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The 5 Best Gift Cards For Employees To Use In 2022

June 13, 2022
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Gift cards have been proven to be one of the most popular employee appreciation rewards due to their versatility and convenience, and the thought that can be easily put behind them. This is just an accessible way to personalize a gift to an employee!

However, it’s still important to get to know your team and find the most suitable gift card that will peak their interest and make a genuine difference in their day-to-day lives.  

This article will outline the best kinds of gift cards that are appropriate for work and most suitable for your employees. Read below for a list of fantastic gift cards to extend to your team in 2022!

Best Gift Cards For Employees

Finding the best gift card for employees, or someone who works for you might be easier than you think! All it takes is strong attention to detail and personalization to figure out what your team will appreciate the most.

Let’s look at some of the best types of gift cards to spoil someone at work with.

Food Gift Cards

You’ve probably heard the saying, “the best way to a person’s heart is through their stomach”. Spoiling a fellow employee is no different!

What better way to motivate and encourage employees than to treat them to a lovely meal or to food perks?

You can easily spoil a member of your team through a gift card to a restaurant, food delivery service or even through a dining card that allows them to spend the funds on a variety of establishments. The last option here is ideal if you’re uncertain of your employee’s dietary needs and preferences, but it’s always a good idea to know your people personally and understand where their preferences lie.


You could also gift them with a card that they can use at their favorite grocery store to make dinner plans easier! We’re living in a time where the options are endless, so you should definitely take advantage of the different variations of this gift that exist. 

At the end of the day, food is universally loved, which makes it one of the best gift card options for employees in 2022!

WFH Gift Cards

Living in 2022 means understanding the increased popularity of the work from home (WFH) dynamic amongst companies and employees alike.  

Although this has become a commonly preferred method of work, many teams still find it difficult to create the same level of professional comfort that matches the office environment. This is because they may not have the same equipment, luxuries or even furniture that they enjoy within the physical workplace. 

WFH gift cards are an excellent way to help ease the transition from the office to home setup. They can give employees the opportunity to create a productive work environment within their personal space such as using these rewards to buy a printer, coffee machine or even a beautiful plant for their home office. The options are endless!

This is a versatile type of gift card as it can be dedicated to a particular online or physical store, or even come in the form of other home office perks. No matter how you format this gift, your team will definitely appreciate their company’s consideration for their work environment and the support provided to upgrade their home office set-up.  

Health and Wellness Gift Cards

Employee health and wellness is a crucial matter that all companies should be paying attention to. Your people need to be supported in their personal well-being if they’re to maintain long term high performance, so investing in this part of their lives can go a long way. 

Our world has become fast-paced and high stress to the point where it can be difficult to prioritize health and wellness amidst other pressures that exist. 

So why not recognize this and spoil your team with a gift card that will let them invest in their well-being? This can be anything from a massage to a yoga class - as long as it benefits their mental and physical health, your people will be able to upgrade their lifestyle from it. 

Many companies are now providing health and wellness perks as an opportunity to engage employees and build a strong team environment, and the result has only been more motivated and happier teams. 

Investing in your people’s health and wellness is one of the best ways to reward them in 2022!

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Transport Gift Cards

Although WFH has definitely become popular, many people are still experiencing the traditional office environment which means that commuting plays a large role in their daily life. 

Employees can spend a significant amount of time traveling to and from work, and whether they use public or private transport, they will definitely appreciate a gift that lightens the load of their travel expenses. 

Why not surprise them with a transport gift card? This can be in the form of a gas station gift card, Uber gift card or even a card for public transportation - it will ensure that they get to work on time and with more ease!

You’ll save them time, money and stress and even boost their productivity in the office too!

Travel Gift Cards

A weekend away can do wonders for your employee’s mental health and overall wellbeing, so why not sponsor an excursion for them to enjoy?

There are various discount deals and vouchers available to make this type of reward cost friendly while also providing your people with an opportunity for luxury or adventure. 

Give your people the space to step away from work and enjoy a new scenery so they can return with a brighter and more productive attitude! 

Given the recent events of the world, a travel gift card can be a highly appreciated reward for employees in 2022. 


When thinking of how to create the best gift card experience for your employees, it’s important to consider factors such as budget, employee preferences and the company dynamic.

If you are experiencing a recent transition into a WFH setup, it might be wise to spoil them with something that can make life easier at home to boost productivity and create comfort. 


If their needs are less specific, a food or wellness gift card can be a great way to extend a token of appreciation! Transport gift cards are also another way to maximize convenience for your employees and make their professional life even a little bit more accessible. 


2022 is a time like no other in history and your team has persevered through various life changes and made adjustments to fit in with the world’s conditions. No matter what type of gift card you choose, the best one will always be one that is meaningful and provides support to your people! 

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