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Should I Create An Employee Appreciation Certificate? A Complete Guide

June 2, 2022
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In this fast-paced world that we live in, employees are often distracted and pulled in many directions. To keep your team fully engaged, it is crucial to show recognition and appreciation for the work they do. 

To achieve this level of engagement, managers need to communicate with and reward their team consistently. This can be accomplished in many ways, including through spot rewards. Another great option is employee appreciation certificates.

Certificates are a great way to acknowledge people.. They’re a fun, inexpensive way to celebrate an individual’s contributions or skills, and can even improve morale. 

In this article, we’ll give you some ideas on where to find great certificate templates. Plus, we’ve included some tips on how to create your own. First, let’s look at why it’s important to show appreciation. 

What Are The Advantages Of Showing Appreciation?

Receiving appreciation gives people a sense of belonging and personal satisfaction. It also tells the employee how much they’re valued by their company.

By showing appreciation, employees will be more connected to their work, colleagues, and to your business. Productivity will increase, and so will their loyalty.

Managers need to be vigilant in recognizing both the potential an individual possesses and the results they produce.

So, if you’re wondering whether you should create an employee appreciation certificate, the answer is yes, certainly. Here are our tips to get you started.

Where Can I Find Employee Appreciation Certificate Templates?

Certificates are a cost-effective way to show employees that you recognize their hard work. Depending on your budget, you can download free or paid templates to personalize. Or, if you’re feeling particularly creative, you can even design your own. 

Free Templates


Hloom offers eight different basic certificate of appreciation templates that you can download for free. The platform is a great starting point if you want something simple and editable that’s a little more than run of the mill.

101 Certificate Templates

101 Certificate Templates offers free downloadable templates with no watermark. 

You can edit the placeholder text, add a logo or image, and customize the borders on your certificate. There are also 40+ award ribbon images to choose from, and the download is instant with no registration required. 


On Template.net, all the employee appreciation certificate templates are fully editable, printable, and free. Depending on your needs, you can download the certificates in various file formats, including Word, Google Docs, InDesign, or Illustrator.  

Template Lab

Template Lab offers a range of appreciation certificate templates, including some for employees. While the certificates are clean-cut and simple, the site does include helpful tips on writing the appreciation messages.

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Paid Templates

The Talk Awards 

This certificate is paid for, as it’s more of a plaque than a certificate. The Talk Awards template allows you to customize the certificate for your employee. You send in your specifications via email, and the company will send you the plaque when it’s ready. 

The result is a professional-looking show of appreciation endorsed by you, your organization, and The Talk Awards.

Office templates

Office Templates offer both free and premium appreciation certificate templates. You can download them to either Word or Powerpoint, where they can be easily customized to include a personalized message.

Create Your Own Templates


If you’ve used Canva before, you’ll know how easy they make it to produce professional-level designs. For this reason, it’s a handy tool to create your own employee appreciation certificates. 

Visit the templates page, and you will find a list of certificate styles to choose from and customize. 

Of course, if you’re feeling creative, you can also design your own from scratch.  

Depending on whether you use free or paid templates and design elements, there may be a fee to pay for downloading your finished certificate. 

Final Thoughts

Awarding an employee appreciation certificate to a deserving team member is a great idea to recognize their contributions to your company. This goes a long way in keeping them engaged and motivated to perform their best at work.

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