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11 High End Corporate Swag Ideas For Employees

September 2, 2022
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High-end corporate swag items are a great way to make your company stand out and the right corporate swag can also make your employees, clients, and potential clients feel appreciated!

The type of high-end corporate swag you choose says a lot about your brand and company culture. 

Everything from the gift to the packaging is crucial as it represents your organization and the quality of it.

If you’re looking for some high-end corporate swag ideas to make your brand stand out, we've got you covered! 

Below, we take a look at what corporate swag is. We’re also going to chat about how to pick the perfect gift. 

We’ll end off by suggesting some swag ideas that are sure to wow your employees!

What Is High-End Corporate Swag?

Corporate swag is a promotional gift that companies use to promote their brand. These gifts, which usually display the company logo or slogan, are given to employees, clients, and potential clients. The ultimate purpose of these gifts is to increase the recognition and engagement of the brand.

These corporate swag gifts are given to employees or clients at events, meetings, or after reaching a milestone such as a work anniversary.

Why Should You Provide High-End Swag?

The quality of your corporate swag is important. After all, it is a reflection of your brand. So, that is why it's vital to choose high-end gifts. 

No one wants to accumulate more branded junk they’ll probably never use. Stress balls and lanyards are often appreciated but might not see much long term use. 

Swag To Match Company Culture

The whole point of corporate swag is to market your brand. So, the swag you choose must match your company culture. You have to consider how you want the public and your employees to view your organization through this gift.

High-end swag says a lot about your organization. So, choosing a high-end item that aligns with your culture is the perfect way to showcase what your company is about. 

Choosing a cheap gift with little use to the receiver might not set the right tone for your brand and its culture.

A Gift That Stands The Test Of Time

An important reason to choose high-end swag is so that it is durable. Give your employees something useful and practical that will also last. 

Good quality merchandise shows your employees that you are willing to spend the money on them and conveys the high value they have in the company.

Boost Employee Morale

Gifting high-end corporate swag is a great way to boost employee morale and increase productivity in the workplace. When your employees are rewarded for their hard work, they feel valued and appreciated, which makes them want to reach targets and goals more often.

It also increases employee loyalty and creates a happy and positive working environment.

How To Pick High-End Corporate Swag

Now that you know why you should choose high-end corporate swag, you need to know how to pick the perfect gift.

Don't Buy A Repeat Item

If you are giving your employee corporate swag for achieving a company goal, it's best to ensure the item isn't repeated. High-end corporate swag is expensive - you don't want to give the employee something they already have.

Be sure to give a unique gift to make your employee feel extra special. If you’re handing out gifts, you don’t want to give them something they received the previous year! Keep your ideas fresh and relevant. 

Consider Your Budget

Even though the corporate swag is high-end, you still need to stay within budget. This is also important to ensure that all gifts given to employees for specific achievements cost the same amount. 

In other words, one employee should not receive a gift that is more expensive than the other. Make sure you plan for this so that there are no surprises. 

For example, you probably shouldn’t gift one employee a Bluetooth speaker while the other gets a mug. If they’re being rewarded for the same thing, conflict may arise. The last thing you want is to create tension in the team inadvertently. 

Research Your Options

Be sure to do your research. Firstly, ensure that you understand your employees, their hobbies and interests, and items they may already have.

Then, it's important to research the corporate swag itself. Be sure to choose the gift that offers the best value for money, guarantees quality, and provides good after-sales service.

Package It well

The packaging is as important as the gift itself. Presentation is everything and completes the high-end look and feel. Be sure to add a personal touch with a unique wrapping style or accessory. You can even include a personalized note. This will go a long way in adding to the overall corporate swag experience.

Eleven High-End Corporate Swag Ideas Your Employees Will Love

1. High-End Mini Bluetooth Speaker ($32.48)

This is the perfect high-end corporate swag gift for any hard-working employee. Your employee is guaranteed to feel appreciated when listening to their favorite song during their home workout.

It also gives your employee the option to enjoy outdoor activities like a picnic or camping trip without having to leave the music behind. To add a special touch, you could have their favorite song playing when you give them the speaker!

2. Wireless Charger ($26.90)

For tech lovers, this is the perfect high-end corporate swag idea. Most people take their chargers to the office or wherever they go. Why not add this wireless charger to your company swag catalog? 

Cables can get untidy! All the wiring makes for a messy home space or workspace. Give your employees the gift of organization. This will make their space look and feel neat, which can bolster productivity. 

Consider gifting your employee a wireless charger. This way, they can simply place their phones on the charging pad. This device is compatible with Android and Apple phones, which makes it great for sharing! 

3. Wireless Earphones ($42.90)

Wireless earphones are an excellent gift for employees who love to listen to music at work. Even for podcasts or personal calls - employees and clients will love these earphones. 

This high-end swag item can also be functional for work reasons! If your employees take a lot of online meetings or record instructional videos, consider these useful earphones. 

4. Custom Hoodie ($28.48)

Why not offer a high-quality hoodie for leisure and travel time? Not only are you thanking your employee by suggesting they take a well-deserved break, but you are giving them a practical gift. 

A good-quality gift like this could last your employee a very long time. They will also wear this everywhere - in the shops, on weekends away, and more. These hoodies serve as great advertising material! 

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5. Notepad ($28.48)

For the highly organized person who is always looking for a notepad, these notepads are perfect for jotting down quick notes, writing lists, and even doodling between meetings. 

Notebooks work for the office or home life. The best part about this swag item is that everyone uses them! 

If you’re looking for an item that people inside and outside your company will appreciate - a notebook is the way to go.

Your employee will always have a company-branded notepad ready for urgent note-taking. This is a practical, classic swag idea. From shopping lists to important to-do lists - the opportunities are endless! 

6. Backpack ($48.58)

This swag idea is perfect for employees who love to spend their free time outdoors! Whether in the office or at a picnic - a good-quality backpack is not to be underestimated. 

A premium backpack is an excellent high-end corporate swag gift idea. Your employee can use this pack to carry work files to work or snacks on a hike! Versatility and usefulness make for a great swag item. 

This bag is well designed and made from quality material, which gives it a high-end feel. Choose a timeless design and keep the branding on this one subtle and classy.

7. 4-in-1 Charging Cable ($20.48)

This 4-in-1 charging cable is worth its weight in gold! These cables are a great, high-end swag item for any company. 

Everyone uses several chargers! Smartwatches, phones, and laptops all need different types of charging cables. When one gets left behind - it can impact the whole day.

Having a multitude of different chargers on your desk can also look and feel messy. To keep employees productive - why not give them this inclusive charging cable? Watch your employees' desks become instantly tidier! 

Employees can also take these chargers home to have all their devices charged and ready for the next day. 

8. Stone Coaster Set ($20.48)

A stone coaster set is a step up from the usual swag. This can be a fantastic, high-end corporate swag item to add to your catalog! 

These coasters are useful and pleasing to the eye. If each team member has one of these - it can foster a sense of unity and keep the office tables free of nasty stains. 

These items can also be used at home. They’ll help keep coffee and wine stains at bay and remind employees that you care at the same time! 

The coasters are made from soapstone and boast an anti-scratch cork bottom. They’re great for employees and clients.  

9. Power Bank ($36.48)

Why not look out for your employees on the go? 

These power banks lend a helping hand to those in a pinch. Employees who are traveling and don’t have anywhere to charge their devices can turn to these in times of need!  

They’re also handy if you’re trying to keep your desk clear. Employees who prefer not to have cables on their desk can simply plug their device into this portable charger and pop it into the desk drawer. 

10. Car charger ($23.90)

There’s been a lot of charger talk in this article - for good reason! Businesses and individuals rely on devices these days. 

Offering a car charger as corporate swag is a smart idea. These can be used to recharge two devices at a time, such as a phone and a tablet. The dual-USB ports make this a valuable swag item for employees to keep with them on the road! 

This charger has LED lights that help you locate it in the dark. In addition, your company image will be backlit and appear as though it’s glowing. 

Each car charger is sure to be appreciated by employees and clients alike. These are useful to those with cars and those who carpool! 

11. Full-Sized Bluetooth Speaker ($42.90)

We already mentioned how great a mini Bluetooth speaker is as a swag option. If you need a travel-sized, nifty speaker in your swag catalog, it's the way to go!

Full-sized Bluetooth speakers are great to keep at home. With your business branding on them, employees will remember how great their company is each time they use these. 

Bluetooth speakers are the perfect high-end corporate swag item. They definitely have the ‘wow’ factor! 

This speaker is wireless and boasts a three-watt speaker on either side. They’re constructed to be hardy and are made from materials that can withstand a fair bit. If you’re looking for unshakeable Bluetooth connectivity, this is your best bet! 

The surface of these speakers is big enough to fit in a design worthy of your company. 

Final Thoughts

It's so important to thank your employees and show appreciation for their hard work. What better way to do so than by giving them a high-end corporate swag gift? There are so many great gift ideas to make your employees feel special.

Swag is a reflection of your brand. Consider introducing corporate swag that is both functional and high-end.

We hope you’ve found this guide on high-end swag helpful. Pick out some ideas from our list - they’re sure to wow the recipients! 

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