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Your Complete Postal Review For Employee Engagement

September 15, 2023
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Looking for a better way to boost employee engagement? When it comes to platforms that make employee gifting easier, Postal is one of the top suggestions.

So, let’s look at what Postal does and how it can work for your company. We’ll explore what it does well and its limitations when it comes to employee gifting for engagement so that you can decide whether it’s the right platform for your business needs. 

What Is Postal And How Does it Work? 

Postal is a multifunctional offline marketing engagement platform. There are three key elements: Postal Engage, Postal ABM, and Postal Brand

Postal Engage

Postal Engage allows you to set up a gifting marketplace. You can curate a selection of gifts for anyone. Postal mainly focuses on marketing outreach, but this feature can also be used to boost employee engagement. 

Postal ABM

Postal ABM is centered around account-based marketing (ABM). This refers to marketing that targets specific accounts rather than a broader target market. Postal offers campaign management and an account dashboard to keep track of your ABM progress.

Postal Brand

Postal Brand allows you to set up a swag store with customized branded merch. Postal handles the entire manufacturing and distributing process, meaning that you don’t have to interact with multiple different vendors. 

While the primary function of Postal is offline marketing to leads and customers, it can be used for people operations so that you can reward and engage employees. 

Postal Main Features

Let’s break down the main features that Postal offers. 

Gifting Marketplace

Postal gives you access to their gifting marketplace which has over 3000 items and gift cards, ready to ship. You can browse their selection to create a customized marketplace made with your employees in mind.

Swag Store

You can easily put together a swag store to sell merchandise branded with your company's logo. You can sell items in this store, but can also provide employees with gift cards to allow them to select a free gift from the store. This can be a great way to foster a sense of community and connection while also improving company culture

Direct Mail

Postal is a one-stop shop for designing, sending, and managing direct mail campaigns. You can manage your direct mail just as easily as you would an email marketing campaign. 

You can combine direct mail with corporate gifting using MagicLink, or personalized emails. This means that you can send emails straight from Postal for a frictionless gifting experience. Postal also allows you to add a special touch such as a handwritten note.

In terms of employee engagement, Postal can help to streamline personalized and handwritten letters and gifting programs. Postal also incorporates ROI reports for your direct mail campaigns, providing data on open rates, accepted gifts, recipient engagement, total cost, and meetings booked. 

Virtual Events

Postal’s marketplace also includes a curated selection of virtual events hosted by experienced vendors, ranging from things like wine tastings to terrarium workshops. 

These kinds of events can make for an excellent team-building experience if you can find an event that aligns with your employees’ interests. 

Postal also allows you to send out invites and automatic reminders, reducing the admin of pulling off a virtual event. 

Reporting And ROI

Postal has a reporting and ROI dashboard allowing you to track the success of your campaigns, from direct mail to gifting to swag. This is useful in that you only need one platform to both manage and monitor campaigns. 

These kinds of analytics are more useful for marketing campaigns than employee engagement. Postal does not include metrics to track how gifting impacts employee satisfaction or engagement, because this is not the primary focus of the platform. 


With Postal, you don’t have to hold any of your own gifting or swag inventory but can let Postal handle your warehousing. This reduces the administrative hassle of gifting physical products or stocking your own company-branded merch.

There are warehouses in several countries and Postal promises 3-5 day shipping for domestic orders, but international orders can take up to 24 days to ship. 

Postal Pricing

There are three different plans for Postal: Engage, Pro, and Enterprise. 

All three plans include unlimited sends and virtual events, as well as branded merchandise and swag. They also all provide unlimited integrations. 

On top of this, the Pro plan offers guided implementation and onboarding, a company-branded storefront, and premium support. 

The Enterprise plan includes all of the above but also features ABM campaign ideation and automation. If you are wanting to use Postal for ABM, you’d have to go for the most expensive of the three plans. 

Pros And Cons Of Using Postal


  • Integrates with several major sales and marketing apps
  • A wide variety of gifts are available for different occasions, including digital offerings
  • Postal is a multifunctional platform that enables you to design and distribute company swag
  • Inbuilt ROI and reporting capacity makes evaluating success simple
  • Easy-to-use platform with many use cases


  • Limited global selection in the gifting marketplace, meaning less choice for gifting outside the US
  • Slow global shipping times, up to 24 days
  • Does not integrate with Slack or QuickBooks, making communication and accounting less convenient
  • Primarily focused on marketing and outreach rather than employee engagement
  • The software can be buggy and users may experience technical problems
  • The filtering functions are clunky, making it difficult to search for specific types of gifts

Who Is Postal Best For?

Postal is best for companies who want to run a large-scale offline marketing program, and then also want to boost employee engagement. If you are looking for software that allows you to manage multiple different campaigns, 

Postal offers a wide range of functionality, allowing you to manage gifting, corporate swag, and email campaigns all on one platform. Coupled with this, you can easily track ROI and the success of your campaigns with Postal’s integrated reporting features. 

Key Takeaways 

There are many benefits to Postal, but if your focus is employee engagement, Postal might not be the right solution as its focus is on marketing. It will still do what you need it to, but if you aren’t planning on using all of the features, you can find a better alternative that is more tailored to your needs. 


For example, PerkUp offers much of the same functionality, including a gifting marketplace and online swag store, but has been designed with employees in mind. This means that the selection is more tailored to employees, and makes reward selection more seamless.

With PerkUp you can send personalized gifts for workplace anniversaries and birthdays with ease. Rather than having to keep track of various dates, you can automate this process to ensure your employees feel appreciated on their special day. 

PerkUp also offers a convenient way to send employees gift cards as spot rewards. 68% of employees prefer to choose their own rewards and doing this shows how much you respect them and their choices. 

In addition, you can create your own company swag store, making it easy for employees to access high-quality company-branded items. 

If you are interested in boosting employee engagement using the most versatile and comprehensive platform out there, reach out to PerkUp and book a demo today.

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