested in them. This goes a long way in establishing a connection with your new employee and improving communication in the long run. 

Our Top Tips For Gifting New Employees

Gifting without a plan only wastes precious resources. Instead, you need to be strategic with your purchases to reap the benefits. Implement these tips to make the most of your new employee gifting. 

Personalize The Gift

Everyone enjoys a personalized gift. Something that was created or customized specifically for you has much more value than a bulk-bought gift with no sincerity behind it. 

Add the new employee's name where possible. Personalize the gift further by adding their department to the gifts. You can also use their CV and interview information to establish some ideas on what they like and do for fun. 

Prioritize Practical Items

While snacks and traditionally “fun” gifts are always appreciated, you are gifting in a work setting. Gifting a few personalized practical items will go a long way in ingratiating the company with the new employee. 

They’ll feel the company’s appreciation for the work they do every time they use the items the company gave them. So, consider the type of work the new employee will be doing and purchase gifts that would be useful to them while working. 

Use Company Branding Where Possible

Branding the gifts with the company logo or name is a great way to increase your brand reach. The employee's friends and family are likely to see it often and will start to recognize the brand. 

Branding items will also give your new employee a feeling of belonging to the company. 

Whether you're gifting a mug, a tote bag, or a hoodie, add your brand to items to create company swag that will make your new employees feel like they’re part of the team right from the start. 

Consider Culture, Beliefs, And Lifestyles

People have different beliefs, cultures, and lifestyles, all of which deserve to be respected. Ignoring this could leave your employees isolated and cause friction in the office. 

Keep personal opinions out of the gifting process. Make sure the items are neutral without being boring. Show your employees that they will be respected and welcomed from day one. 

18 Welcome Gift Ideas For New Employees That They Will Love

Take advantage of the benefits of gifting and get your employees a few of the below welcome gifts. Use our tips to make smart gifting choices and craft the perfect first impression. 

1. Handwritten Welcome Letter

If you think handwritten letters are old school, it’s because they are. But, even though they’re old, they’re still very relevant and appreciated. 

People appreciate sincerity, and your employee is no different. Draft a sincere handwritten welcome letter and pass it along with their welcome gifts. 

Write it by hand and make sure to address it to them personally. You don’t need to write a full page. A short, sweet introduction with a straightforward welcome will do the trick. 

2. Company Swag

Company swag is an awesome way to make your employee feel like they belong and to advertise your brand to people your employee comes into contact with. 

Get company swag and brand everything from apparel to tech gear. 

3. Gift Cards

Gift cards are a safe bet if you’re not sure about your new employee's hobbies or style. Your new employee is also sure to appreciate being able to choose their new gift. 

There are an endless array of gift cards to choose from, but our favorite has to be PerkUp’s virtual Visa cards that can be used anywhere Visa is accepted. Empower your new employees by allowing them to choose a gift they actually want or need. 

4. Coffee Mug 

For most office workers, caffeine is a necessary part of their day. So, whether your new employee likes coffee or herbal teas, get them a coffee mug to use at work. You can also brand the coffee mug for extra exposure. Consider the Ember smart mug to keep drinks warm for longer. Or opt for something simple with a ceramic mug or an enamel one like the Whitney mug.  

Take it a step further for employees that travel a lot with a branded travel mug. The travel mug will be a small part of the office that they can take with them, wherever they go. 

Some great options to consider include the Ember Travel Mug,YETI Rambler, and the Fellow Carter Everywhere Mug.

5. Basic Office Supplies

Help your employee get into the swing of things by providing a few office essentials for their first day. From pens to sticky notes to a stapler, these items will make it easier for them to settle in and show them that the company has high hopes for them. 

Here are a few office essentials you could include as welcome gifts for a new employee:

6. Snack Gift Boxes

Everybody loves snacks, and your new employee likely won’t be any different. What could be different is taste. Luckily, there is a wide variety of snack gift boxes out there, made with specific palates in mind. 

Three common options include: 

  • Sweet Snack Boxes: Sweet snack boxes include a variety of sweet treats, from cookies to candies. You can purchase a sweet box set with an assortment of different sweets or one that focuses on a specific theme, like different flavored chocolates. 

  • Savory Snack Boxes: Savory snack boxes are perfect for more mature new employees and contain cheeses, crackers, pastries, nuts, butter, jams, etc. 

  • Meat Snack Boxes: These boxes are perfect for any meat connoisseurs who like dried, aged, and smoked meats. 

7. Free Subscription Service

Subscriptions like Spotify, Headspace, and Calm are all great for employees. They offer a reprieve from work-related stress and act as a soothing balm during the transition into the new workplace. 

Work with these subscription services or enquire about bulk discounts and gift your new employee a free or discounted subscription to help them relax. 

8. Scented Candle 

Give the gift of relaxation with scented candles. Choose a lavender, camomile, or vanilla-scented candle (all of which promote calm feelings) and help your new employee recharge and reconnect at home. 

9. Picture Frame 

Being away from friends, family, and pets for long hours every day can be disheartening, especially as you’re starting a new job. One way to ease this homesickness is to give your new employee a photo frame. Let them bring their loved ones with them to work and keep them company at their desk. 

10. Noise Canceling Earphones

Offices are notoriously noisy. From background chatter to the hum of office chairs, printers, and ringing phones, the noise can be overwhelming at times. 

That’s where noise-canceling earphones come in very handy. Not only can your employee listen to their favorite artists while they work, but they can also tune out the background chatter when they need a bit of a respite. 

11. Notebook Or Planner 

Paper to scribble notes, ideas, and to-do lists will never be unwelcome. Help your new employee plan their day and get a hang of their tasks with a daily planner or a notebook. Whichever one you choose, make sure it’s hardcover and durable enough to withstand daily use like a nice Moleskine notebook or

hardcover journal

12. Fitness Tracker 

Improve your new employee’s health by giving them an affordable fitness tracker. While the most well-known Fitbits and Apple watches can be pricey, there are many affordable options that connect to free smartphone apps. 

It’ll give your new employee an in-depth look at their daily activity and what they can do to improve their physical health while they’re at work.

13. Powerbank 

Discovering that one’s smartphone or wireless earphone batteries are low is unfortunate, especially if your new employee uses their tech on the commute home. 

Help them make it through the day by providing power on-the-go with a power bank. Just make sure the power bank comes with a variety of modern charge ports so that it can support all their tech. 

14. Tote Bag 

Gift your new employee a branded tote bag to make their commute to and from work easier. Tote bags are versatile and stylish and come in many different sizes. They’re also an easy item new employees can use to lug their essentials to and from work. 

Some high quality options include the Mantis Organic Denim Tote Bag, Recycled Cotton Tote, and the Econscious Large Organic Tote Bag.

15. Laptop Bag

If your employees have to carry laptops around, help your new employee out with a laptop bag. Make sure it’s padded, that it has space to hold paperwork and small office essentials and add the company logo on it for good measure.  

16. Books 

A book makes a great gift in a business setting. They’re an effective way of getting your employees to learn more business skills, and to get them excited about furthering their education and improving their skills. 

Purchase your favorite books – ones that are relevant to your new employee's role but aren’t boring – and let your new employee do the rest. 

17. Blue Light Glasses

Phones, laptops, and monitors all emit blue light. While there is no evidence that blue light causes eye damage, research shows that we blink less in the presence of blue light, which can cause dryness and eyestrain. 

One way to combat this is with blue light glasses. Help your new employee avoid eye strain by giving them a pair of blue light glasses. 

18. Laptop Stand 

A laptop stand is an essential new employee welcome gift. Laptop screens force our heads into a hunched position that has become known as the “turtle neck” posture. It can cause jaw, neck, shoulder, and back tension. 

Fortunately, laptop stands are here to help. With a laptop stand, your employee can adjust their screen until it feels comfortable and avoid falling into the turtle neck trap.  

Final Thoughts

The transition for a new employee into a new company can be scary. A thoughtful gift is a fun and effective way to break the ice, introduce your company culture, and make your new employee feel a part of the team. 

Use the above tips and gift ideas to find the perfect welcome gifts for your new employees. 

For access to curated gifts, custom swag, and employee rewards, partner with PerkUp. Book a demo and start sending incredible gifts to your employees today. 

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