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20 Of The Best Welcome To The Team Memes

August 21, 2023
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A welcome to the team meme is the best way to introduce new team members to your company crew. It’s lighthearted and serves as a great way to break the ice. Memes have also become a staple of 21st-century communication, whether for celebrating work anniversaries, birthdays or simply for fun.

But unless you’re scouring the web for more than 10 hours a day and have a carefully curated collection of work-related memes at the ready, finding the perfect “welcome to the team” meme can take some work. 

Fortunately, we've collected the best welcome to the team memes and compiled them for you. Browse these memes, find the one that suits your new team member’s vibe, and welcome them to the team with a chuckle! 

Why Send New Hires A Welcome To The Team Meme?

Memes are mostly known as the ever-evolving online language used by predominantly Gen Z and younger millennials – or so we thought.

Funnily enough, memes have become widely popular among all age groups and people from all walks of life. Whether it be a CEO or a stay-at-home parent, everyone enjoys a good chuckle. 

It’s no surprise then that memes have become a big part of modern business communication. From company group chats to presentations, memes have become an easy way to lighten company business atmospheres and bring a little colour into the corporate world. 

A meme is an awesome way to break the ice with a new team member. It doesn’t cost money and it doesn’t put the new member at the receiving end of a sincere, but uncomfortable speech. It’s also a fun way to cultivate a stress-free but hard-working work environment. 

20 Welcome To The Team Memes And GIFs

Now that introductions are out of the way, let’s get into some of the best welcome-to-the-team memes and GIFs. 

1. The Classic Fist Pump

Work is hard, and nothing is more motivational than your team acknowledging that. Keep things simple and your new team member motivated with this classic baby fist pump meme. 

2. The Purrfect Meme For The Cat Lover

This welcome aboard cat meme is the perfect meme for any cat lovers joining the team. Nothing says “you’ll fit in here” quite as well as a stoic cat in a military uniform. 

3. I’m Your Mentor Meme

Your new team hire or transfer is probably very nervous about their new duties. Put them at ease by channeling some Yoda mentor energy with this funny Yoda meme. 

4. Gift A GIF Work Meme

Is your new team member enthusiastic? Do they have a lot of energy? Do they, perhaps, have a penchant for working out? Then get them settled and energized with this 80s-inspired aerobics meme to welcome them to the dream team.

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5. Let The Face Do The Talking With Mr. Bean 

Known for being a man of few words but still conveying a wealth of emotion, let Mr. Bean do the talking and welcome your newest hardworking team member with this Mr. Bean meme. 

6. Memes For The Young Talent 

This is the perfect meme for a transfer you’ve been looking forward to. Praise your talented employee and let them know just how excited you are to have them join the team with this only slightly evil-looking raccoon GIF. 

7. Memes For The Lord Of The Rings Fans 

Sean Bean created one of the most iconic Lord Of The Rings memes, one immediately recognizable by super fans and laymen alike. So, welcome your newest Lord Of The Rings fan with a welcome aboard meme they’ll appreciate. 

8. Say A Mafia Hello!

The Godfather is iconic, and so are its memes. Use this meme to welcome any film enthusiast with a die-hard love for anything Al Pacino. 

9. It’s Morphin’ Time

There is no better representation of what makes a great team than the massive power ranger Morph. So, channel some morphin’ energy with this team GIF. 

10. Give Them The Oprah Welcome

Nobody can muster more energy and vigor than Oprah Winfrey, and her memes are no different. Share this Oprah Winfrey welcome meme and get your new team member revved up and ready to go. 

11. A Meme For The Youngsters

If your team loves to communicate through memes, it’s good to warn the new member as soon as possible. And what better way to welcome them and warn them than with a silly meme? 

12. Another One For The Cat Lovers

If a meme isn’t enough, then add a pun. Stay paw-sitive with this cat meme. It’s the perfect option for cat lovers with golden retriever personalities. 

13. Memes For Grey’s Anatomy Fans

Channel the Grey's Anatomy show longevity by welcoming your new team member with a Grey’s Anatomy GIF. 

14. Give A South Park Welcome Meme

South Park fans are dedicated. If you know your new hire is a fan and want them to bring some of that passion into work, get them motivated with this welcome-to-the-team GIF. 

15. You’re One Of Us Now

Who can forget the classic overly-attached girlfriend meme? So welcome new employees with this funny but slightly intense team welcome meme. 

16. For The Polite Introverts

Not everyone needs a boisterous welcome, whether that be with balloons or a meme bursting with enthusiasm. Sometimes, introverts just want a soft and polite welcome. This is the meme for them (and for fans of Stranger Things memes!). 

17. The Reality Check Welcome Meme

If your new team member is fresh out of school and a little nervous about joining the workforce, welcome them with this Matrix meme. It’s a great way to break the ice, acknowledge their anxiety, and get them settled in your work culture.  

18. To The New Team Gem 

Give an enthusiastic hello to new team gems with this cheerful welcome to the team meme. 

19. A Classy Welcome 

Who doesn’t love Leonardo DiCaprio? So why not raise a glass and welcome new members to the team with this classy Leonardo DiCaprio meme?

20. The Office New Members Meme

And lastly, we have the warm welcome meme. Working isn’t always fun, but having a team you can trust and get along with can be one of the greatest experiences in life. Nothing conveys that feeling better than this new member's welcome GIF. 


Final Thoughts

Joining a new team is a harrowing experience and words of comfort aren’t always the most effective way to break the ice. Instead, use a meme or a GIF. It’s modern and funny and manages to convey a comforting message that makes employees feel a bit more at ease. 

Want to take your warm welcome one step further? With PerkUp, you can easily send your new hires welcome kits to get them feeling excited about their new job. Not only that but you can send a variety of different gifts, company swag, and spot rewards to your employees to incentivize hard work and show your appreciation for all that they do. Book a demo today!

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