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Remote Employee Appreciation Gifts To Suit Any Budget

September 8, 2022
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Remote employee appreciation gifts can be game-changing. Your remote employees might feel isolated at times, and they need to know that they’re valued. 

Today, having remote employees is the norm rather than the exception. One of the biggest challenges is finding ways to show appreciation for your employees when you can't be in the same room.

In this article, we are going to discuss some of the best remote employee appreciation gifts to suit any budget. We'll also outline some of the characteristics that make for a good gift, so you can be sure to find something that your remote employees will love.

Do Appreciation Gifts Need To Be Expensive? 

Not at all! The best gifts are those that come from the heart. Not those that come with the biggest price tag.

It’s better to spend a few bucks on gifts your remote employees will love, rather than splash thousands of dollars on something they may not even use! You don’t need to break the bank. All you need to do is pay attention to what your remote employees need and want. 

Besides, there are plenty of great remote employee appreciation gifts that don’t cost a lot of money. The key is to find something that is personal, practical, and high-quality without being too pricey.

What Makes A Great Remote Employee Appreciation Gift? 

Several characteristics make a good remote employee appreciation gift. Keep these in mind! 

Can Be Used Remotely

The best remote employee appreciation gifts are those that can be used by the recipient regardless of their location. They should be items that don’t require an office or a specific location to use.

These gifts are not only useful to the remote worker. They also serve as a reminder that you care about them and appreciate the work they do for your company regardless of where they are.

Thoughtful and Personal

A good remote employee appreciation gift shows you know and care about the person you’re gifting it to. It should be something that fits their interests, personality, or needs.

For instance, it doesn't make sense to give a remote worker who loves to cook a gift card to a restaurant. They would appreciate something like a kitchen gadget or cookbook instead. 

Similarly, a remote worker who is always on the go would love a gift that helps them stay organized and efficient. Some ideas could include a travel charger or noise-canceling headphones. 

Practical and Useful

The greatest remote employee appreciation gifts are those that the recipient can use daily. These items should make their work-life easier, help them stay organized, or simply make them feel good.

You don’t want to gift your employees low-quality trinkets that they’ll never use. Make sure that your gift has a purpose! That purpose might be to brighten up a room or to make the home office more comfortable. 


Sometimes, you might think of a good gift for a remote worker but it’s not something they can use in their work. It’s important to remember that the gift should be functional and serve a purpose for the recipient.

A good rule of thumb is to think about what the recipient needs or wants and then find a way to make it work-related. For instance, a new remote worker might appreciate a gift basket filled with office supplies like pens, paper, and sticky notes.

However - you can also choose to gift remote workers with items that show you’re invested in their downtime. Not everything needs to be work-related. 


The fact that you may not be able to see the recipient’s reaction in person when they open your gift doesn’t mean you should skimp on quality. A remote employee appreciation gift should be something that is well-made and will last.

Quality is not just about the materials used. It’s also about the thought and care that goes into choosing, wrapping, and shipping the gift.

If you choose to give virtual gifts, quality is still important. This quality can vary greatly! If you give your team members a gift card to an online retailer - make sure the retailer is reliable and has a nice selection of goods. 

Take the time to find a reputable retailer or service and double-check reviews before you buy.


Most importantly, a remote employee appreciation gift should be something that shows your appreciation! You should demonstrate that you value the hard work and dedication of your remote employees. 

A remote employee appreciation reward should be a token of your gratitude for all your employees do to help make your company successful. 

When you’re thinking about what to give, remember what aspects of your workforce you’re grateful for. Perhaps one employee went above and beyond to complete a project, or someone always goes the extra mile to help a coworker.

Whatever the reason, make sure your gift expresses how much you appreciate each employee’s contributions.

Remote Employee Appreciation Gifts For Any Budget

Many great remote employee appreciation gifts fit any budget. Here are a few ideas to get you started!

1. Burt's Bees Gift Set ($25)

This is the perfect gift to show your team that you care about their wellbeing while also not breaking the bank!

The gift set includes 1 lemon butter cuticle cream, 1 hand salve, 1 original Beeswax lip balm, Res-Q ointment, shea butter hand repair cream and coconut foot cream. It definitely sets the tone for a great self care gift and helps promote a healthy work life balance to your team. When your people receive a high quality kit filled with awesome products to help them relax after a long day at work, they'll understand that the company is aware of professional tensions and is dedicated to ensuring a healthy lifestyle for their team.

For only $25, you can help your team feel appreciated and well taken care of!

2. David’s Tea Matcha Tea On-The-Go Set ($49)

This beautiful, compact matcha kit is the ultimate token of appreciation for any health-conscious tea-loving remote worker. 

This one is designed for tea lovers! This set includes 3 green tea powders, a Perfect Bamboo Matcha Spoon, and an 8 oz Mini Matcha Tea Maker for tea at rest or on the move.

The best remote employee appreciation gifts are those that offer benefits beyond the scope of work. Matcha tea has been found to have several health benefits. But it also boosts concentration and cognitive abilities, so it’s good for all areas of your employees’ lives. 

3. Google Nest Mini (2nd Generation) with Google Assistant ($49.99)

It’s easy to feel isolated when working from home. Help your remote worker to stay up to date with the world around them. The Google Nest Mini is the perfect gift to achieve this. 

They’ll have access to music, weather updates, local or international news, and anything else they need with voice control. 

All they have to do is say, “Ok Google!” and a world of information and entertainment is at their disposal. They can also set it with alarms and reminders, and use it to control compatible smart devices. 

4. Chromecast with Google TV ($49.98)

Remote employees often put in longer hours than office-bound individuals. You should promote relaxation in these busy bees! 

Every remote worker needs some leisure time too. Treat your remote team to their favorite entertainment on Chromecast with Google TV. It includes live TV, in up to 4K HDR. 

5. Hatch Rest ($69.99)

Many people choose to work remotely to spend more time with their children. It is not always easy balancing the demands of work life with parenting responsibilities. 

Show employees that you appreciate their efforts with a gift specifically designed for busy people with kids.

The Hatch Rest is the perfect remote employee appreciation gift for remote workers with young children. It combines a baby sound machine, sleep trainer, white noise soother, alarm clock for toddlers, and a comforting nightlight, all controlled remotely via an app. 

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6. Mindfulness Everywhere Mindfulness Cards ($11.60)

Remote workers can experience bouts of the blues, due to isolation from their coworkers. It is sometimes difficult to stay motivated and inspired in this environment. Show them you understand, with a pack of mindfulness cards.

Each card displays an inspiring phrase for the day on the front and a simple mindfulness exercise on the back. Thanks to their compact size, they can carry the cards with them for inspiration wherever they go. This is one of our most popular gifts as they are affordable, portable, and fit any situation. 

7. Monster Clarity 108 ANC Active Noise Cancelling Earbuds ($79.99)

You should aim to give remote employee appreciation gifts that are useful and truly versatile. 

Many remote workers will sit and work while listening to music. They might live in busy environments. They also might tend to work in cafes, where the hustle and bustle can be deafening! 

These noise-canceling earphones are the solution. They reduce interior and exterior noise to provide more music listening pleasure. Their transparency mode will allow outside sounds in so that your employee will be alert to their surroundings.

8. Roku Streaming Stick 4k ($49.99)

To achieve a healthy work/life balance, all remote workers need some leisure time. 

This might consist of building puzzles, cooking, or having a glass of wine. For many people, leisure time includes their favorite TV show playing in the living room! Your employees will love an item that makes TV time a breeze. 

Take their chill time to new levels of enjoyment with the Roku 4k streaming stick! They’ll be able to stream channels like HBO Max, Disney Plus, Apple TV Plus, Hulu, and Netflix by just turning the TV on.  

9. Assorted Pack Cookies from Nunbelievable ($17.99)


PerkUp VA_ Gladys from Magic.webp

Nunbelievable is a cookie company with a passion for feeding those in need. They have a great mission in which for every box of cookies that is bought, they will donate meals to partnered soup kitchens across the United States!

This is an awesome, budget-friendly, employee appreciation gift that can be easily sent to remote workers. With easy USA domestic shipping, your team will enjoy having these tasty treats delivered right to their front door!

Let your people know that you care about them, and their communities, by opting for a Nunbelievable cookie package.

10. Stil Work From Home Planner Set ($45)

Far more personal than any app, these planners make fantastic remote employee appreciation gifts. Even though most people rely on digital planners on their smartphones these days, some still prefer a traditional planner or diary.

This elegant planner set for remote workers is a simple, yet thoughtful and practical gift that remote teams will truly appreciate. This work-from-home office set from Stil includes a planner, a notebook, and a sticker pack for staying organized in style. 

11. Sunbeam Heating and Massage Pad for Pain Relief ($44.99)

Sitting at a desk all day is not always so good for one’s postural alignment. It can lead to various aches and pains. 

That’s what makes this one of the most thoughtful remote employee appreciation gifts. 

This comfortable and easy-to-use electric heating pad has a soft, machine-washable cover for greater convenience. Treat your remote employee to soothing heat therapy in their own home. The heating pad has 2 heat settings as well as 2 massage settings. What’s not to love?

12. Yogasleep Duet White Noise Machine ($41.99)

Nearly half of people in the US struggle to get a good night's sleep. Minimizing noise in the house can help, but that’s not always possible. Adding white noise helps to reduce the impact of these disturbances. A restful night’s sleep is essential for anyone, including remote workers. 

Employees will be more productive with a rested mind, thanks to this useful gift. They can use this white noise machine to play relaxing podcasts or music. Once ready for sleep, switch it to the white noise function. 

13. Sharktooth Fern Plant From Rooted ($45)

A plant or two can transform any home office, no matter how small or basic, into a private oasis where creativity is unleashed. 

Even if there is no space on your employee’s desk for a potted plant, there’s usually room for a hanging plant!

An ideal choice is the sharktooth fern. This has the advantage of being easy to care for as it is a cactus! This plant is a great gift for a remote employee who lives in an apartment with no garden of their own.

Final Thoughts

These are just a few ideas for remote employee appreciation gifts. No matter what your budget is, there are plenty of ways to show your employees how much you value them.

The trick is to get creative and think outside the box. As long as your gift is thoughtful and relevant, It will put a smile on your remote employees' faces. Consequently, they'll be more productive and motivated to do their best in achieving company goals! 

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