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Ultimate List Of Work Anniversary Songs To Celebrate Your Employees

August 11, 2022
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Celebrating an employee’s commitment to a company requires a good playlist or work anniversary songs to honor their achievements. Not only will this inspire a celebratory mood, but they can also serve as a reminder and motivation of their workplace successes.

We rounded up eight of the best work anniversary songs to celebrate a dedicated employee.

Eight Work Anniversary Songs to Celebrate Your Employees 

Here is a list of cool, catchy, and celebratory songs to help you get your employees pumped up with excitement.

Inspirational Songs

1. Don’t Stop Believin’ - Journey

This song is by far one of the most inspirational songs of all time. It was inspired by a pep talk from  Jonathan Cain's father during a difficult time. This elevates its status as one of the most popular songs of the last century. 

This track is a huge karaoke hit and usually ends in a mass sing-along. This is the perfect song for your employees and staff to enjoy as a work anniversary celebration. Don’t Stop Believin’ will surely inspire your star employee as well as those in attendance, creating a memorable bonding experience for the team. 

2. I’m Still Standing - Elton John

This Elton John track is the ultimate song to celebrate a long-time employee, with the lyrics: “Don't you know I'm still standing better than I ever did/ Looking like a true survivor, feeling like a little kid /I’m still standing after all this time.” 

It’s a song about perseverance and overcoming obstacles, a familiar experience for someone who’s worked for many years. The song celebrates the journey of the employee, getting through hardships, and earning victories along the way. And most importantly, not being defeated by mistakes made. 

Fun Songs

3. 9 to 5 - Dolly Parton 

Arguably one of the most famous songs about work, Dolly Parton’s “9 to 5” is one of the best work anniversary songs. 

The lyrics are a depiction of how difficult and stressful working conditions can be, especially for women. Listen in, and you’ll hear: "Working 9 to 5, what a way to make a living/ Barely getting by, it's all taking and no giving/ They just use your mind, and they never give you credit/ It’s enough to drive you crazy if you let it”.

It might not be the most inspiring song, but it will create enjoyment and poke fun at the long hours and stress that employees inevitably face at work. The song is upbeat, with a lighthearted tune, so it’s guaranteed to lift everyone’s spirits.

4. Celebration - Kool & The Gang

You can’t listen to ‘Celebration’ by Kool & The Gang without singing along with a smile on your face. It’s an instant mood lifter!

A staple song for any celebration, this song is perfect for a work anniversary party, keeping it fun and lighthearted. It’s bound to get everyone on their feet and make the star employee feel special. “There’s a party goin' on right here/ A celebration to last throughout the years/ So bring your good times and your laughter too/ We’re gonna celebrate your party with you.”

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Honorary Songs

5. Hall of Fame - The Script ft

‘Hall of Fame’ by the Irish band, The Script, instills a sense of pride and confidence in its listeners. It has uplifting lyrics like “Standin' in the Hall of Fame/ And the world's gonna know your name/‘ Cause you burn with the brightest flame.”. 

This song will make the celebrated employee feel honored in their achievements. It will also remind them that they can overcome anything and succeed in their journey, providing meaningful recognition.

6. Shiny Happy People - REM

“Shiny, happy people holding hands.” REM’s famous song is a unifying and uplifting tune. The lyrics are perfect for celebrating a successful team that works well together.

Any employee who reaches an iconic work anniversary milestone definitely didn't get there alone. The team around them, from the HR department to the interns, is vital to the success of any individual. This song celebrates those people who have contributed to the employee’s success and the company’s success as a whole.

Girl Power Songs

7. Run the World - Beyoncé

Why not choose Beyonce's track, “Who runs the world? Girls.” Beyonce’s fiercely inspirational feminist anthem is popular globally for its celebration of women.

This song is an excellent choice to celebrate the work anniversary of an accomplished female employee.

8. She Works Hard for The Money - Donna Summer

Another celebrated feminist anthem, from legendary singer Donna Summers, titled ‘She Works Hard for the Money,’ is a song about a working woman. The perfect work anniversary song for any successful woman in your company.

It talks about women overcoming hurdles in the work environment, encouraging those around them to value and treat them better. This is an ode to challenging working environments for women and the struggles they face to achieve success. 

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Final Thoughts

There are endless inspirational and honorary work anniversary songs to celebrate an employee, with our list just scratching the surface. Personalize the playlist to suit the occasion and individual, and you will see a boost in confidence, overall morale, and self-pride in the office.

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