11 Ideas For Corporate Holiday Gifts For Your Employees

November 14, 2022
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The end of the year approaches, and that holiday spirit is in the air! You’re probably on the lookout for the best corporate holiday gifts for your staff members. We’ve got you covered! 

If you want to thank your employees for the hard work they’ve put in until now, consider dabbling in corporate holiday gifting this year.

Choosing the right corporate holiday gifts can be a tough task though. For this reason, we’ve put together the ultimate guide on holiday gifts for employees

Let’s discuss what makes the best holiday gifts, and some of the best ideas to make your employees feel valued.

11 Corporate Holiday Gifts Your Employees Will Love

You would send your staff corporate holiday gifts as a way of thanking them for the hard work and hours they’ve put in through the year. These gifts demonstrate that their efforts are appreciated.

What makes the best holiday gift? In other words, how do you know if you’re giving your employees something they’ll appreciate? 

Let’s talk about some of the factors that could help you determine which gifts will suit your employees best.

What Makes the Best Holiday Gift?

When it comes to deciding on the best holiday gifts for your employees, there are three considerations to keep in mind. Let’s look at these.


The more personal the gifts you give your employees the clearer the message of appreciation. The ultimate goal here is for the gesture of thanks to be as genuine as possible. You want to let your employees know that you’re invested in their relaxation, work comfort, or hobbies. 

Gifts that suit individual employees will show them that you value them as individuals.

The more connected your employees feel to your company, the more motivated they’ll be going into the new year. Thoughtfulness fosters loyalty!


The last thing you want to do is gift your employee something they won’t use. You don’t want your gift to gather dust in the corner of your employee’s desk - or worse yet, in their bottom drawer.

We recommend giving your employees corporate holiday gifts that they will use. These gifts should bring some form of value to their lives. When it comes to the usefulness of a gift, consider how useful the gift will be to the employee - not to you!  

For example, if noise-canceling headphones will help your employee concentrate at work, this is an absolute win! Your employees can use these headphones to listen to music at the gym, or some top-tier lofi at work. They could also use these for online meetings.

Gifts don’t always have to be useful in the workspace. If your employee works from home, they might love a gift that will spruce up their house! Consider decor or some nice kitchen items. 


Popular items will be a win in the office. These items might be popular in general, or simply beloved in the office. 

If your office is filled with employees who love being active, a Fitbit would be a perfect gift! Bluetooth speakers are loved by all - and would be a great way to show your employee that you encourage their downtime. 

The last thing you want to do is gift your employees something that is outdated and that they have no use for. This can come across as thoughtless, or cheap. 

Don’t gift employees items that simply are not used anymore. If your staff members have moved past earphones that get tangled up - skip over those! 

At the end of the day - gift items that your employees will love, and will appreciate. Gifting is not just about the gift - it symbolizes that you value your employee. Take some time to plan out what your staff need, want, and are interested in. 

Do Corporate Gifts Need To Be Expensive?

Apart from choosing which corporate holiday gifts to give your employees, you’ll need to figure out your budget. How much to spend on corporate holiday gifts can be a tricky task! With a bit of planning, we have no doubt you’ve got this in the bag. 

Corporate gifts don’t need to break the bank. If you only have $25 for each employee gift - roll with it! 

Think about how much you’re willing to spend on corporate holiday gifts, and then take a look at your possible budget. Do they match up? If you’re a smaller business - you’ll probably have a smaller budget. Make sure your budget is sustainable! 

Your corporate gifts need not be expensive to convey the most meaning. As we mentioned above, thoughtful gifts mean more than random gifts. If you put thought into your gift, your employee will feel more valued than if you simply spent a lot of money on it. 

Look for corporate holiday gifts that are easy on the finances and have meaning. Value for money is something to watch out for as well! 

Corporate Holiday Gifts for All Employees: Top 11 Ideas

Now we know what needs to be considered when you’re deciding which corporate holiday gifts to get your employees. 

Let’s take a look at 11 of the best ideas for corporate holiday gifting. 

1. Treasure Box of Brownies by Goldbelly ($54.95)

Nothing screams the holidays than a decadent, warm, and gourmet chocolate treat! That’s why this Treasure Box of Brownies by Goldbelly is at the top of our list. These thick and chewy brownies are flavored with the finest real vanilla, dark cocoa, and genuine chocolate chips.

Goldbelly further prides itself on putting local businesses first through its curated online marketplace for regional and artisanal foods crafted by local food purveyors across the USA. Not only are you gifting your team high quality treats to kick off their holiday season, you might just be introducing them to their new favorite food market!

2. Apple Air Tag ($29)

Do you know how you’re always saying that you wish you had a tracker connected to your house keys? Well, the Apple Air Tag is the solution to this very problem. 

We guarantee that your employees have had these same thoughts - and they’ll love the Apple Air Tag. 

This coin-sized tag can be inserted into your employee’s wallet, or attached to a keychain. It will be able to communicate with your employee's phone via the Find My Phone App. This allows one to track exactly where lost items are.

This is one of the hottest tech items on the market at the moment so your employees are bound to be crazy about it.

3. Beats by Dre Studio Buds ($149)

Earphones that plug into your cell phone or device are a thing of the past. Bluetooth wireless earphones are the way! 

What better way to step into the future than with a pair of Beats by Dre Studio Buds in each ear? Employees will love these buds whether they’re at home, in the gym, or an online meeting.

Not only will your employees enjoy the great sound quality, but they’ll love their sleek and stylish design.

4. CamelBak Stainless Steel Water Bottle ($24)

There’s no doubt about it, staying hydrated throughout the day not only plays an important role in your overall health but in your productivity as well.

With a 20-ounce liquid capacity, the CamelBak Stainless Steel Water Bottle will keep your employees hydrated for most of the day. It’s also vacuum insulated and will keep any drink at the right temperature. Hot or cold, your employees can sip on their favorite drink for the whole day!

5. Fitbit Versa 3 Watch ($229.95)

Exercising and staying fit are as important to your health as staying hydrated. 

That being said, most people often neglect this important facet of life. We get it - life is busy, and sometimes there just isn’t time to hit the road for a jog!

The Fitbit Versa 3 Watch significantly reduces the hassle of exercising. This fitness watch will allow your employees to listen to music wirelessly directly from their watches. They’ll also be able to rack their outdoor routes and monitor their fitness metrics! 

6. Herschel Supply Co. Dawson Backpack ($69.99)

Something as simple as a backpack will go a long way in showing your employees how much you appreciate them this holiday season. 

When it comes to backpacks, you simply can’t go wrong with the Herschel Supply Co. Dawson Backpack.

Your employees will love the stylish design of this backpack as well as its perfect size. It’s a perfect size, and can pack in 20.5 liters! Outdoors or in the office, this pack is a great gift. 

7. Kindle Paperwhite ($190)

We all love curling up under a nice warm blanket with a good book during the holiday season. If you’re traveling, there are only so many books you can take with you! That’s not enough. Book lovers need all the books they can have. 

The Kindle Paperwhite completely solves this problem. It’s dedicated to books and comes with 32 GB of storage. It can store hundreds of your employees’ favorite books for them to read on the go.

Other features of the Kindle Paperwhite include wireless charging and the ability to pair with Bluetooth earphones. This means that it can read your books to you if you’re too tired to do so yourself.

8. Mindfulness Everywhere Mindfulness Cards ($11.60)

We’re all aware of the stress that our jobs can put us under. If you’re constantly under pressure and the stress is getting you down, then how are you supposed to focus on your work?

These Mindfulness Cards have been designed to help people take a breather. These can help your employees to take a moment, focus, and destress. 

Each pack contains more than fifty cards with a mindfulness prompt or inspiring quote. These can help your employees start off or finish their day the right way.

9. Monster S110 Bluetooth Portable Speaker ($49.99)

Music feeds the soul - there’s no doubt about it! Why not allow your employees the best music experience with this Bluetooth speaker? Employees can kick back, relax, and listen to their favorite tunes. They could even catch up on that podcast they love. 

With booming bass and undistorted loud sound, this small speaker truly proves that dynamite comes in small packages. 

Your employees will love how small and compact this speaker is. The Monster S110 Bluetooth Portable Speaker easily fits into a handbag or backpack.

10. Nespresso Vertuo Plus Deluxe Coffee & Espresso Maker ($117.99)

We all know that a hot cup of joe is the perfect way to start any day. Why not gift your employees the ability to make a cup of premium espresso or coffee? A good cuppa joe each morning is the best way to start the day! 

De'Longhi Nespresso Vertuo Plus Deluxe Coffee and Espresso Maker uses premium coffee encased in pods. It produces a delicious single serving of coffee or espresso each time it’s used. 

Your employees can have their java ready in minutes! This is truly the crème de la crème of corporate holiday gifts.

11. Lego Bonsai Tree Building Kit ($49.99)

It’s the holidays, finally! Why not bring some fun into the office with this Lego Bonsai Tree Building Kit? 

If your employees love a good puzzle - this might be one of the best corporate holiday gifts out there. Plants have a special way of bringing life into any room. A plant that you assemble yourself? Count us in!

This is a great gift for employees who don’t have a green thumb, but love plants, and most importantly - love a good challenge. 

This LEGO bonsai tree comes with green leaves or pink cherry blossom flowers. Your employees will be able to change the tree as they wish! 

Final Thoughts

These ideas for corporate holiday gifts are sure to make your employees grin. Show them that their work is appreciated by giving them a gift that is thoughtful, useful, and popular. 

Your employees will love any of these gifts. From a Nespresso machine to a set of mindfulness cards - they will know that you value their efforts. 

Each of these gifts is available through PerkUp. This makes gifting easier for your HR team, and ensures that gifts are delivered at the same time! 

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