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23 Best New Welcome Kit Ideas For New Employees

August 22, 2023
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There have been countless studies and surveys on employee appreciation. All of them agree that employees that feel valued stay with companies longer, are more productive, and produce better results. This is especially true for new employees. If they feel welcomed, they hit the ground running and never stop. 

The perfect way to show your appreciation to a new employee is to put together an awesome new hire welcome kit. 

Let’s take a look at everything you need to know about welcome kits and why you should put one together for your new employees. Then you can use this comprehensive welcome kit checklist to put together a welcome kit like no other. 

What Is An Employee Welcome Kit?

An employee welcome kit or welcome package is a collection of gifts that showcase the company culture and introduce the new employee to that culture. 

The new hire welcome kit is gifted on the employee’s first day or during an orientation or tour after accepting the job. 

Welcome kits should contain a mix of practical items the new employee can use at home and the office, company merch if you have any, and fun or delicious items that have no real purpose beyond bringing the new employee some joy and breaking the ice. 

You can use the employee's CV and social media to collect information on their hobbies. If they aren't very forthcoming, you can also ask them to fill out a small survey about their interests, hobbies, and food preferences so that you can include some more personalized items. 

Why Should You Put Welcome Kits Together For New Hires?

To many, an employee welcome kit can seem like overkill. But welcome kits are an effective way of breaking the ice and showing employee appreciation from the get-go. They offer a host of awesome benefits that improve internal relations and employee performance and satisfaction. 

First, welcome kits set the tone for new hires. A well-developed and successful company culture goes a long way toward fostering teamwork and promoting company success. By giving a thoughtful welcome kit, you introduce new employees to your company's culture and get them excited about becoming a part of your company.  

This leads us to the next point: engagement. Employee engagement is the enthusiasm an employee feels toward their job and the company they work for. As you can imagine, an employee with high engagement is going to be a great asset to your team. 

Welcome kits act as an incentive for new employees. It says, “Here we value our employees and show appreciation.” Setting this precedent from the beginning will go a long way in encouraging hard work in your new hire. 

Finally, welcome kits help new employees communicate better. A lot of new employees find it hard to talk to superiors. But when you welcome your new hire with a warm welcome gift, it lays the first stone for open and easy communication. 

As we know, smoother internal relationships and communication go a long way in bettering collaboration, teamwork, and work satisfaction – all of which improve productivity and engagement. 

23 Things You Can Include In Your Welcome Kit For New Employees

Now that you know what a welcome kit is and why having one ready for your new hire is so important, let’s take a look at some items you can consider including in your welcome kit. 

1. Welcome Letter And Employee Handbook 

Your first welcome kit item to new employees should be a welcome letter and your employee handbook. 

The handbook should contain all necessary onboarding information to allow a seamless transition for your new hire. It’s also a good idea to add a small team map to introduce them to their work colleagues and managers. 

As for the welcome letter, make it personal. While you can type out a long letter and keep it formal, we'd suggest getting personal and writing it by hand. Use their name in the introduction, keep it short and sweet, and sincerely wish them luck. 

2. Basic Office Supplies  

Every new employee needs office supplies. Giving it to them in a welcome kit is a helpful way to get them started and it ensures they have everything they need from the get-go. 

What constitutes basic office supplies will differ from industry to industry. If you’re not sure about yours, ask around the office and think about the items your employees need on a day-to-day basis. Add them to the welcome kit. 

Some basic items employees across all industries need include: 

If you have the budget, add your company name to the office supplies and create a cohesive aesthetic for the supplies. 

3. Planner

Every busy employee needs a planner to prepare for the week ahead and to make sure they complete all their to-do list tasks. Get your new employee started by providing them with a planner.

There are many types of planners, from bullet journals to desk planners. Ask your employee what type of planning materials they use and use that as your guide. 

If your employee uses a digital planner, substitute the physical planner with a blank notebook your new employee can use to scribble notes in. 

4. Coffee Mug 

Every employee has a vice, and for the vast majority, it’s caffeine. So, whether your employee is a coffee, tea, or matcha enthusiast, a coffee mug, like the Beck mug or Modelo mug, is a great and versatile gift. 

If you don’t have the time or information to personalize the coffee mug, get a generic one with your company name on it. 

Or, if your employee is traveling a lot, get them a travel mug instead of a traditional coffee cup. Some great travel mug options include the Ember Travel Mug and the YETI Rambler.

5. Company Swag

Company swag is essential for any welcome kit. It increases your brand exposure with the new employee's friends and family, and it gives your new hire something tangible to connect to. When they wear or use company merch, they know they belong – and belonging can go a long way to fostering teamwork and personal interest in the company’s success. 

Create branded company swag like a t-shirt, hoodie, backpack, etc. Choose the items you think your new employee will like most and add them to the welcome kit. 

6. Blue Light Glasses

Sitting in front of a computer for long hours every day, week after week, can put a lot of strain on your eyes. Your new employee is no different. Prevent eye strain and make their work life more comfortable with a stylish pair of blue light glasses. 

7. Tote Bags

Most employees bring a lot of items with them to work. So why not give them a company-branded tote bag that they can use to carry all their belongings in?

Tote bags are big and extremely versatile. They suit any office style, and while tote bags might appear small, they can hold a surprisingly large number of items. 

A tote bag is a practical item that can be used in your employees’ everyday lives as well - making it a great option for remote employees too. 

Last, it’s affordable and customizable. You can bulk-buy tote bags and add your company name to the bag for a fairly low price. You can also use PerkUp to easily create and stock premium-quality, company-branded items that your employees will love. 

8. Gift Card

As much as we want employees to love welcome kits, it can’t replace the joys of being able to personally choose your own gifts. That’s why adding a gift card to the welcome kit is such a great idea. It gives your new employee the chance to choose an item that they truly want or need. 

9. Noise Canceling Earphones

Noise can be very distracting while you’re trying to get your work done. It can be difficult to get things done and stay focused when you’re surrounded by people, chatter, and other noises in the office or, as a remote worker, in cafes or at home with other people around. 

So give your new employee the gift of privacy with noise-canceling earphones. Let your new employee tune out outside noise and focus on their work without being overwhelmed. 

10. Mental Health Gift Box 

If you want to improve your new employee’s quality of life and increase their productivity, then you need to encourage them to look after their mental health. While you can’t do the hard mental work for them, you can provide an open environment that lets them know you care. 

A fun way to do this is to provide a little mental health care box in your welcome kit. Add a candle, a stress relieving toy or coloring book, or a meditation guide. 

11. Desk Accessories 

As your welcome kit fills up, don’t forget to have fun with some cute, unique, and fun desk accessories. Add a small plant, a photo frame, a mouse pad, a bunch of quirky stickers, a stress ball for the hectic days, and a motivational poster to match. 

Use this opportunity to let your office humor and personality shine. 

12. Snack Box 

Snack boxes are jam-packed with delicious treats that you can tailor to your new employee's personal preference. Choose from the plethora of sweet, savory, and meaty snack boxes, and watch your new employee devour yummy snacks with a smile. 

13. Laptop Stand 

The way laptop screens are positioned isn’t great for our posture. It forces the dreaded “turtle neck”, where the neck is pushed forward and the head hangs over the chest instead of on the body axis. This can cause tension in the jaw, neck, shoulders, and back. 

To help your employee avoid this discomfort, add a laptop stand to their welcome kit. It elevates the laptop and tilts the screen, which will help them avoid turtle neck posture and make long hours at their desk more comfortable. 

14. Desk Plant 

A desk plant is a creative way to brighten up any office space. Having a little plant to nurture and look after is also a very comforting and stress-relieving activity. 

So, add a small desk plant, preferably something that needs minimal sunlight and water, to their welcome kit. They can choose to leave it at work or take it home – either way, we have no doubt your new hire will appreciate it. 

15. Laptop Bag 

If your new hire is expected to carry their laptop to and from work, or they work remotely, a laptop bag can be a truly helpful welcome gift. Make sure the bag is big enough, that it has a nice layer of padding, and space for office supplies. You can also add the company branding to the bag. 

16. Water Bottle 

Do your part for the environment and make your new employee's life easier with a water bottle. Because water bottles are reusable, you can help reduce your office’s plastic waste. Having a water bottle handy will also help keep your new employees hydrated and energized during the day. 

The MiiR vacuum insulated bottle, Larq self-cleaning water bottle, and the Hydra Peak water bottle are all excellent options. 

17. Yoga Mat 

Getting a good stretch in after sitting for hours on end is the best feeling, so help your employee stretch their legs and improve their health with a yoga mat. 

They’re extremely useful, pack away easily, and offer your new hire the opportunity to relax and decompress before, during, and after work. 

18. Fitness Tracker 

Sitting at a desk, whether at home or the office, isn’t the greatest for your employee's health. Luckily, you can encourage them to move more with a fitness tracker. 

Allowing new hires to see how much they’re moving is the first step in helping them choose healthier physical health choices. 

19. Throw Blanket 

Whether your new hire is working from home or the office, a small throw blanket makes for a sweet welcome kit gift like the Port Authority Premium Sherpa Blanket

It’ll keep your new employee cozy on chilly days and help them feel more comfortable and at home wherever they’re working. 

20. Wine Or Champagne

Nothing says, “Welcome!” better than a nice bottle of alcohol. So, celebrate in style and add a bottle of wine or champagne to your new hire’s welcome kit.

If your new employee isn’t much of a drinker, don’t let that stop the fun. There are plenty of delicious non-alcoholic wine and champagne options on the market. 

21. Service Subscription

Subscription services can be a lot of fun. Apps like Headspace and Calm are also great for relieving work-related stress. However, your new hire might not have the funds to enjoy these services. 

Help them out with a free or discounted subscription to popular meditation apps, audiobook apps, or streaming services. You can contact the app and enquire about bulk purchases or partner discounts to save money. 

22. Coffee Voucher 

Got a little coffee shop near your office building? Then get your new hire a voucher for a coffee and a delicious treat. This gives them the opportunity to get to know the area and meet people they’re going to be seeing a lot more of. 

A coffee shop voucher is also especially appropriate for remote or hybrid employees. It offers the perfect excuse to get out of the house and work somewhere new. 

23. Keychain 

Finally, add a company keychain to your new employee’s welcome kit. It’s a small keepsake, but one we're sure your employee will appreciate every time they see it. 

Final Thoughts

Welcome kits for new employees are essential for companies that are dedicated to employee and business success. Use this guide to put together a spectacular welcome kit for your new employee, but don’t forget to have fun with it. 

If you’re looking for an easy way to curate your employee welcome kits and other rewards, check out PerkUp. We offer custom swag packs, employee rewards, and access to gifts that are guaranteed to leave a great first impression. Book a demo today!

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