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14 Funny Employee Gifts The Team Will Love

November 9, 2022
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Although professionalism is definitely important within an office space, formalities may cause a stiff atmosphere - so why not inject some humor into your work day by surprising your team with funny employee gifts? 

Your employees work hard, so you should celebrate their consistent effort and dedication! If you’re looking for a great way to help your team relax and destress, then you’ve come to the right place. 

We’ve compiled a list of 14 funny employee gifts to help you bring a smile to your team’s face. These gifts are sure to transform your work atmosphere and make your team more productive and inspired. 

What Makes Good Funny Employee Gifts?

Gifts Should Align With Company Culture

Giving gifts to your employees is an awesome way to connect with them and also shows that you care about them as individuals and value their continued hard work. 

However, finding the right gift can be challenging. You never want to miss the mark when it comes to gift-giving. Instead, it’s crucial to give your employees something specific that will speak to them.

A productive way to ensure that you’re giving your employees the best gifts is to align the gifts with your company culture, and by company culture, we are referring to how your company operates. 

To understand your company culture, it’s important to assess your employees’ viewpoints, ethics, and office behaviors. 

Businesses form diverse company cultures by employing teams of unique individuals. These employees have different thoughts, opinions, and driving factors that motivate them. If your company has a diverse culture, it’s important to give them gifts that cater to their interests. 

To make sure that your gifts make the right impression, take some time to get to know your employees. This will help you form a better idea of your company culture and will also help you establish what they will think is funny! 

Give Appropriate Gifts

Employees are often stressed at work and according to research, 62% of workers have high-stress levels

Giving funny employee gifts is a great way to lighten up the office atmosphere and cut through some of the tension.

While these gifts have positive intentions, it’s important to remember that funny employee gifts need to be appropriate. 

Although humor is subjective, there are certain do’s and don’ts when it comes to corporate gift-giving. Giving your employee a mug with a funny phrase like ‘Keep Calm, It’s Almost The Weekend’ is a great example of an office-appropriate gift. 

You never want to give your employees a gift that they may misconstrue. Similarly, you should avoid offensive humor at all costs. 

Give Inclusive Gifts

When you’re giving funny employee gifts to the whole team, it’s important to remember to be inclusive. Employees who feel singled out or can’t enjoy the gift may feel underappreciated. They may also feel like their needs weren’t considered.

To avoid having your employees feel left out, you should consider gifts that everyone will enjoy. 

For example - you could gift your team some canned wine after a hard week. What if not all of your employees drink alcohol, and feel like they can’t join in on the festivities?  

Make sure to keep the whole team in mind when you’re looking for ideas on funny employee gifts.

Funny Employee Gifts For The Team

1. Sleep Pillow by Casper ($65)


This is a high-quality gift that is not only practical, but a great way to poke fun at the employee who’s always yawning and complaining about how tired they are.

If you have a person in the office that relies on coffee to get them through the day, why not support a better sleep schedule for them with this pillow? Made with microfiber fill and 100% cotton cover, your recipient can go to bed feeling refreshed and like they’re dreaming on a cloud. 

2. Anker Portable Charger ($21.99)

We all have that friend or co-worker whose phone is always out of charfe. Of course, on the day they ask to use your charger, your phone is low too! 

Well, no more! Anker’s excellent 10000mAh portable battery charger will put an end to your employees begging for phone chargers around the office. This is one of the most useful funny coworker gifts out there! 

This practical employee gift will make sure that phones and other small devices stay fully charged. With USB-C charging and compatibility with modern smartphones, this charger can handle whatever you throw at it.

This gift is a great way to poke fun at an employee, whilst also solving a problem. Hopefully, the employee in question remembers to keep this portable battery charged! 

3. Lula’s Garden Serene Garden ($28)

This gift might seem like a thoughtful gift that adds a gentle touch to a workstation. In the right hands, it’s a great inside joke! 

If one of your co-workers has a notoriously non-green thumb, then a succulent is the right choice for their office plant. While still needing care, succulents are well-known for their resilience and low-maintenance existence. Be sure to let your employee know all this so that you’re laughing with, not at, them.

The Serene Garden box from Lula’s Garden makes for an excellent plant for the less-skilled plant lovers among us. It’s also a beautiful plant that goes nicely with most decorations on an office desk.

4. Der Rose 3 Pack Mini Potted Artificial Plants ($29.99)

The last plant joke might not work in one situation. Did one of your employees manage to kill off a succulent?

New plan - get them some of Der Rose’s hyper-realistic artificial plants! This removes the need for employees to meddle with plant life entirely. If your employee has accepted that they’re no gardener, the office will have a good chuckle at this. 

Der Rose’s 3 Pack Mini Potted Artificial Plants look as good as the real thing, but without the bugs or need for water. They’re ideal for any kind of decoration in any kind of environment!

You could joke that you went with the 3 pack in case your employee somehow manages to kill off one of the others. 

5. Insomnia Cookies 8 Deluxe Cookie Gift Box ($30)

This next gift idea works best for teams working late into the night. Don’t get it? The clue’s in the name. Insomnia Cookies offers some of the highest quality baked goods. Their large size and powerful flavor can brighten the sourest of moods. 

The 8 Deluxe Cookie Gift Box contains eight giant cookies to share with your team as the hours drag on.

Yes, Insomnia Cookies 8 Deluxe Box will make you the hero of the late-night crunch session. It’ll also have your tired employees grinning from ear to ear.

6. Devoción Toro ($19)

What’s a day without a good old cuppa joe?

Here’s a gift idea for the team members who just can’t seem to stay awake and focused. Devoción is a premium coffee brand. They’ve blended strong, unique flavors to provide a new taste experience. 

It might be tempting to scare your employee awake, but why not brew them some java instead? If you see them starting to yawn - take the liberty to bring them some unasked-for coffee. This is sure to get the team giggling! 

If your employees are looking to stay up and get work done, Devoción’s Toro flavor combines cacao, vanilla, cherry, and almond to make something truly special. This will give your employees a taste of the finer things, and a healthy dose of caffeine. 

7. Töst - Töst & Töst Rosé ($48)

This is the perfect gift for the employee who had a few too many at the work party! 

Töst is non-alcoholic sparkling water, specializing in capturing the experience of alcohol for those who can’t or won’t drink it.

The Töst & Töst Rosé Pack includes three bottles of each of their most famous drinks. These are perfect for the team celebration.

This isn’t just a fun gift to lightly tease those who can’t hold their booze. It’s also a thoughtful contribution for those who prefer not to drink. Why not gift this to an employee for the next office get-together?

8. Oh! Nuts - Nuts & Seeds Variety Snack Pack ($18.99)

Sometimes a good old pun is the best form of humor. If you have an employee who’s been called nuts before - send them one of these packs by Oh! Nuts. 

For the price, the Nuts & Seeds Variety Snack Pack offers great value, both monetary and comedic. While your team enjoys these delicious roast nuts, you can take turns roasting each other.

9. TRUFF Best Seller Pack ($63.88)

Typically, finishing a long project means that it’s time to celebrate. You and your team have earned it! If you’ve got any sense, you’ll wisely recommend a pizza night! If you were to bring along TRUFF’s range of exceptionally hot Hot Sauce, then you’ve made it a real party.

Who among your employees is brave enough to add the sauce to their next slice? How about all three at once? 

Not only will these add astonishing flavor to a pepperoni slice, but they’ll drum up some healthy competition. Has someone been boasting about their ability to handle spice? Send them this pack and watch them challenge the office to a ‘hot sauce off’. 

10. Zac’s Sweet Shop Nostalgia 4 Everyone Box ($65)

Sometimes, embracing the funny side means letting go of the more rigid structures we build up in the workplace. 

Nothing takes you back to a simpler time like the nostalgic taste of good chocolate. Or maybe it’s just us? 

Either way, the Nostalgia 4 Everyone Box from Zac’s Sweet Shop is sure to be appreciated. You could make a little joke when this is delivered about how sweet your team is - they’ll love that! 

Your employees can expect to find S’mores Bark, Salted Caramel Pretzel Bark, 1 Salted Caramel Pretzel Cookie, 2 M&M Pretzels, and more!

11. Spikeball Rookie Kit ($59)

If you haven’t heard of this sport, don’t worry. It’s fairly new on the scene, but it’s gaining traction. Unlike many other sports, Spikeball takes place in a small circle of people. This means your employees can play it in the break room with the right equipment! 

The rules are simple to learn, but the game is difficult to master. This works as a funny team gift that can be used to bolster team relationships. 

There’s a lot of fun in playing a game with co-workers. New players are in for a surprise - it can be tricky to learn! Watching them flail around trying not to knock things over as they practice will have the team in hysterics.

If you want to know about the tax implications of gifting this to your employees, read this post

12. STIL The Starter ($35)

There’s nothing wrong with making mistakes every once in a while. That doesn’t mean you can’t send a particularly late employee a cheeky-yet-helpful gift to get them on the right track. 

That’s where The Starter comes in. STIL’s basic planner set makes getting organized easier than ever. The Starter includes a planner, sticker pack, and sticky note set. 

13. Nunbelievable Assorted Pack Cookies ($17.99)

For now, we have to sit back, acknowledge that you can’t beat a pun like this, and enjoy the cookie. Nunbelievable’s Assorted Pack Cookies may be some of the best-looking food we’ve ever seen! For a very reasonable price, your team can enjoy these while collectively laughing at the excellent cookie wrappers.

The Assorted Pack includes 2 choc chip cookies, 2 peanut butter cookies, and 2 oatmeal raisin cookies. 

14. Nintendo Switch Console (Neon Blue + Red Joy-Con) ($299)

Turning the break room into a playroom is the dream. This might be a little out of reach - but when there’s a will, there’s a way! Why not gift each employee a Nintendo Switch, to remind them of their inner child? 

Devices like the Nintendo Switch can offer new and engaging ways of interacting with colleagues. Your employees can use their shared love of various games to bond. Friendly competition within the office is sure to cause some laughs - isn’t that what you’re after? 

With games for everyone and lots of options for connecting, your team will love the Nintendo Switch!

Final Thoughts

These funny employee gifts are a great way to break the tension of a long, hard week in the office. If your team looks like they need a chuckle - why not gift them some entertaining items?

Keeping your team happy is the best way to ensure that your employees stay motivated and productive. Funny employee gifts are a great idea to help celebrate special occasions or show your appreciation to all of your hard-working employees. 

From simple puns to fake plants, our ideas for funny employee gifts are sure to get your team buzzing with excitement. 

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