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How to Celebrate an Office Work Anniversary (With Tips for All Budgets)

September 2, 2022
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Celebrating key milestones like an office work anniversary is a great way to acknowledge the importance of your employees and make their achievements a company wide success. 

When your team feels appreciated at work, they deeply engage and connect to their position thus promoting a more stable and productive work environment.

There are countless ways to celebrate an office work anniversary to work with all budgets and accommodate different milestones (the rewards generally increase with the number of years the employee has been with the company).

In this article, we’ve put together the best tips on how to celebrate any office work anniversary no matter what your budget is!

How to Celebrate an Office Work Anniversary for Every Budget

Meaningful tokens of appreciation will go a long way in recognizing an office work anniversary. 

Remember to stay consistent in how you celebrate employee anniversaries. It’s best not to reward one person without celebrating another in more or less the same attitude. 

HR managers can set guidelines for the company on how to celebrate office work anniversaries based on employees’ years of service to avoid the risk of demotivating any team member.

There are many ways to commemorate special occasions, whether you're on a budget or have the resources to generously reward an outstanding employee, so take a few ideas from our list of office work anniversary gifts and make them your own!

1. Congratulatory Email

If your specific work dynamic involves celebrating each and every office work anniversary, then a simple congratulatory email will productively remind employees how valuable they are to your company.

However, it’s important to take the time and personalize your message to each employee, as generic emails can come across impersonal or possibly even ungracious. 

2. A Virtual Visa Card ($10-$100)

Take the opportunity to get your staff involved in choosing their rewards. 

PerkUp’s virtual Visa card is a highly flexible gift that can be loaded with your desired amount of funds, and lets employees spend the balance with merchants of their choice. 

Not only is it simple to organize, it opens the door for employees to treat themselves to a wide range of rewards from spa days, to health and wellness programs, media subscriptions or even practical uses like filling their gas. 

This is a great way to acknowledge a professional milestone with an easy to use, accessible office work anniversary gift.

3. Lunch or Dinner

Purchasing a meal as an office work anniversary gift is another thoughtful way to express your gratitude. You can even give the employee a lunch or dinner voucher they can use with a loved one. 

If your company celebrates many office work anniversaries at once, then treating them to happy hour or ordering in at the office is a great way to build a team connection.

4. Appreciation Gift Box from Swanky Badger ($90-$100) 

This is a fantastic gift to celebrate 1 to 5 year office work anniversaries depending on your budget! 

Swanky Badger offers high-quality gift boxes filled with everyday supplies such as a 40 Page notebook and pen, stainless steel credit card bottle opener, personalized leather bifold wallet, and more. 

This box should be acknowledged for its high value as your recipient will receive one box filled with various different gifts and can make multiple uses out of one gift. 

The box can also be personalized with laser engraved initials so the employee can enjoy an office work anniversary gift that was truly made for them!

5. Career Development Opportunity

An individual that’s dedicated multiple years to one company is a true asset to your team. To reflect your appreciation for their commitment, make career growth opportunities available to the recipient!

Long-term team members are the best candidates to build responsibility in the company, and allowing them to further their education or move into different roles is one way to show them how the company wants to support their progress.  

Opportunities like these increase an employee's commitment to the company and also ensure that the organization develops as a whole - a more knowledge workforce will always translate to the roles they’re working in.

6. LEGO Building Kit ($30-$200+)

A LEGO building kit is the perfect gift to nurture your team’s personal interests and hobbies. It’s best to reward this to a person you know enjoys puzzles, making things from scratch and is highly organized so they can maintain all the needed pieces to build their display. 

LEGO carries countless different building kits that cater for almost every interest. From Marvel themed kits to spoil the superhero/fantasy lover on your team to car themed kits like building a Chevrolet Camaro or Italian Vespa for the vehicle enthusiast, you’re sure to find a kit that will speak to almost any recipient. 

There is enough variety in LEGO’s catalog to accommodate for different budgets as well from kits that start at $30 and extravagant ones that can exceed $200. This will allow you to cater the gift for any milestone and find one that’s appropriate for the occasion.  

A highly unique office work anniversary that will always speak to the recipient's inner child!

7. Company Swag ($20-$100)

Office work anniversaries are a great chance to spoil your employees with company-branded merchandise! Add a touch of personalization to the items by having their name engraved, embroidered, or lasered on the item.

Some ideas for items include:

  • Backpacks, bags, or wallets
  • Jackets or hoodies
  • T-shirts
  • Stationery 
  • Mugs or flasks
  • USB flash drives or power banks

Check out PerkUp’s Swag options to help streamline your distribution process!

8. Recognition in the Company Newsletter 

You can always use your company newsletter to announce an office work anniversary! Add a picture of the employee, a bio about them and their role in the company to make the most of this reward. 

The majority of employees will love the public recognition and it will give them a chance to be noticed by other individuals from all levels and departments in your company.

If your company doesn't incorporate a newsletter in its company culture, other ways to create recognition for office work anniversaries are through bulletin boards, social media pages and any suitable company-wide emails.

9. Let Them Take a Day Off

Companies should not underestimate the value of a day even an afternoon off! Keep in mind that this day shouldn’t be counted as part of the employee's annual or vacation leave.

Making office work anniversaries a holiday at your company is a perfect way to show your employees that they are cherished and valued. 

Always encourage your employee to use the time to rest and spend it with their loved ones!

10. Cash Bonus

Any person will appreciate receiving extra cash for unplanned surprises. 

Celebrating larger milestones (e.g. 5 to 10 years) with monetary rewards can be productive as it clearly conveys the value of these employees in the company.

Not only will it feed into the acknowledgement that these individuals deserve, it will inspire an added sense of loyalty between the employee and the company. 

11. Gift Set from Lush ($20-$100)

A Canadian-based company that has made sustainability and ethics a large part of their company mission, LUSH offers a variety of gift sets that are sure to be a hit with any employee.

Your employees have hit office work anniversaries due their long-term dedication and commitment, and a gift set filled with materials to pamper them with are a great way to show them how much the company cares.

The set pictured above includes items like a shower scrub, moisturizer, foot lotion, body lotion, shower gel, body conditioner, soap and shower bomb. To recieve all of these in one set can truly help reflect all the hard work that the employee has accomplished and the company’s awareness of it!

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12. Salomon Trailblazer 30L Pack from MEC ($90-$100)

Almost every company has individuals that carry a passion for travel or the outdoors. However, it can be difficult to financially accumulate the resources to successfully take a trip. 

That’s why a backpack like the one above makes for a great office work anniversary gift! Not only is the company creating easier avenues for members of their team to indulge in the activities they love, gifts like this also promote a healthy work-life balance!

By gifting something that does not add professional value and rather positively feeds into the recipient’s personal life, you’re conveying the importance of life outside of work and rewarding them with the chance to fulfill themselves through their interests!

13. Office Party

An excellent way to commemorate colleagues who have committed themselves long-term to the company, is to throw the entire team a party! 

PerkUp can also provide lunch rewards and other ideas to execute a celebration in your workplace!

This gift is entirely held at the company’s discretion and should always be catered to the recipient’s interests. Create a theme for the party based on the individual’s interests and incorporate games that involve the entire team so everyone participates in the celebration!

14. Donate to a Charity

One way to reward your employees is to donate to a cause close to their hearts and let them know you care! Make a difference in their community by donating a certain monetary amount to the recipient’s cause of choice. 

Another option is to provide your employees with time off to share their skills with those in need. Getting involved in charitable initiatives builds positivity and definitely promotes the company in a positive light!

15. Coffee with the CEO

Many employees won't get the opportunity to have one-on-one time with the company CEO during daily office hours. To congratulate long-term employees for larger office work anniversaries, such as 5 to 10 years of service, offer them this time to connect with the leader of their company!

Being acknowledged and congratulated for their hard work by the top person in the organization can be a highly memorable experience and is a chance to share interesting ideas for the company or simply take the time to reflect on the employee's achievements.

If there are various employees to celebrate, then you can turn it into a golf day or lunch out to make it a group activity with the CEO.

16. Bones Coffee Favorite Flavors Sample Pack ($30)

Based in Florida, Bones Coffee offers innovative and exciting flavors available in grounded or whole bean coffee! 

This is a fantastic office work anniversary gift for the avid coffee drinker of your organization as they receive 5 different flavors of coffe in one gift. 

With unique flavors like campfire smores, sea salted caramel mocha, fresh baked cannoli and more, they’ll definitely experience their coffee in a new and surprising way.

Not only will it be a unique surprise, the recipient will feel acknowledged and seen for their individual personality in the company!

17. Nintendo Switch Console ($200-$300)

An extravagant tech product like the Nintendo Switch is a great piece of equipment for larger office work anniversaries.

Not only are you making expensive, hard to obtain tech products readily available for your team, you’ll also add a new opportunity for how they enjoy their free time.

Some employees don't spend money on tech gadgets due to budget constraints though they would love to get devices to improve their lifestyle!

18. GoYoga 7-Piece Set from BalanceFrom ($30)

Encourage employee wellbeing by gifting workout equipment like this 7-piece set from BalanceFrom!

This is a great way to foster a healthy work-life dynamic within the workplace, and lets the recipient know that their personal health matters to the company! 

On top of that, this is a great low-budget gift that adds high value to its price! This specific set includes a yoga mat with carrying strap, 2 yoga blocks, a yoga mat towel,  yoga hand towel, stretch strap and a yoga knee pad all for $30!

19. Decorate Their Desk ($10)

Make a fuss of your employee's big day by decorating their workspace with thank you cards and balloons to celebrate! 

This is a great way to acknowledge every employee on their office work anniversary without it costing very much for the company. 

20. Superfood Partfait Collection by Laumière ($45)

This is a great gift option that won’t break the bank and will also provide a healthy treat for the recipient! 

Laumière works to provide nutrient-rich goodies that are a powerhouse of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. They also focus on using the highest quality dried fruits and nuts to create all-natural & preservatives free products also without added sugar.

Your employee can enjoy a beautiful assortment of healthy desserts that will taste and feel good to eat!

The Importance of Work Anniversaries

An office work anniversary is an important date in every employee's calendar and should always be a priority in the eyes of the company. 

Staying aware about the day can help convey the organization’s appreciation for their dedicated team and keeps them motivated too!

Managers that extend gestures to show genuine interest in their employees can help maintain low turnover rates too. With 48% of American employees actively job searching, as an employer, every opportunity you have to show gratitude to your staff should be taken!  

Increase the retention rates of your company by celebrating work anniversaries in any way that fits your company culture! As long as you take the time to show your employees that you care, any gift will be appreciated.

How Often Should Work Anniversaries be Celebrated?

Some companies choose to celebrate office work anniversaries yearly while others celebrate every 5 years. Try and keep the celebration within a month of the date. 

Whether you are a small business or large company, it's an easy task for managers to keep a record of employee work anniversaries - there is no excuse to miss them!


Celebrating office work anniversaries is a great way to boost company morale and keep employees engaged. 

You can even send out notifications so that employees know what anniversaries are celebrated by the company.

The desire to be recognized for your ongoing years of dedicated service to a company is entirely sensible and should not be ignored.

Remember, PerkUp can help organizations make budgeting and planning these milestones easier so no one remains unrecognized by their team.

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