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21 Short Welcome Messages For New Employees

September 18, 2023
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Are you responsible for welcoming new employees to the company? With experience, it becomes a whole lot easier. But when you’re new to the role, you may not know where to start or what to include in a new employee welcome message. Luckily, we’re here to help you out!

In this guide to writing short welcome messages for new employees, we’ll look at what they are, what their purpose is, and what to include in them. We’ll also give actionable advice on how to write these messages with some helpful samples. 

By the end of this article, you’ll be an expert at writing new employee welcome messages. You’ll be able to foster a positive onboarding experience and set the tone for the new hire’s journey with your company. If you follow our guide, your new employee will feel valued, recognized and integrated into your team from the start. 

What Is A New Employee Welcome Message?

A new employee welcome message is a brief message that shows your company’s appreciation and excitement for the new hire joining you. It’s also the ideal vehicle for relaying essential information ahead of the new employee’s first day.

This can take the form of a letter, an email with a solid welcome meme or two, or a short welcome message on an appropriate communication platform. Whichever format you choose, the nature of the message is the same. You’re welcoming them to a new environment and making them feel special.

Why Are Welcome Messages Important?

Welcome messages to new employees are more than just a welcome speech - they are an introduction to the company. In this crucial message, you are representing everything your company stands for. 

If you want to create a great impression of the workplace, staff, and management, it all starts here. 

New employees who start with a positive attitude are more likely to adapt to their new working environment quicker. They will feel like a part of the team from the start and they will be motivated to do their best work. 

How To Write A New Employee Welcome Message

Now that you know why you need to write short welcome messages to new employees, it’s time to cover how to do it. These five tips will ensure that your welcome messages to new employees have a positive impact. 

Start With A Friendly Introduction

Any message, be it a speech, a letter, or an email, needs a friendly introduction. It sets the tone for the rest of the message and establishes a positive connection between the company and the employee.

Keep your introduction in line with the communication style of your workplace. If you are in a corporate environment, keep it formal. If you’re in a more laid-back workspace, lighten it up a little. Be friendly but remain professional at all times.

Share Important Onboarding Information

Share important employee onboarding information, but take care not to go into all the details in the welcome message itself. This is not the main purpose of a welcome message.

Rather, include a link to onboarding materials that they can go through in their own time. You’ll still get the information across but in a less burdensome manner.

Share Your Company Values

It can be a challenge to share your company values while keeping your message short and to the point. But it’s not impossible, even in a short welcome message.

You could include a link to the company website’s employee activities page or your company’s social media pages. Pics of employees at a company-hosted charitable event, or an exciting after-work party, will showcase company values better than any words!

Show That They Have Your Support

New employees want to know that you are there for them. It can be scary starting a new job, and you want to put them at ease. Use gender-neutral, inclusive language, and remain friendly yet polite. 

Let them know they can contact you with any questions they may have. Include more than one method for contacting you, to make communication easier. Or if necessary, add an alternative contact person's name and contact information.

Inspire And Motivate Them

All employees need regular inspiration and motivation to remain engaged and productive. This is especially true of your new employees, as they venture into a new work environment. 

Tell them how much you appreciate their joining the team, or how their valuable skills will make a difference. Even a short sentence about how excited everyone is to be working with them will do the trick. 

21 Short Welcome Messages To Send To Your New Employees

Your new employees are not all the same. While most will be new to your company, some may be transferring from another branch of the same company. Then, there are the remote workers. They need welcoming too!

To inspire you to write your own welcome messages to all types of new hires, here are some sample welcome messages. Adapt them as you see fit. Don’t forget to pop in your company names and other details.

New Employees

  1. We’re so excited to have you among us, (employee name). On behalf of the management and staff, we would like to extend a warm welcome. To give you an idea of what (company name) is all about, check out our (social media platform name) posts at @(company’s Instagram handle). 

  1. Everyone at (company name) is excited to meet you. If you want to get acquainted with some of your new colleagues before you officially start on (date of new employee’s first day), join us on (company communication platform name). Here’s the link (embed link to the communication channel). 

  1. Welcome aboard, (employee name)! We know that your (employee’s qualification or skills) knowledge and skills will make a valuable contribution to the team’s success. When you’re ready, check out our onboarding resources (embed link to onboarding materials). 

  1. Thanks for deciding to join the dynamic team here at (company name)! We’re sure that you’ll love working here, and we’re all looking forward to meeting you on (employee starting date). If you’d like to get a glimpse of the company vibe, head on over to our (social media page name) pages!

  1. Hi there, (new employee name)! It’s so good to have you joining us on the (new employee department or division) team at (company name)! Before you start on (employee starting date), you might want to know a bit more about what we do here. Here’s a link to our website’s community page (embed link).

  1. Everyone at (company name) is so happy you’re joining our little family, (employee name). We know that your expertise and skills will help us to become an even bigger success. Welcome to the team, and good luck with your first day at work! 

New Employees Transferring From Other Cities/Branches

  1. Hi (new employee name)! Welcome to the (branch name) department of (company name). We wish you lots of success with your relocation to our part of the world. You already know how everything at (company name) works, but you’ve got lots of new colleagues who are eager to meet you. Join us tomorrow at (time) on Zoom (include the link to the Zoom meeting invitation) and say hello!

  1. Hey there, (new employee name)! Welcome aboard the (branch name) team! You may know some of us already, but this is the first time we’ll get to work closely with you. It’s great that you’ve decided to bring your skills and talent to our branch, and we’re looking forward to seeing you on (employee starting date).

  1. Hi (new employee name), it’s so good to have you joining us at the (branch name) branch of (company name). I’m (your name) and I’ll be facilitating your relocation to our department. If you have any questions about the way things run here on our side of the world, drop me a line at (your email address) or call me at (your contact number).

  1. Welcome to (city name), (employee name)! We’re so excited that you’re joining our team. You already know how things work around here, but you’ve got lots of new names and faces to get to know. To make it easier, we’ve scheduled a virtual team meet-up for (date of meeting) at (time of meeting). Here’s the link: (add a link to the virtual meeting space) Chat soon!

  1. Welcome to the team, (new employee name)! New city, new office, new beginnings! From everyone here at (company name) we wish you success on your journey! It’s great to have you with us. See you on (new employee starting date) at (starting time).

Welcome Messages for New Remote Employees 

  1. A warm welcome to the newest addition to the (company name) remote team, (employee name)! As a fully remote team, we rely on (company communication platform name) to stay in touch. Here’s the link (embed link to a communication channel). Before you get started, check out our quick and easy onboarding tutorial here (embed link to tutorial). 

  1. Hi (new employee name). It’s so nice to virtually meet you. I’m (your name) and I’ll be helping you get adjusted to your new remote work position here at (company name). You’ll find everything you need to get started here (embed link to onboarding materials). 

  1. Welcome aboard the (company name) remote team, (new employee name)! My name is (your name) and I’ll be helping you to get started here. Once you’ve had a look at our awesome onboarding video (embed video link), give me a shout on (communication platform). Here’s the link (embed communications link).

  1. Hey (new employee name), our newest remote team member! Welcome to (company name). I’m (your name), and I’m looking forward to working with you. We use (company communication platform) for all our communication. When you’re ready to virtually meet the rest of the team, click on this link (embed link to the company’s communication channel). 

  1. Here’s a big (company name) shout-out to you, (new employee name). Thanks for joining the remote team! We look forward to working with you from (new employee’s starting date). If you want to learn more about how we stay connected as a remote team, check out our social media pages here (embed link) and when you’re ready, or drop in and say hello on (communication platform name) - here’s the link (embed link to communication channel!

Welcome Messages Any Employee Can Send 

You don’t need to be a manager or supervisor to send a welcome message to a new employee. Sending a message to a new colleague you’ll be working with is a great way to introduce yourself and make them feel part of the team. Here are a few examples:

  1. Hey (new employee name), welcome aboard! Excited to have you on the team. Let’s do some amazing work together!
  2. Welcome to the crew! Your skills are a perfect match, and we’re stoked to work alongside you.
  3. Welcome to our team, (new employee name)! I’m (your name) and I’ve been a (your role) at (company name) for X years. We’ll be working together on some awesome projects. Looking forward to it!
  4. Hey (new employee name), a massive welcome to the (company name) family! I’m a (your role) and I’d be happy to show you the ropes. Shout if you have any questions! 
  5. High-five for joining us! Can’t wait to see the great stuff we’ll achieve together. If you need help with anything, I’m just a message away!
  6. Hi (employee name), welcome to the team! We’re all very excited to have you with us and looking forward to working with you. 
  7. Welcome to the office, (employee name)! We know you’re going to be an excellent addition to the team and can’t wait to see what you’ll bring to the table. 
  8. Congratulations on joining the team! We have a lot of fun here at (company name) and we’re so happy to have you. Welcome aboard!
  9. Hey (employee name), welcome to the (company name) family! I hope you have a wonderful time working here and feel free to reach out if you need anything. 

Final Thoughts

We wish you and your company all the best in welcoming and onboarding your new employee. 

Always remember the purpose of a welcome message - to make the new employee feel valued and appreciated right from the start. In addition to a thoughtful welcome message, consider sending them a welcome gift with some essential office items and company swag

At PerkUp, we make employee gifting and rewards easy. With over 1,000 items to choose from, there’s something for every occasion. Book a demo today, and give your employees the type of recognition that counts.

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