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15 Employee Thank You Gifts To Reward Your Team

November 8, 2022
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Employee thank you gifts are an important part of keeping your team happy and motivated. 

Rewards are integral to employee recognition. Employee recognition helps to show your team that they are valued and appreciated, which leads to a more productive workforce! 

If you want a great way to reward your team of superstar employees, our list of the best employee thank you gifts will blow you away! From simple gestures of appreciation to more luxurious gifts - we’ve covered it all. 

When Is A Good Time To Reward Your Team?

Before we jump into our ultimate list of employee thank you gifts, let’s chat about timing. If you’re wondering when the best time is to reward your team with employee thank you gifts - this section is for you! 

After A Big Deadline

There’s no crazier time in an office than when a big deadline is coming up! Team projects allow employees to put their best foot forward and work together to meet expectations. However, this can be exhausting. 

Long hours of hard work should always be rewarded. After all, your employees’ dedication is what ensures your organization’s success. Once they crush their project goals, it’s a good time to show your employees appreciation for their hard work. 

Rewarding team members with employee thank you gifts is a fantastic way to show them appreciation. It lets your employees know that they are valued.

Employee appreciation is a great way to keep your team engaged. When your team is engaged, they are more productive and motivated. This is great for boosting morale and improving company culture. 

For Outstanding Work

When your employees exceed your expectations, they should be rewarded! Your employees are the backbone of your company. After all, they keep the corporate cogs turning. 

Employee recognition is important for businesses because it helps to retain talent. It also guarantees top-notch performance from your team. 

When you’re recognizing your employees for their hard work, it’s essential to reward them for specific accomplishments in a timely manner. Rewarding your employees as soon as they meet their goals or performance targets will reinforce their dedication and motivation. 

Employee recognition isn’t limited to larger companies, either. Even employees working at start-ups or small businesses should be shown appreciation for a job well done! 

Special Occasions 

There is never a bad time to say thank you. But saying thank you on special occasions can make events more memorable for your team! 

Special occasions like work anniversaries, Employee Appreciation Day, and the company’s anniversary are good times to show your employees that you care. No matter how big or small your company is, taking time out for your team is important. 

Employee recognition can help to remind your team that their work matters. It shows them that their contribution to your company’s success is never overlooked. 

Employee Thank You Gifts For All Team Members

1. Plush and Suede Sofa-Style Egg Crate

One of the best ways to say thank you to your team and let them know you genuinely care is to pay attention to the things, people and pets they love. 

By gifting something that will make their furry friend’s life better, you’re showing that you care about their lifestyle outside of the workplace. 

This classic bolster sofa design promotes ultimate comfort and security, providing high-loft orthopedic cushion support as well as a super cozy nestling and burrowing space for dogs and cats

2. JLab Go Air Pop True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds ($19.88)

Employee thank you gifts don’t have to be expensive or extravagant to get the message across. What’s important is showing that you value their contributions to the company. The ideal way to do this is with a thoughtfully chosen gift that appeals to employee interests.

Anyone will appreciate the advantages of wireless earbuds. These are great for online meetings, a good gym session, or blasting tunes on the way to the office. 

Who needs the bother of pesky cables getting in the way of their music enjoyment? These are the ideal gift for music lovers on the go.

Most, if not all of your employees, are probably music fans. Increase their listening pleasure with these affordable but practical Bluetooth earbuds.

3. Burt's Bees Gift Set with 5 Essentials ($9.99)

Every hard worker needs a little pampering and self-care to unwind after a busy week at the office. With this in mind, we recommend these gift sets as the ideal thank you gifts for your team. 

These effective formulas are great for all skin types. With almost 40 years of experience, Burt’s Bees produce high-quality formulations. Each product is made from sustainably sourced ingredients that are also eco-friendly. 

These gifts are affordable - you can treat the whole office to a set. Each set contains 5 travel-sized Burt's Bees skincare essentials. 

These include the Deep Cleansing Cream, Hand Salve, Body Lotion, Foot Cream, and the Burt’s Bees Lip Balm. These sweet sets are ideal for all ages and genders and make suitable employee gifts for any occasion.

4. Jetpack Protein Smoothie Variety Pack ($19.95)

Every company has a few health fanatics on the team. This is something that you want to celebrate and encourage, as healthy employees take fewer days off due to sickness. Why not give these team members some employee thank you gifts that match their healthy interests?

Smoothies are great for a healthy pick-me-up snack during a busy day. But your employees might not always have the time to make them. That’s not a problem with this 5-pack of smoothie mixes! 

With flavors like strawberry & banana, peanut butter, blueberry acai, berry, and chocolate peanut butter and banana - healthy foods never tasted so good.

With the Jetpack smoothie pack, you’re giving a thank you gift that supports the health of your team. Include a smoothie shaker and you’re good to go. 

5. Bloomex The Joy of Flowers Gift Basket ($89.99)

Has your secretary or assistant gone the extra mile and put in lots of extra effort? Show them how much their hard work means to you. Say it with a traditional arrangement of beautiful fresh flowers. 

The aptly named Joy Of Flowers gift basket is sure to spark joy in anyone who receives it.

This spectacular floral arrangement includes 2 lilies, 2 roses, 3 gerberas, and 4 mini carnations. These lovely blooms are artfully arranged with fresh foliage in a rustic-looking basket. 

One of the reasons people are reluctant to give floral arrangements as gifts is their short life span. Thanks to the use of special floral foam, these flowers will stay looking fresh for a week or more.

6. SQUISH Candy You're The Best Gift Boxes Of Sweets ($15.75)

Everyone loves to enjoy a few sweet treats on occasion. Your team has been working hard and their efforts have paid off. It’s time to celebrate with some delectable gourmet candies from SQUISH Artisanal Candy Store!

Show each member of the team that they’re the best, with a You’re The Best box of treats. Each gift box of goodies contains Sour Rainbow Bears, Red Roses, Cherry Watermelon Crush, Brains, Brain Freeze, and strawberry-flavored gummies. 

This fruity selection of sweets is even suitable for the vegan members of your team! 

7. Happy Daze Gift Set ($36)

Upon returning home from a long day in the office, many appreciate a long soak in the tub. For hardworking and dependable individuals, show you care about their wellbeing! The perfect way to do this is with these beautiful bathtime gift sets.

Each prettily wrapped gift box contains 4 fantastic bathtime treats. With 2 bubble bars and 2 bath bombs in vibrant colors, they look good enough to eat. 

A bath bomb is not only fun but good for the skin too. It adds emollients and softeners to the bathwater, that moisturize and condition any skin type. 

8. Insomnia Cookies DIY Cookie Decorating Kit ($45)

Celebrating a birthday in the company? Let your employee know that you remembered, and celebrate with them!

No birthday should go by without a scrumptious cake or some delicious treats. If you’re wanting to do something a little different, try these delicious cookie gift boxes from Insomnia Cookies.

Introduce some fun with the DIY Cookie Decorating Kit, which allows the birthday person and their colleagues to decorate the cookies themselves. It’s always a good idea to introduce a little fun into the workplace. It reduces stress levels and enhances creativity.

With this gift, your employee will feel valued and their colleagues can be a part of the creative process. This set contains everything needed to create delicious works of cookie art. It includes 12 Classic cookies along with 2 cups of buttercream frosting, 4 colorful gel icing tubes, rainbow sprinkles, and a handy spreader. 

9. Otherland Chandelier Scented Candle Set ($36)

While some of your employees may listen to music or relax in the tub to unwind, others bring some calm into their lives with aromatherapy and candlelight. Scented candles make great employee thank you gifts, and we have the very best for you to choose from. 

The Chandelier scented candle set will appeal to everyone with its 3 gorgeous fragrances: champagne, saffron, and leather. They are perfect for employee thank you gifts, but make excellent gift choices for birthdays and Christmas, too.

These candles not only smell heavenly, but they also look attractive. In fact, with such stylish decor items on the table, we wouldn’t be surprised if the recipient was reluctant to burn them!

Another top idea for these candles is to include them in your company’s year-end celebrations.

10. SnackMagic Sweet Tooth Box ($50)

If your employees have a sweet tooth, they’ll love this token of your appreciation. With between 14 and 25 items, your team members will find plenty to enjoy! This hamper is perfect for employees to take home for their personal snack stash - but it can also be shared.  

You could also give this sweet hamper to a small team, and let them each pick something they want out of the box. These hampers not only serve as awesome employee thank you gifts, but they’re also ideal for festive season gifts.

11. Anker Magnetic Wireless Portable Charger ($69.99)

In this modern age, no one moves around without their smartphone. At some point, it will need the battery to be charged. This often happens at the most inconvenient of times! 

If your employees are on the way to work, and they’ve forgotten to pack their chargers - no worries! This portable charger is just the right gift. 

A new piece of tech is always a great way to say thank you to your top employees. Why not make their lives easier with a Magnetic Wireless Portable Charger from Anker?

Sometimes your employee will need to use their phone while it's charging. Perhaps their charger has broken! With all the benefits of a wireless phone charger combined with a built-in foldable kickstand, this gift is sure to get a lot of use.

Anker’s wireless charger holds an iPhone 12 or 13 upright for continued viewing while charging. Whether for use at work or home, this is a top candidate for your employee thank you gifts list.  

12. Rohm Portable White Noise Machine ($29.99 each)

The benefits of a good night of sleep are not to be underestimated. Research has shown that getting enough sleep aids concentration, productivity, and cognitive abilities. These are all vital in any work environment. Good quality sleep has even been linked to improved physical health.

A gift that enhances your employee’s quality of sleep is sure to be appreciated, as it shows that you care about their health. The Rohm white noise machine produces ambient rushing air sounds to quieten even the most active mind. This is the ideal gift for frazzled nerves. If your employee is in need of some top-quality sleep - consider this machine for a blissful night’s rest. 

The reason that white noise is beneficial for a night of good sleep is that it blocks out other noises. This will help light sleepers who are easily disturbed during the night. On the other hand, some people are unable to sleep with deafening silence. A white noise machine will help both types of people.  

13. Der Rose 2 Pack Mini Potted Artificial Plants ($24.99)

Plants add a special ambiance to any space, including the office. Add a touch of low-maintenance greenery to the office with these delightful employee thank you gifts. They will be loved by your team as well as any clients visiting your offices.

Most people would love to have an office plant or two to cheer up their workspace. Plants usually need plenty of light, and an office does not always meet the right conditions. However, that is not a problem with these lifelike artificial plants from Der Rose.

Artificial plants bring the magic of the outdoors, indoors, without all the effort. Now everyone can enjoy the look of healthy plants in their office, no matter the lighting conditions. And at this price, you can afford to spoil the team with a few of these lovely plant decor items.

14. Taste The World Culinary Gift Box ($179)

Part of the joy of travel, whether for work or leisure, is to soak up the cultures of foreign places. And that includes being exposed to new cuisines!

Are you looking for the best thank you gifts for team members who travel a lot for work? If traveling for work is a part of your employee’s reality, they are bound to have discovered some favorite culinary delights along the way. 

Allow them to revisit their favorite foreign food memories with this unique culinary gift. You could also introduce them to new flavors. After all - there are hundreds of taste experiences to choose from. 

This would also be a suitable thank you gift for any team member who has a love of exotic foods.

15. Away Carry-On Suitcase ($275)

Are you looking for a practical thank you gift for a valued employee about to retire? Many people get their retirement off to a good start with a relaxing and well-deserved holiday. A good piece of luggage is a fantastic gift for your company veteran.

This lightweight carry-on suitcase is the perfect size to fit in the overhead bin of most major airlines. The 360° spinner wheels ensure ease of movement. The interior compression system and included water-resistant laundry bag makes packing a breeze. 

It’s always hard to say goodbye to a trusted employee who has given their best years to your company. That is why you want to give them a gift that will be truly useful to them. 

Employees will be grateful for this durable and well-crafted piece of luggage. It will serve them well for many years, as they have done for your company. 

Final Thoughts

Your employees work hard to ensure the success of your company. As an employer, it’s your job to keep your employees happy! 

After all, you can’t have a company without your employees. Their effort drives your bottom line, and they deserve acknowledgment! 

One of the easiest ways to put a smile on the faces of your employees is to reward them. 

Employee recognition is an important part of company culture and will boost productivity and morale in the office. If you want the perfect way to thank your team, we hope our list of employee thank you gift ideas has inspired you! 

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