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Corporate Gifting Boxes & Ideas For Your Employees

November 7, 2022
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Corporate gifting boxes are a great way to strengthen the relationship between your company, employees, and clients. 

Single gifts are a good way to thank employees for a job well done or to promote your company. However, nothing will wow your recipients like corporate gifting boxes. 

If you want to know more about the benefits of corporate gifting, you’re in luck! Our guide will help you decide when to choose corporate gifting boxes over singular gifts. We’ll also give you a few simple gift box ideas to help you charm your employees! 

All About Corporate Gifting Boxes

What Is Corporate Gifting?

Corporate gifting is as straightforward as it sounds! It’s simply the act of giving gifts on behalf of a company. These gifts are usually given to clients, employees, and business partners as a way to create company engagement and bolster the company image. 

These gifts can act as incentives for employees to meet goals or as rewards for reaching certain milestones. They can also be given to celebrate a special occasion.

Has a recent project with an old client gone well? Has an employee just celebrated their birthday, or are they going on maternity leave? All of these are great examples for extending a gift box!

Corporate gifts are also generally given to clients and employees as a token of appreciation. Gifts can be used as a powerful promotional tool for prospective clients and potential new hires. 

Most companies reach out to their employees and clients through emails and advertisements. However, if you want to build relationships and get attention, gifting is a great place to start! Gifts offer companies the opportunity to stand out from the competition. 

Gifting can simply improve company culture as well, which has benefits like improved employee retention

So, if you want your company to stand head and shoulders above the rest, why not reward your team and wow your clients with corporate gifting boxes? 

What Is A Corporate Gifting Box?

Corporate gifting boxes are boxes filled with various gifts rather than a single item. While they can be curated to suit your business’s needs, plenty of companies also offer pre-made corporate gifting boxes to extend to your clients and employees. 

These boxes are a great way to give people a gift that soars above their expectations. Anyone can send their employees a single gift! Corporate gift boxes are sure to have a much bigger impact on your recipient.

Opening a corporate gift box is fun and exciting for your employees. Rather than unwrapping a new branded mug, they can open up a treasure trove of amazing goodies. 

Adding some variety to a gift is thoughtful. If your employee loves chocolate - why simply give them one bar? Why not put together a snack basket of the best sweet treats around? This is a great way to show employees and clients that you know about their interests or hobbies.

Gift Box Versus Single Gift: Which Should You Pick?

Before you make the big decision, why not weigh up some pros and cons? We’ve compiled a list of pros and cons for corporate gift boxes, as well as singular gifts. 

At the end of the day, both can have a positive impact on your company but you want the best for your employees and clients! Let’s hop to it, and break down which gift idea might be the best option. 

Singular Gift: Pros And Cons

While corporate gifting boxes are a fantastic option for most occasions, there are still plenty of advantages to sending your employees a single gift. Before you choose a gift box, you might want to read up on the yays and nays of single gifts. 


Firstly, single gifts are inexpensive and work well for businesses on a budget. Putting corporate gifting boxes together can be expensive, depending on the items you add. By giving your employees a single gift, you can easily surprise your employees without breaking the bank! 

Single gifts are also convenient for group gifting. They are easier to order in bulk and keep costs low when you’re gifting on a larger scale. If you’re planning on rewarding your team or department, it may be better to pick a single gift. 

When you’re picking out a single gift for an employee, it’s easier to pick something they’re bound to love. If you have a relationship with your employee, single gifts are can be extremely thoughtful. By hand-picking a gift that suits their interests, you can give your employee a more impactful gift. 

Lastly, single gifts are great for special occasions! Whether you’re celebrating a work anniversary or birthday, single gifts can come in handy. They allow you to spend more money on a high-quality gift that your employee is sure to love! 


Single gifts can be thoughtful - there’s no doubt about that. However, receiving one small gift is not quite as exciting as opening a gift box full of fun goodies! 

There is also more pressure to find the perfect gift. If you’re planning to incentivize the team with single gifts, you need to put in the hours to find gifts that your employees will love. When you give your employee a generic gift, they may feel under-appreciated! 

Corporate gifting boxes have a variety of items, so you can rest easy knowing that your employee will find something they love out of the assortment of gifts. 

Gift Box: Pros And Cons

Corporate gifting boxes are a fan favorite among business owners. Not only are they a great way to show your appreciation to clients and employees, but they can be used for almost every occasion! If you’re still wondering if corporate gifting boxes are the right choice for you, we’ve got you covered.


One of the best things about corporate gifting boxes is that they offer a ton of variety! As employers, you don’t always have the chance to get to know each employee. They may work in a different department, work from home, or form part of your international workforce. 

Thankfully, corporate gifting boxes work for everyone, regardless of your relationship! They’re also a great way to step up a more generic gift. For example, a little snack pack is an easy gift - but it’s not going to wow your employee. But a snack box, with a range of different treats? That’s a different story! 

Because gift boxes contain more than one fun surprise, they’re always a hit with employees. They’ll love the option to pick their favorite gift and share some of the other goodies with their friends and family. 

Corporate gifting boxes are the perfect choice for promotional gifts and onboarding. A box filled with company swag can help to welcome a new hire. Your clients will love being able to sport merchandise for their favorite business.

A gift box that is filled with unique items is an amazing way to leave your employees with a lasting impression. Your team will be eager to open up their treat packs and see what’s inside!

Although a single gift is a good way to thank your employee for a job well done, big gift boxes are a surefire way to wow someone. 


Corporate gifting boxes aren’t great for bulk ordering. If you want to give a curated gift box to your employees, it can be a challenge to order more than one! It is also more expensive than a single, once-off gift. 

If you bulk order gift boxes for occasions like onboarding, it can be challenging to find storage space! While some companies offer in-house storage, it may come at an extra cost.

Whilst corporate gifting boxes have the ‘wow’ factor, they can also come across as impersonal. There is less opportunity to have the gifts tailored to suit employees. Of course, you could order the items, and curate each box to be more personal. Remember, unless these gift boxes are ordered as such, you’ll have to spend some time assembling them. 

Lastly, corporate gifting boxes are generally considered luxurious gifting options. While it may work for celebrating special occasions, it may be over-the-top if you’re thanking your employee for reaching a big deadline. 

Corporate gifting boxes that you put together work well as smaller orders. Is someone celebrating their 50th anniversary at your company? Has someone just been promoted to a critical role? 

If you’re purchasing pre-packed gift boxes, it’s much easier to order in bulk. Although these can be impersonal, they’re still better than gifting small, generic items such as notepads. If it’s a toss-up, and you have the budget, gift boxes are the way to go! 

Benefits Of Corporate Gifting Boxes For Your Company

Boosts Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is all about creating a connection with your employees and forming meaningful relationships. Gift-giving creates a way for your employees to feel closer to the company they work for, and to their managers.

Giving gifts is a good way to show your employees that you value and appreciate them. When your employees are recognized for their hard work, they’re more likely to be engaged in their roles!  

Engaged employees often hold better opinions of their company and co-workers. Similarly, these employees will want to encourage their co-workers to be more engaged, as well. 

Engaged employees are more invested in their jobs, and tend to perform better too. They’re also more invested in the success of their company, which benefits the bottom line! 

Reduced Employee Turnover

Engagement isn’t just a good way to build relationships with your employees. It’s also a good way to keep these valuable employees.

When employees have a better opinion of the company they work for, they tend to be happier while they’re at work. Being recognized for their dedication, and celebrated for their achievements, will lead to your employees feeling more fulfilled at work. 

A rewarding work experience is directly linked to better employee retention. Happy employees rarely seek employment elsewhere. So, if you want to hold on to your super-star employees, it’s important to show them that you’re as invested in them as they are in you! 

If your employees are appreciated regularly, they will also want to perform consistently. They will work harder to meet incentives, which creates a more tenacious workforce. This is great for your company’s overall image and boosts morale around the office. 

Many employees value recognition above compensation. Recognizing your employees through rewards initiatives and gift-giving can help you to reduce your employee turnover. 

Improves Productivity

Recognition serves as a powerful motivational tool in the workplace. Consider rewarding your employees for a job well done or taking time out to celebrate special occasions as a team. This will make your employees feel valued and appreciated. 

Keeping your employees happy is important if you want them to be productive. When you give your employee a gift, they will feel more motivated to work toward earning more rewards. This motivation will improve their overall performance and productivity. 

Gifts are a powerful incentive. Your employees will want to work for a company that shows them appreciation! 

Promotes Company Values And Culture

Creating an environment where employees feel valued contributes to positive company culture. While gift-giving is an easy way to let your employees know you appreciate them, it’s also a good way to align your company values with employee rewards. 

Every company has a shared set of values that they hold in high regard. This forms part of your company culture. When prospective employees assess your company, they note how their values line up with those of the company. Chances are that your top talent shares your company’s ideals.

This is important to remember when you’re giving your employees gifts!

A gift will generally be more well-received if it has personal significance to your employee. For example, does your business pride itself on being eco-conscious? Consider giving gifts from eco-friendly brands. This will be more impactful and meaningful to your employees. 

When you give gifts to your team or department, it can help to strengthen team relationships. This can foster a sense of unity amongst your employees. For example - can you imagine each member of your team using wireless earphones in meetings? It might seem small - but it brings them together. 

Corporate Gifting Boxes: Top Ideas

1. Sweet Gift Boxes

Every office has at least one employee with a huge sweet tooth! One of the simplest and most delicious gift box ideas is a sweet treat box. Why not give your employees a delectable selection of sweet treats? It’s sure to satisfy their sugar cravings! 

Our top ideas for sweet gift boxes can be sent directly to your employees and clients. You can also pick and choose some yummy snacks to craft a thoughtful gift box of your own! 

Askanya Chocolates ($13.80 - $42.80)

Askanya chocolates are made from Haitian cacao and have a selection of mouth-watering treats to suit any of your employees! Our top picks for the best chocolate gift box bundles include:

  • 12 Mini Chocolate Bars ($13.80) 
  • 24 Dark And Vegan Mini Chocolates Pack ($24.80)
  • 42 Bite-Size Chocolate Pack ($42.80)

From low-sugar dark chocolate to vegan-friendly bars, you’re sure to find a chocolate treat for everyone! These bars are high quality and are sure to get tastebuds tingling.  

Deux Cookie Dough ($45 - $60) 

Everyone is guilty of enjoying a spoonful of cookie dough straight from the mixing bowl! But nobody will tell you to back off from this dough - it’s not going into the oven! It’s designed to go straight from the jar into your mouth. Your employees will love the range of flavors that Deux Cookie Dough offers. 

Deux Cookie Dough is vegan and gluten-free. All of your employees can enjoy a delicious dose of sugary goodness! These are reinforced with healthy extracts and vitamins. Some additions you can expect are vitamin C and ashwagandha. 

Our top gift box picks from the Deux Cookie Dough range include:

  • Best Seller Mini Pack ($45)
  • Chocolate Lovers Mini Pack ($45)
  • Best Sellers Pack ($60)

Mac Lab Macarons Signature Macaron Gift Box Set ($29.40)

Mac Lab Macarons offer an incredible selection of hand-made treats to give your employees something to enjoy! 

With the Signature Macaron Gift Box Set, your employees can share their treats with their friends and family! But there’s no judgment here - they could also keep it all to themselves for an indulgent delight. 

The best part about Mac Lab Macarons is that they’re gluten-free. This makes them the perfect pick for any health-conscious employee.

These make a great addition to the perfect gift box - what’s the holdup? 

Raaka Chocolate Waffle Cone Variety Box ($38) 

If you want to treat your employees to something sweet but you’re tired of the same old candy options, we’ve got you covered! 

Raaka Chocolate offers a unique treat that everyone can enjoy. Their Waffle Cone Variety Box is a fantastic choice for gluten-free employees who still want to enjoy the sweeter things in life! This product is also vegan-friendly, which makes it a safe bet for office recipients. Add this to a gift box to make your employees and clients beam.

SnackMagic Boxes ($50)

If you’re looking for a beautifully packaged and pre-packed gift box, SnackMagic is a perfect choice! 

SnackMagic offers curated gift boxes to suit all your candy needs. These boxes are home to a wide variety of treats - each employee is sure to find something new, exciting, and delicious. 

These gift boxes are perfect for those with a love for sugary goodness. They’re great for sharing - or stashing under the desk for anytime treats! 

Here are our two favorite SnackMagic offerings:  

  • Sweet Tooth Box ($50)
  • Chocolate Lover’s Box ($50)

SQUISH Candy ($15.75) 

Another great, pre-packed gift box option is Squish Candy. 

Their You’re The Best Gift Box is filled with various delicious candies. This box includes two types of yummy vegan candies for a healthier option. 

If you want an all-vegan selection for employees with dietary restrictions, SQUISH candy also offers the Treat Yourself Gift Box. This box has an exciting mix of sweet and sour candies, with unique flavors like pink lemonade and sour peach! 

Either of these gift boxes is sure to be a hit with your team members. 

To summarize, here are our top SQUISH candy picks: 

  • You’re The Best Gift Box ($15.75)
  • Treat Yourself Gift Box ($15.75)

2. Snack Gift Boxes

Snacks are an all-time favorite choice for gift boxes. 

Your employees are free to enjoy these snacks wherever they please. Team members can nibble on these at their desks, during their daily commute, or at home. Wherever they’re eaten, these boxes are sure to brighten up the day! 

Carnivore Club Snack Box ($39.99)

If you’ve got a serious meat-lover in the office, there’s no better way to reward them than with a Carnivore Club snack box. These artisanal boxes are filled with quality meat-based snacks. Employees can expect to snack on jerky, salami, and other cured meats.

Make sure to check up on your client’s dietary preferences or requirements. This sure isn’t one for plant-based individuals! 

Our favorite budget-friendly (and tasty) gift box pick is their classic Snack Box. You can be sure your employees will drool over this awesome gift box!

Oh! Nuts Store ($44.95 - $44.99)

Nothing packs a punch like a delicious dried fruit and nut basket. Whether your employees like something sweet, savory, or salty, they’ll love getting one of this company’s fantastic gift boxes. 

These boxes are great for a couple of reasons. Firstly, who doesn’t love a dried fruit snack? These snacks have mass appeal - for good reason! Secondly, they’re relatively healthy. If you’re not sure of your employee’s dietary preferences, this is a good idea. 

Our favorite picks include:

  • Nuts & Dried Fruit Tower Gift Basket ($44.95)
  • 18 Variety Nut & Dried Fruit Basket ($49.99)

SnackMagic Ultimate Snack Mix ($50)

SnackMagic never disappoints when it comes to pre-packed snack boxes. 

If you want to give your employees some variety with their snacks, the Ultimate Snack Mix makes the perfect gift box! This gift box comes loaded with delicious savory snacks. From cheese bites to gourmet chips - what’s not to love? 

There are also some sweeter treats to keep your employees company after dinner! 

We love that SnackMagic sends their gifts in a gorgeous box. All you have to do is order it from PerkUp’s catalog, sit back, and wow your employees. 

3. Drink Gift Boxes

From coffees and teas to fun after-work drinks - our ideas ensure that your employees will never go thirsty again! 

Drink gift boxes are a great idea. If you’re looking for some unique, interesting wines and caffeinated beverages - you’re in luck! 

Bones Coffee Company ($30)

This one is for all the coffee lovers in the office, the workaholics who need an extra boost of energy and those employees who can’t start their day without a cuppa joe! 

If you want to give your resident coffee connoisseur a gift to remember, why not give them one of Bones Coffee Company’s awesome coffee packs? Any of these will make a great addition to a gift box. 

Two of our favorites are the Favorite Flavors Sample Pack and the Surprise Coffee Sample Pack. Both options include a variety of coffee flavors that are sure to be remembered.  

To keep it simple, here are our top picks for your drink-based gift boxes: 

  • Favorite Flavors Sample Pack ($30)
  • Surprise Coffee Sample Pack ($30)

Devoción ($19)

If you love the idea of sending your employees a curated coffee box, and you want to put your gift together yourself, then look no further! Devoción coffee has some incredible blends of rich, aromatic coffee that will leave a lasting impression on your recipient. 

You can choose any of the Devoción coffee blends to add to your box. These are sure to give your drinks gift boxes a dash of sophistication! 

If you want to spruce up your gift box - consider adding in some beverage swag. Grab some company-branded swag, such as mugs or travel mugs, to go with the coffee beans. Each morning, your employees will remember that you value them. 

Here are our top picks from the Devoción selection: 

  • El Sol ($19)
  • Honey ($19)
  • Toro ($19)

Kimino ($40 - $50)

For a refreshing drink that your employees can take on the go, Kimino is the way! 

This company offers some amazing sparkling drink boxes. Your employees can enjoy sipping on their new favorite drinks at home or the office! 

If you’re sending a gift box to a team, rather than an individual, consider Kimino drinks. Each team member can kick back, and grab one of these refreshing beauties. 

Our top picks for the best Kimino drink boxes are:

  • Sparkling Waters Variety 12-Pack ($40)
  • Sparkling Juices Variety 12-Pack ($50)

Maker Wine Celebration Sparkling Wine Pack ($55)

Sometimes you need a luxurious way to celebrate a special occasion. But when you’re on a budget, luxury isn’t always affordable!

Luckily, Maker Wine offers an awesome Celebration Sparkling Wine Pack. This comes complete with two stunning wine glasses. 

Not only is this a great way to acknowledge a special celebration - it’s also a lavish gift that won’t break the bank! Maker Wine is high-quality, affordable, and a can’t-miss when it comes to gift boxes. Cheers! 

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re thanking an employee for a job well done, or connecting with clients, corporate gifting boxes are the way to go! These can boost your company's reputation, culture, and employee engagement.  

If you’re on the lookout for the best items to add to your gift boxes, we hope we’ve given you some good options! If you don’t have the time to assemble gift boxes yourself - why not simply order pre-packed gift boxes?

Each of the items above can be ordered through PerkUp. 

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