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6 Branded Swag Ideas You Haven't Thought Of

September 2, 2022
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When introducing branded swag for your company, the products you offer employees are important. It often takes time to narrow down the list and find what your team will truly love. 

Most companies have swag that you can list off the top of your head. T-shirts and lanyards are the staple swag items of most organizations! If you’re looking for some swag that’s unique and sure to excite your employees, look no further. 

We’ve prepared a list of company-branded swag ideas to help get you started. We’re confident you’ll find something here that will suit your organization and its image.

Branded Swag Ideas You Haven't Thought Of

The kind of swag you gift your team depends on what your company does. Your branded swag can serve as advertisements for your organization, as well as high-quality consumer products employees can enjoy. 

If your company operates in the tech industry, consider swag that reflects this. Your company swag could include bluetooth speakers or even nifty headphones. 

Your company swag can also promote positive and healthy behaviors in those who use the items. Employees who receive the swag and use it will link the benefits of these behaviors with your business. 

By gifting swag, you can pave the way for an engaged team who is proud to show off who they work for. With your name out in the world (backed up with a stamp of approval from your employees), you have a chance at attracting more great people to your team. 

The other upside is PR for your company, as potential customers who might need your services get exposed to your brand through the people who work for you. 

With that in mind, here is our list of unique swag ideas.

1. Soy Wax Candle ($20.48)

This first gift idea is perfect for encouraging relaxation. A beautiful candle is ideal for companies that want to promote health and wellness along with work-life balance. 

You can choose between three different scents, which also come in different colors. Vanilla, birch & black pepper, and watermelon are all great options! Each candle is 9oz and has a lid to ensure dust protection. 

These candles will show your employees that you’re invested in them kicking up their feet at the end of a long day. 

Each candle is hand poured with love and sure to put a smile on your employee’s face! In the bath or at the dinner table - these candles will remind your employees that you encourage them to slow down and take some deep breaths.

2. Branded Mugs ($11.48)

When it comes to swag items, mugs are almost traditional at this point. While this might make you look over them, think again! Mugs aren’t necessarily overused - they’re a classic. 

Each of these mugs goes for $11.48. If your swag catalog features many unique items, consider tying them together with a loveable mug collection. 

Sometimes, simple is better. Unlike yoga mats, which may be loved by some and never used by others, everyone loves a good mug. Whether it’s tea, coffee, or hot chocolate, a trusty mug goes a long way. 

3. Black True Wireless Earbuds ($42.90)

While this might seem like an expensive item to offer as swag, these earphones will definitely be used a tonne. 

These earphones can keep your employees company at work, at the gym, or on the go. They use Bluetooth to pair to pretty much any device you need. If your employees love a good podcast or enjoy listening to their favorite music while they work, these are perfect. 

For employees, wireless earphones are a high-value piece of swag to receive. As such, offering them to staff will make them feel wanted and rewarded for their hard work. 

These earphones can also assist with work-related tasks such as meetings or recording instructional videos. It’s a good idea to offer swag with a higher perceived value. This can make your catalog look impressive!

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4. Insulated Water Bottles ($24.98)

Using your swag to promote healthy living is a great idea, but why not take it a step further? 

By offering swag that is both eco-friendly and functional, you connect your company’s identity with environmental consciousness. This improves public perception of your brand while making a tangible difference to the environment.

An eco-friendly message can make employees feel like they’re part of a positive force for the community. A branded water bottle can be used anywhere, making it a great swag idea. Whether your employees are at the office or on a weekend hike, these bottles can represent your organization anywhere. 

Reassuring employees that your company is pro-environment will help them feel pride in their role and help establish the organization as a great place to work. 

5. Tote Bags ($13.48)

Tote bags are versatile branded swag items to give employees or potential hires! They can be used for pretty much everything - grocery shopping, office supplies, and gym clothes. 

Besides that, these tote bags are easy to give out at conferences or job fairs. You can even use them to hold other items of swag if you’re sending a package alongside a job offer! If you’re considering giving out multiple items of merchandise, consider tote bags as the carriers. 

These are relatively inexpensive to acquire. On top of that, you can almost guarantee these bags will be used! Who doesn’t love a good-quality canvas tote? 

6. Portable Chargers / Power Banks ($36.48)

As technology progresses, it seems like everything needs charging all the time. Whether it’s your phone or your Bluetooth speaker, having a power bank on the go can make all the difference. 

Offering a compact, affordable device as swag is a great option. Producing a branded power bank turns your advertisement into a practical tool. These make for great gifts or employee rewards

These power banks offer convenience for employees. They remove the potential communication issues that come with dead phone batteries. They also allow employees to keep any other devices they need for work charged and ready to go.

Final Thoughts

Branded swag items make for excellent employee rewards, gifts for new hires, and gifts for customers. Employees can also purchase these items for themselves! These items should be unique, aesthetic, and functional. 

Hopefully - we’ve given you some great ideas to kickstart (or upgrade) your swag catalog. If you’re looking for the best company swag partner, PerkUp is the way to go. 

PerkUp offers a sophisticated distribution system and a wide range of swag items. Your employees and customers will love the high-quality offerings. 

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