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The Only Sendoso Review You Need (Key Features & Pros And Cons)

August 14, 2023
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When you’re looking for a way to connect with your customers, prospects, and employees, the corporate gifting platform Sendoso may come to mind. Corporate gifting is a great way to show appreciation, build trust, and create memorable experiences. 

But with so many gifting platforms on the market, is Sendoso the right fit for your business? How can it help you achieve your business goals? If these questions have run through your mind, you’ve come to the right place. Our detailed Sendoso review will cover its features and plans, as well as its pros and cons.

About Sendoso

Sendoso is a corporate gifting platform that helps you show appreciation to your corporate connections, be it your clients, colleagues, or customers. Corporate gifting can help you foster deeper professional relationships with your contacts. Apart from rewarding employees, gifting can help you generate leads, close deals, and retain customers.

Sendoso allows you to send anything from eGifts to physical items, without the hassle of sourcing, shipping, and tracking. You also don’t have to interrupt your workflows to find and send gifts. Sendoso integrates with the different systems and apps you use to let you automate your gifting campaigns. 

The platform also allows you to track different metrics and measure your ROI. With this, you’ll know how your recipients reacted to your gifts, and even gather feedback to help you improve in the future. 

Main Features Of Sendoso

Corporate gifting programs have different features suited for different businesses. So, before you invest in Sendoso, you’ll need to explore its benefits and features and gauge how they can improve your business. 

Here’s what you should know about Sendoso:

A Variety Of Sending Possibilities

Sendoso allows you to send many different types of gifts. These include direct mail, personalized gifts, eGifts, Sendoso experiences, Amazon gifts, Sendoso Choice, handwritten notes, Sendoso Direct, custom boxes, and corporate swag. Simply choose an option that matches your gifting campaign.

You can also create custom sends or request items from the Sendoso team. Sendoso allows you to send digital or physical, simple or elaborate gifts.

Sendoso Integrations

Sendoso integrates with the apps and systems you already use at work. These include Salesforce, Outreach, HubSpot, Amazon, Gmail, Chrome, Zapier, and more. 

When someone shares their data with your business, it syncs to your platforms and shares this data with Sendoso. So, when you want to gift that contact, you can quickly find their data inside Sendoso without leaving the platform. Then, you can choose a gift from your catalog to send. 

Integrations make gifting easy since you don’t need to switch between different platforms or manually enter data. 

Worldwide Fulfillment & Inventory Management

Sendoso handles all the logistics and fulfillment of your gift-sending campaigns. It has global warehouses and ships to your recipients anywhere in the world. You can also track the status and delivery of your sends in real-time and get alerts for any issues.

Sendoso also manages inventory, so you can always find suitable gifts to send your contacts. With effective fulfillment and inventory management, Sendoso saves you from worrying about sourcing, shipping, or tracking your gifts.

Intelligent Analytics & Reporting

With Sendoso, you gain access to insights and metrics to measure the impact and ROI of your gift-sending campaigns. You can track sent gifts and their influence on a customer’s journey, as well as their effect on response times, pipeline generations, meeting bookings, and customer retention. 


Sendoso supports the gifting needs of businesses of all sizes, from small startups to international enterprises. It also caters to the needs of different teams and departments, from sales and marketing to HR and customer success.

Available in over 165 countries, Sendoso supports your business growth and scalability. You can start gifting your contacts at the office level, and still use Sendoso to gift international connections when your business grows.         


Sendoso Plans

You can choose between five plans:

  • Essential: This is the best plan for small businesses. It integrates with two platforms and allows unlimited domestic sending and fulfillment.
  • Plus: This plan is ideal for multiple teams with different gift campaigns. You can execute two campaigns annually, allowing unlimited sending from a domestic fulfillment center. You can also integrate Sendoso with three external platforms.
  • Pro: This is the best plan for businesses with a global reach. You can create unlimited gift campaigns and ship your gifts internationally. You can also integrate Sendoso with five platforms.
  • Enterprise: This plan allows you to customize your campaigns. 
  • Express: This solution does not need a membership since you pay as you go. It will allow you to send unlimited eGifts. 

Pros And Cons Of Sendoso

Now that you know Sendoso’s features and plans, it’s time to weigh up its advantages and drawbacks to see if it’s the right fit for your business. Here are Sendoso’s pros and cons:


  • Wide gift variety, including eGifts, physical items, and experiences
  • Integrates with popular apps, making it easy to send gifts
  • Good tracking and analytics feature
  • Handles all the logistics and fulfillment of your gift-sending campaigns
  • Responsive customer support team


  • The interface isn’t very intuitive
  • Estimated shipping fees and actual shipping fees can vary significantly
  • Limited international gift options
  • Expensive with multiple fees users must pay
  • Customer service can take a long time to respond
  • There can be issues with inventory management and returns processing 

Who Is Sendoso Best For?

Sendoso is best suited for B2B businesses that want to improve their account-based marketing (ABM) strategy.

The platform integrates seamlessly with CRM and marketing automation tools, allowing businesses to identify high-value prospects and automate gifting triggers. When companies gift the right prospects, they will close more deals, faster. 

Key Takeaways

Sendoso is a corporate gifting platform that can help you create and maintain good professional relationships. It enables you to send personalized gifts both domestically and internationally, integrating smoothly with your existing systems. 

However, Sendoso has its fair share of drawbacks. These include the pricing, limitations on international gifting, and integration and speed issues. The confusing interface can also cost your business time and money. 

Looking for a better solution that not only rewards your employees but also enhances their morale and performance? Then check out our article on the best Sendoso competitors and alternatives to find the right employee gifting platform for your company needs.

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