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Top Employee Anniversary Gifts Your Team Will Love

August 5, 2022
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It’s no surprise that employees are the backbone of any successful company and that every organization needs a dedicated and supportive team to make professional achievements. 

Rewarding your people for their hard work is an invaluable part of fostering loyalty and maintaining positive relationships between employees and management. 

Studies have found that employees who are offered career incentives stay with their companies longer than those who didn’t receive recognition for their work. 

Simple initiatives like employee anniversary gifts at certain milestones can make all the difference to both your employees and the company as a whole too!

Your business will thrive when your employees have high morale. After all, if you take care of your employees, they’re sure to take care of you!

Continue reading for our top employee anniversary gifts that will put a smile on any of your team member’s faces! 

10 Employee Anniversary Gift Ideas

When you’re looking for employee anniversary gifts, you’ll need to remember that your gift should reflect your employee’s achievements. 

For that reason, we’ve divided up our gift ideas into two categories - gifts for junior and senior employees. 

Junior Employee Anniversary Gift Ideas

When we talk about junior employees, we are referring to team members who have spent less than ten years at the company. 

While employees who have dedicated more than five years at an organization can hardly be considered junior, they may still have a lot of room to grow within the organization. 

Our employee anniversary gifts are relevant for any work anniversary, but you could also use them as part of a fixed rewards system within your business. 

For example, every worker who reaches a set milestone or anniversary will receive the same gift or reward, or one with a similar value. 

By keeping the employee anniversary gifts the same for each individual, you can create incentives among your team. It’s also a good way to ensure that all of your employees feel that they are receiving fair and equal treatment!

1. The Original Buddha Board ($30)

Not only is this gift budget-friendly, but it’s also a unique and memorable way to celebrate a junior work anniversary.

Buddha boards can be set up at home or in the office, and provide a creative outlet for when the individual needs to take their eyes off the screen or take a breather from work related tensions. 

With incredible ease of use - all you need is water to create a piece of art that will eventually fade - and the ability to incorporate it in one’s daily routine, this gift can truly help create a mindful and calming attitude. 

The Buddha Board has been inspired by the Zen idea of living in the moment! What better way to congratulate a junior employee than with a special employee anniversary gift to calm their mind?

2. Company Swag ($20-$100)

A surefire way to foster a better connection between your junior employee and your brand is to gift them with company merchandise. It’s also a fun way for junior employees to feel solidified within the company and remember their work anniversary!

You can gift your employee with a single piece of merchandise like a company shirt, stationery, or backpack, or you can bundle it all up and give them a giant swag box that includes all of these items! 

You can also customize the merch to add a special touch by having their name embroidered, engraved, or otherwise marked somewhere on the product. 

This makes for a fun employee anniversary gift that is both budget-friendly and meaningful. 

Plus, it’s a great way to promote your brand!

3. PerkUp Virtual Visa Card ($20-$100)

Employee anniversary gifts should always have a personal touch to let the recipient know that they’re an important and valued member of your company, but’s not always easy to find a gift that suit’s every personality.

That’s why PerkUp’s Virtual Visa Card is a strong, versatile and reliable employee anniversary gift. It places the gift of choice in your employee’s hands and lets them spend their reward on purchases of their choosing. 

The options are endless when it comes to virtual Visa cards. Recipients can spend their card on e-commerce sites like Amazon, put them towards memberships/subscriptions and even buy material items with whatever merchant they’d like. 

The cards are also loaded at the sender’s discretion, so you can modify the amount to fit the level of occasion (e.g. a 2 year anniversary recipient could receive a $100 card, while a 4-5 year anniversary recipient could receive $200).

4. Govee Smart Outdoor String Lights ($70)

Govee is devoted to making your life smarter and brighter with their wide selection of lighting products! Their smart outdoor string lights can make for a memorable, long-lasting employee anniversary gift for any junior team member and will be enjoyed for years to come. 

The recipient can connect to the Govee App and independently control the color of each LED string light, allowing for fantastic multicolor displays. The lights also sync to music and will react in real time to any songs that are played! 

This gift will definitely upgrade the recipient’s home setup and allow them to enjoy their free time, and the time they spend with loved ones at home, even further!

5. Ninja Foodi 2-Basket Air Fryer ($200)

This is a great employee anniversary gift for junior employees who have exceeded 3-5+ years of dedicated work. 

A relatively expensive cooking gadget, Ninja products are also widely desired by the majority of individuals, especially those that have a passion for cooking. 

This gift will have a direct and positive impact on their lifestyle and will provide them with one gadget with multiple uses. This air fryer can also air broil, roast, bake, reheat and even dehydrate! 

You can truly enhance a person’s quality of living and eating through one employee anniversary gift.

Senior Employee Anniversary Gift Ideas

If you have an employee who has given your company 10 or more years of continuous loyalty, that’s a clear cause for celebration! 

At this level, your employee anniversary gift ideas should be proportional to the recipient’s status and seniority within the company.

If your gift does not reflect the significance of this amazing occasion, you risk demotivating a team member that has already proved their commitment to the company - this is not someone you want to lose!

6. 2022 Apple iPad Air (10.9-inch, Wi-Fi, 64GB) ($570)

The Apple iPad Air is an extravagant but reasonable employee anniversary gift to reward a member that has dedicated over a decade of their life to the company. 

You can truly enhance your employee’s professional and personal life through this tool, as it offers a wide range of uses.

Not only can it replace the traditional laptop, the iPad can be used as an e-reader, TV, speaker or even gaming system! Through one gadget, you can help the recipient indulge in their personal interests on a deeper level.

This is also a grand purchase that the majority of people will have to budget for or save to be able to buy. You will be providing an employee anniversary gift that is highly desirable, but difficult to obtain!

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7. The Carry-On by AwayTravel ($275)

The Carry-On by AwayTravel is a truly interesting, unique item that can make anyone’s life easier. 

Every organization has individuals that have been bit with the travel bug, but may not have enough resources to fulfill their vacation desires. 

Luggage can also be a pricey, inconvenient item to spend money on so offering it as a senior employee anniversary gift will definitely be appreciated. 

The Carry-On is made with convenience, ease of use and quality in mind, but it offers a touch of technology through the USB charging station implemented in its design. Recipients can charge their devices right from their suitcase, and avoid losing battery on their phones that may have important travel information on them.

This is also a gift that is not well-known or common, so you can be sure to impress any recipient with a one-of-a-kind piece!

  1. Stock Options

Senior employees generally already have a vested interest in the company. However, they may become even more motivated if they know that they have a real stake in the company’s future. 

By giving your employees the opportunity to own stock in your company, you are giving them even more incentive to ensure that your company does well. 

Offering stocks to senior employees sets an example for junior workers and further incentivizes them as well - It’s a win-win for both you and your employees! 

9. GoPro HERO9 ($340)

This is a wonderful and relevantly priced employee anniversary gift for a senior work anniversary, especially for individuals who have a passion for photography and video production!

The GoPro HERO9 allows you to take stunning, 5K resolution videos and offers 20MP clarity for photographs. The product has been made to capture the perfect moving photo or video, and lets your employee catch any moment and make a beautiful memory! 

Your senior employee will definitely appreciate this exciting tech gadget!  

10. LEGO Art World Map Building Kit ($250)

LEGO building kits are unique, interactive employee anniversary gifts that the recipient can take their time to build. 

If you know the person enjoys puzzles and has the patience to work with over 1,000 small pieces, this is definitely the gift for them! 

The World Map building kit can be displayed on any wall after its built, and offers a piece of art with the added connection of knowing you put it together from scratch. 

This is also an example of a gift that incorporates a product not many people would think to buy for themselves! 

By extending this as an employee anniversary gift, you’re creating the opportunity for the recipient to make memories, work on a personal/passion project and feel a sense of accomplishment every time they look at it displayed in their home.


When it comes to your employees, recognition can make a world of difference and separates a content workforce from a highly engaged, passionate team. 

Making the effort to arrange a work anniversary celebration can help create a happier, healthier work environment for everyone and incentivizes employees to reach new heights in their professional potential! 

Not only that, but your team simply deserves to be celebrated. They work hard day in and day out, and without a concrete show of appreciation, theres little to help retain their talent in the long run. 

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