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Introducing PerkUp Rewards

June 2, 2022
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We’re so excited to release PerkUp Rewards! It’s now easier than ever for HR teams to send rewards people actually want on their work anniversaries and birthdays.


Work anniversaries are a great opportunity for you to stand out as an employer. An anniversary gift essentially tells the celebrated individual how much their work means to the company.

“Years of service award programs are more correlated with employee tenure than any other employee benefit.” (source: Donut)

PerkUp Anniversaries allow you to see upcoming anniversary milestones for your people. Create and schedule different rewards based on each individual’s tenure at the company.


Picking out a birthday gift for an employee can be cumbersome. PerkUp Birthdays allow people to choose their own gift, while involving a personal touch gift cards lack.

“Birthday celebrations can make staff members feel valued in a way that’s independent of performance targets.” (source: Sodexo)

PerkUp Birthdays work just like Anniversaries and let you schedule unique rewards for everyone.

Spot Rewards

Looking to send a one-off reward for a job well done? PerkUp Spot Rewards has got you covered! 

With Spot Rewards, you can easily send rewards for:

  • Employee recognition 
  • Recent promotions
  • Achieving goals
  • New employee referrals

You can even send your whole team Spot Rewards for special occasions like holiday bonuses.

Team Lunches

It’s no secret that people have preferences when it comes to food. Why not give everyone the choice to order whatever they want during a team lunch? 

PerkUp Team Lunches empower individuals to enjoy whatever meal they want, whether that’s from their favorite food delivery app, local restaurant, grocery store, or deli.

We hope you enjoyed this update and if you’re not a PerkUp customer yet, but want to try it out, make sure to try sending a test reward. 

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