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A Guide To International Gift Cards That Can Be Used Online

July 12, 2022
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Gift cards can be the ideal reward for employees due to the flexibility they offer and ones that can be spent internationally and/or online are even more welcomed, especially since they leave ample room for personal preference. 

Although they’re widely available, it’s important to understand how to use these cards internationally and online, and to be mindful of which one you’re purchasing to ensure it matches the personality and taste of the recipient. 

This article will provide a guide to international, online gift cards and we’ll explain in detail about how to gain the most from these cards. 

How To Use International Gift Cards Online

Online gift cards are safe and convenient but when buying these international cards, ensure that you’re aware of how and where they can be spent. With most international gift cards, you can redeem them directly at your desired shopping website. 

For example, Visa gift cards are one of the most popular choices worldwide as they can be used in countless countries. These cards can be purchased online or through dedicated apps, and arrive in the form of a link that the recipient can tap to bring up the card. 

When shopping online with this card, you can first browse the website to find items/services of your choice and add them to your card. Once at checkout, ensure you review your purchase before entering any payment information. 

In order to redeem the gift card, you’ll need the 16-digit code from the card so you can insert the numbers into the debit/credit card field at checkout.

It’s important to be aware of the gift card field versus the debit/credit card field as the former can only be used if you carry a gift card for that specific store.

For example, if you’re using an international Visa gift card online, simply insert the 16-digit code in the debit or credit card field; if you carry an Amazon gift card though, you’ll only be able to redeem it at the company website by using the code in their gift card field at checkout. 

About International Online Gift Card Currency 

It’s possible that you’ll need to convert to a different currency, depending on what merchant you’re purchasing from. By doing this, you’ll know what the value of the gift card is when used at online stores outside of the USA and carry their prices in a different currency (e.g. Euros).

Please note that the value of the gift card is based on the exchange rate at the time the gift card is redeemed. Since Forex rates alter all the time, they often don’t carry the same value as when the gift card was purchased. 

Using PerkUp Cards Online

We’re so excited that you’re completing an online purchase with your Perk Card! 

To redeem the funds from your card, you’ll need to enter the card information similarly as to how you complete a credit/debit card transaction. Our international, online Visa Perk Cards are highly convenient for global companies that have offices and/or employees around the world. 

PerkUp lets employers create affordable, practical and flexible employee reward programs for global teams and using your Perk Card is simple as it works just like a Visa! Having access to a virtual card allows you to enjoy convenience when shopping with various product providers such as Instacart or Uber. 

The organization sets the parameters for what kinds of perks are available in the company’s reward program and using your Perk Card across different companies will allow you to explore a wide range of online shopping options. 

Where To Buy International Gift Cards Online?

International gift cards can be purchased online, and unlike the traditional credit card that’s only issued by a bank, international gift cards are usually issued by a dedicated service provider

Once you’ve found your gift card online, you can pay for it with your credit card or with any other means of electronic banking. If the retailer has an app, you could also purchase from your smartphone or tablet as well.

PerkUp Employee Rewards Cards

You can buy and use PerkUp gift cards online. Our cards can be used across 50+ different countries that accept Visa!


Perk Cards are available through the PerkUp platform and each organization can invite their employees via email to set up their account and activate their virtual cards. 

Companies can also design an employee rewards program through the PerkUp platform and congratulate their team for all the hard work easily.


Benefits covering meals, wellness, entertainment, education, fitness, childcare, and office equipment, just to name a few, can be enjoyed by employees across the world through PerkUp!

Check for Fees

When purchasing a gift, it’s always best to pay attention to any costs such as activation fees that are the same as other cards. 

Customizing benefits and sending the card online or by post is generally free. You can decide whether the gift card is sent immediately as a virtual card or if a real card can be shipped to the recipient. 

All these features allow for digital Visa gift cards to be cost-effective, fast and convenient.


Using gift cards online is simple, cost effective and highly accessible, especially if your team is global. Always remember that the success of your gift card reward will depend on what card you buy.

You can always ask questions if you’re unclear about any aspect of the purchasing process, especially if you’re using a card abroad. 

Gift cards are one of the best ways business owners and management can show appreciation to their employees! PerkUp is an effective way to implement this and you can check out our exciting employee gift options at any time!

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