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Administrative Professionals Day Words Of Appreciation

August 8, 2022
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Administrative professionals are heroes who keep the wheels turning and the organization running seamlessly. They are the team members who organize, solve, simplify and ensure day-to-day efficiency in the workplace.

Whether working remotely, in an office environment, or taking on responsibilities beyond their regular duties, admin professionals are highly adaptive workers. They are the support team you need on your team as you navigate the ever-evolving workplace. 

Recognizing their efforts is essential! Administrative Professionals Day words of appreciation are the perfect way to let your support team know how important they are. 

What Is Admin Professionals Day? 

Admin Professionals Day was first known as National Secretaries Day. It was created in 1952 to celebrate the contributions of administrative office team.

This day recognizes the evolving administrative roles and responsibilities in today's workplace. However, the purpose of Administrative Professionals Day remains focused on celebrating the contributions of administrative professionals.

Administrative Professionals Day, also called National Admin Day, is celebrated on Wednesday in the last full week of April. 

Although admin day is not observed as a public holiday, it is a day of importance. It is an excellent opportunity for some well-deserved administrative professionals' day words of appreciation.

Why Should You Recognize the Admin team? 

Low employee engagement is something many companies are looking to tackle. Employee engagement can be low due to a toxic work environment or a lack of appreciation. 

Undervalued employees lose interest in their work, resulting in a loss of productivity. 

Besides a decrease in productivity, low morale leads to high employee turnover. This can have significant financial repercussions for an organization. The time and money spent on recruiting, interviews, onboarding, and training is considerable. Hiring costs can be between 20% and 200% of the new hire’s salary. 

By showing genuine appreciation to your admin professionals, you can save on the cost and impact of frequent employee absenteeism and team replacement.

Where To Show Appreciation

Some modern-day workplaces still fail to give employees the recognition they deserve. Ensuring that employees feel recognized and appreciated should be a priority! 

High employee turnover can be attributed to poor company culture. One indication of a positive company culture is that employees feel valued. 

Excellent corporate culture is built on everyday interactions, and showing appreciation cannot be relegated to one annual event. 

Administration Appreciation Day is a great time to recognize employees, but employee appreciation should be consistent throughout the year. 

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Administrative Professionals Day Words Of Appreciation Ideas

Administrative Professionals Day is celebrated around the country. Take time to ensure that your admin team feels their year-round efforts are noticed and appreciated. 

To make your recognition memorable, describe team attributes in your administrative professionals' day words of appreciation. You can also mention an exceptional accomplishment.

Here are a few ideas if you need a little help with the right words.

You are an integral part of our organization. Thank you for your incredible efficiency and consistent dedication to your role in this company. 

I am blessed to have you as my administrative assistant. Thanks for all you do to lighten my workload. I don’t know how I’d do it without you!

You’re an incredible asset to our team! There aren’t enough words to truly convey how thankful we are for your dedication and hard work.

I’m sure I don’t thank you enough for always pitching in around here. Your outstanding work ethic and commitment to the team do not go unnoticed. 

Thank you for your years of dedicated service to our organization. We are privileged to have you as one of our team.

We wish you an Administrative Professionals Day as outstanding as you are. Our company's success is due to employees as dedicated as you. 

Your efficiency and attention to detail amaze me. I can’t thank you enough for all that you do. 

You are a pillar of strength in our office. We’d like to extend our gratitude to say thanks for your enduring hard work and support. 

You are a highly valued member of our team. We truly hit the jackpot when we welcomed you into our organization all those years ago. 

You are deeply appreciated for the dedication you show to our organization. Thank you for your outstanding work. 

Final Thoughts

Employee recognition is one avenue to explore if you want to cultivate positive company culture. Recognition can boost employee morale and encourage employee engagement. 

It does not require extravagant spending to show appreciation of your admin team’s dedication to your organization.  

Heartfelt words that recognize an employee's worth should never be underestimated. Sincerely expressed words are something that money cannot buy!

Administrative Professionals Day words of appreciation are an excellent way to pay tribute to your team. However, don’t forget to show appreciation year-round to motivate your admin team. 

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