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100 of the Best Work Anniversary Memes to Send Your Employees

August 31, 2023
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100 Awesome Work Anniversary Memes To Send Employees

When you think of Happy Work Anniversary images, what comes to mind? If the answer was “memes,” you’re in the right place.

Memes get excellent traction, and for good reason. They are shareable, often humorous, and give people a fun way to connect with others.  

Whether you are looking for a funny work anniversary meme or a happy work anniversary meme to send to someone on your team – we’ve got you covered. Whether you want to show appreciation, send your congratulations, or lighten up the office’s mood, there is something for everyone on this list of the best work anniversary memes to send your employees. Let’s dive in!

Page Contents

  1. Funny Work Anniversary Memes
  2. Animal Work Anniversary Memes
  3. 1 Year Anniversary Memes
  4. 5 Year Work Anniversary Memes
  5. 10 Year Work Anniversary Memes
  6. 15 Year Work Anniversary Memes
  7. 20 Year Work Anniversary Memes
  8. 25 Five Year Work Anniversary Memes
  9. Pop Culture Work Anniversary Memes
  10. Top 10 Memes for Work Anniversaries

Funny Work Anniversary Memes

1. Brace Yourself Meme

For the Game of Thrones meme lovers, this is a staple image from the series, Even if you haven’t seen the series itself, Game of Thrones has been nothing short of a social phenomenon, and also makes for the perfect work anniversary meme!

PerkUp Game of Thrones Meme

2. Sound of Music Meme

Maria Von Trapp herself would approve of this Sound of Music meme, celebrating a work anniversary with all of your (clearly pictured) co-workers! Whether you have fans in the workplace of the movie or the musical, this meme covers it. Whether it's for a one year, two year or five year work anniversary, this is the meme for you.

PerkUp Sound of Music Meme

3. Ron Swanson Meme

One could consider Ron Swanson to be the ultimate office co-worker – and this Parks and Recreation meme featuring Ron giving his classic stare is sure to delight employees with a deadpan sense of humour.

PerkUp Ron Swanson Meme

4. Absurd Meme

Speaking of humour, sometimes we have co-workers and employees with that “special” type of humour, which no one fully gets (even themselves). Which is exactly why we have this meme at the ready for work anniversaries.

PerkUp Absurd Meme

5. Dumb and Dumber Meme

Did someone say…Dumb and Dumber? This is a meme for all the employees with a funny-bone, who appreciate iconic, pop culture movies and phenomena such as Dumb and Dumber – a classic comedy film, leading to a classic comedy meme.

PerkUp Dumb and Dumber Meme

6. Stevie Wonder Meme

Out of office for a co-worker’s work anniversary? Working remotely, and won’t be able to see someone in person? This Stevie Wonder meme is the one you need.

PerkUp Stevie Wonder Meme

7. Dawson's Creek Meme

In the rare case you or someone else forgets a work anniversary (it happens, you’re human), we’ve got you covered with this classic Dawson’s Creek crying meme!

PerkUp Dawson's Creek Meme

8. The Matrix Meme

What if I told you that The Matrix was real? Well, it is, especially for employees and co-workers who are a part of the social phenomenon that is The Matrix Movies. Delight someone on their work anniversary with this classic Morpheus meme from the movie!

PerkUp The Matrix Meme

9. Bridesmaid's Meme

Speaking of cultural and social phenomena, the movie Bridesmaids falls nothing short of that, having led to a treasure trove of memes for years to come. For those who are fans of the flic, send them this meme on their work anniversary to delight, surprise, and humour them.

 PerkUp Bridesmaids Meme

10. Star Wars Meme

If you have never seen any of the Star Wars films, you could be living under a rock. Or, you could have been busy looking up Darth Vader memes from the series to send to co-workers on their work anniversaries. Either way, Star Wars memes for work anniversaries for the win!


PerkUp Star Wars Meme

Animal Work Anniversary Memes

11. Holy Cow!

For the animal lovers in the workplace, this meme of a cow in a nun’s garb is set to do the trick as a happy workplace anniversary image.

PerkUp Holy Cow Meme

12. Happy Puppy Meme

If you’re pawsitive about your coworkers and employees being dog lovers, there’s no better way to brighten someone’s day and celebrate their work anniversary than with this energetic, smiling puppy meme.

PerkUp Happy Puppy Meme

13. You Turtally Rock Meme

Who doesn’t enjoy a fun or somewhat cheesy pun? This funny work anniversary meme is perfect for those who don’t take things too seriously and like silly jokes.

PerkUp Happy Turtle Meme

14. Business Cat Meme

A meme of a cat wishing you a happy work anniversary? Great. A meme of a cat wishing you a happy work anniversary, while wearing a collar and tie? Better. Send this to the feline fanatics in your office to celebrate their work anniversaries.

PerkUp Business Cat Meme

15. Cuddly Koala Meme

This cuddly koala meme is great for those coworkers who love a solid nature and animal meme combined! Fun fact: koalas can sleep up to eighteen hours a day. And so can some coworkers (we lied about the last one, you got us).

PerkUp Cuddly Koala Meme

16. The Grumpy Cat Meme

The classic grumpy cat meme, maybe for celebrating a boss' work anniversary, but with a twist: celebrating the joyride of being coworkers with one another! Let this grumpy cat meme speak volumes for your next upcoming employee work anniversary.

PerkUp Grumpy Cat Meme

17. Owl Meme

Sometimes a work anniversary turns into a hoot, and sometimes you need an owl meme for just that situation. And when you want to know about the person having the work anniversary, you can just swivel your head and exclaim “Who? Who?”

PerkUp Surprised Owl Meme

18. Adorable Cat Meme

Beyond the grumpy cat meme for work anniversaries, this adorable cat meme is sure to strike the purrfect balance between sentimental and light hearted to celebrate the big day.

PerkUp Adorable Cat Meme

PerkUp Ron Swanson Meme

19. Winking Puppy Meme

Who’s awesome? Whoever you decide to send this winking puppy meme to! For the dog lovers in the office and those who love a little humour, this is bound to strike the perfect chord for an upcoming work anniversary.

PerkUp Winking Puppy Meme

20. You Rock Cat Meme

How much does your co-worker rock? This much. This is the perfect meme for cat lovers and awesome co-workers alike, in search of the perfect cat meme for their work anniversary.

PerkUp You Rock Cat Meme

One Year Work Anniversary Meme

21. Minions Meme

We all know someone who is a massive fan of the Despicable Me series, let alone Despicable Me memes! Send this Minions meme to a coworker to ring in the first year work anniversary.

PerkUp Minions Meme

22. Man Confused In Club Meme

We all know a co-worker or two who *loves* happy hour. For the weekend warriors who are celebrating a one year work anniversary, this is the meme for them.

PerkUp Man Confused in Club Meme

23. Beyonce Knowles Meme

For all the office fans of Destiny’s Child and the Queen of music herself, this Beyon-say meme is bound to delight co-workers on their work anniversaries who happen to be lovers of great music.

Beyonce Meme PerkUp

24. Anchorman Meme

From the legendary news anchor Ron Burgundy himself, here’s a happy one year work anniversary meme hot off the Anchorman news desk.

Anchorman 1 Year Anniversary Meme Perkup

25. Ain’t Nobody Got Time Meme

Remember this fun moment in pop culture history? For a coworkers one year work anniversary, this Ain’t Nobody Got Time Meme is sure to celebrate a co-worker with a trip down memory lane into meme history.

Ain't Nobody Got Time For That Meme PerkUp

26. Happy Baby Meme

Have someone in the office who has small kids, or makes for an amazing Aunt or Uncle? For those with a soft spot for cute baby photos, this work anniversary meme is set to do the trick – for one year, for two, for ten, or for thirty!

Happy Baby Work Anniversary Meme

27. James Bond Meme

One way to Bond with a co-worker? You’re looking at it. For the suave, charming, and James Bond aficionados in the office, this meme is a great way to celebrate a pop culture phenomenon and upcoming work anniversary!

James Bond 1 Year Anniversary Meme

28. Barack Obama Meme

Who better to congratulate you on one year of working at a company than the former POTUS? Let this Barack Obama meme ring in a one year anniversary for a coworker in style.

Barack 1 Year Anniversary Meme

29. Another Game of Thrones Meme

With how expansive the GOT series is, you truly can’t have enough Game of Thrones memes at the ready. Here’s another one year anniversary meme that makes full use of the Game of Thrones impact on TV and culture.

Game of Thrones Work Anniversary Meme

30. Grumpy Cat Meme

Cat lovers can never get enough of this grumpy cat meme – here’s another one celebrating the one year work anniversary of a coworker, set to bring a smile (and maybe a frown).

Grumpy Cat Work Anniversary Meme

Five Year Work Anniversary Memes

31. Wet Cat Meme

Ringing in a five year work anniversary with a co-worker who is a feline fanatic? Say no more and look no further than this cat meme.

Wet Cat Anniversary Meme

32. Napoleon Dynamite Meme

Celebrating a five year work anniversary? YUSSSSS. Then a Napoleon Dynamite meme is sure to ring in the occasion in the perfect way. Hailing from the early 2000’s, Napoleon Dynamite set the tone for the future of indie cult classic movies, shifting the landscape of movie culture itself.

Work Anniversary Napoleon Dynamite Meme

33. Surprised Dog Meme

Five years already? This meme of a Boxer dog is sure to delight the canine lovers within the workplace as they celebrate their five year work anniversaries.

PerkUp Surprised Dog Meme

34. Dr. Evil Meme

How much will this Dr. Evil meme cost you? One billion yen. Just kidding, it’s free, and for those who quote Austin Powers on the regular around the office, we have this meme to help celebrate the big occasions.

Dr. Evil Meme PerkUp Work Anniversary

35. Shy Cat Meme

You can never have enough cat memes – especially of cute cats – to help celebrate occasions such as five year work anniversaries. Celebrate the best of co-workers with this meme.

PerkUp Shy Cat Meme Work Anniversary

36. Another Napoleon Dynamite Meme

So, you want another Napoleon Dynamite meme to celebrate an anniversary? GOSH! Here it is – and bonus points if it’s for someone named Tina.

Napoleon Dynamite PerkUp Work Anniversary Meme

37. Leonardo DiCaprio Meme

For the suave, classy, and debonair office mates, this Leonardo DiCaprio cheers meme from the Great Gatsby is sure to strike the right chord.

Leonardo DiCaprio Meme Work Anniversary PerkUp

38. Ron Burgundy Anchorman Meme

You don’t have to work in a newsroom to appreciate the charm, humour and some-might-say-brilliance of the legendary Ron Burgundy. Now, your coworkers can appreciate it too with this meme on their five year work anniversary!

Work Anniversary Meme PerkUp Anchorman Ron Burgundy

39. Willy Wonka Meme

For the whimsical and nostalgic, this meme of Willy Wonka in his classic top hat and pose is perfect to mark the five year work anniversary of a co-worker who loves the imaginary world.

Willy Wonka Work Anniversary Meme

40. Homer Simpson Anniversary Meme

D’oh! You forgot your co-workers work anniversary. But don’t worry, we’ve got you with this Homer Simpson meme to celebrate the big day. Whoo hoo!

Work Anniversary Simpsons Meme PerkUp

Ten Year Work Anniversary Memes

41. Office Space Meme

A cult classic in its own right, Office Space has a plethora of memes attached to it as a now pop culture icon in the movie world. For your favourite managers, this meme is perfect to ring in those ten year work anniversaries.

Work Anniversary PerkUp Meme Office Space

42. Margot Robbie Meme

Whether you have fans of The Wolf of Wall Street or Harley Quinn from the Suicide Squad movies, a solid Margot Robbie meme can help ring in the celebration of a decade of work.

Margot Robbie Meme PerkUp Work Anniversary

43. Office Life Meme

Know a coworker who is all about that office life? Who has the most decked out desk space you have ever seen? We have the perfect meme to help you mark a ten year work anniversary for that particular person.

Office Life Work Anniversary Meme PerkUp

44. Spiderman Meme

Making his debut in August of 1962 and being present on the big screen for more than 20 years, the web-slinging-wall-crawler we know as Spiderman has been a staple in pop culture and movies for a reason. This is everyone’s friendly neighbourhood meme to celebrate a 10 year work anniversary in style.

Spiderman Meme Work Anniversary PerkUp

45. Happy Pig Meme

The only thing better than a smiling pig meme, is a smiling pig meme where they are holding fans, billowing in the wind. Here’s a meme to have a co-worker squealing in delight over their ten year anniversary.

Happy Pig Meme Perkup Work Anniversary

46. Surprised Squirrel

Who wouldn’t smile at a surprised little squirrel with his arms up in the air? This is ideal for the employee who has been a long-standing member of the organization. By sending them this cute meme, you can show them how impressed you are and how much the team looks up to them.

Surprised Squirrel Meme Work Anniversary PerkUp

47. Surprised Husky Meme

Who wouldn’t laugh at a husky giving them this look? Here’s the best meme for your canine loving co-workers, who also take joy in a good chuckle or two.

Surprised Husky Meme PerkUp Work Anniversary

48. Buff Doge Meme

Celebrating a ten year work anniversary? Buff Doge has you covered.

Buff Doge Meme PerkUp Work Anniversary

49. Skeleton Meme

For those who find skeleton puns humerus, this is the perfect meme for co-workers to rejoice their funny bone.

Skeleton Meme Work Anniverary PerkUp

50. Lonely Mark Ruffalo Meme

For those who love to celebrate alone and not make a massive deal out of the big work anniversary, we have the perfect meme for the introverts of the world who love some time to themselves to reflect on 10 great years.

PerkUp Lonely Mark Ruffalo Meme Work Anniversary

Fifteen Year Work Anniversary Memes

51. Happy Squirrel Meme

The best way to ring in a fifteen year work anniversary? This adorable meme of a squirrel rejoicing on a bench.

Happy Squirrel Meme PerkUp

52. Lord of the Rings Meme

Do you know the history of Boromir’s walk to Mordor? You don’t have to. But, your co-worker celebrating their fifteen year work anniversary probably does, and would highly appreciate this Lord of the Rings meme to ring in the day. See what we did there?

Lord of the Rings Meme PerkUp Work Anniversary

53. Old Man at a Laptop Meme

We don’t all nail Zoom or Microsoft Teams meeting settings, and that’s okay – here’s a meme for those coworkers celebrating work anniversaries who, not for lack of trying, aren’t the most tech savvy, but have heart.

Old Man Laptop Coffee Cup Meme Work Anniversary

54. Baby Fist Pump Meme

A fifteen year work anniversary has its fair share of challenges, triumphs, and memories, and this fist pumping baby meme is the perfect way to celebrate them all.

Baby Fist Pump Meme Work Anniversary PerkUp

55. Laughing Leonardo DiCaprio Meme

Another work anniversary, another Leonardo DiCaprio meme to ring in the special day!

Laughing Leonardo DiCaprio PerkUp Meme Work Anniversary

56. Hugging Meme

If fifteen years has you or your coworker feeling sentimental about all the memories, than this Johnny Depp meme from Finding Neverland should tug on all the right heartstrings.

Hugging Meme Johnny Depp Child Meme PerkUp Work Anniversary

57. Dos Equis Meme

Is your coworker one of the most interesting human beings in the world? Then this is the meme for them to celebrate a nuanced fifteen year work anniversary.

Most Interesting Man Meme PerkUp Work Anniversary

58. I Am The Captain Meme

If you want to celebrate a leader within the workplace, or at the very least, someone who likes to *act* like a leader, look no further than this funny meme from the Captain Phillips movie.

I Am The Captain Meme Work Anniversary PerkUp

59. Great Gatsby Meme

For the suave, the debonair, and the definition of classy, this Leonardo DiCaprio meme from the Great Gatsby is the perfect example of how to ring in the big day.

Great Gatsby Meme PerkUp Work Anniversary

60. Futurama Fry Meme

One does not simply “like” Futurama – it’s a series you love. For the Futurama obsessed in the office, this Fry meme is the best way to mark a fifteen year work anniversary.

Futurama Meme Fry Work Anniversary PerkUp

Twenty Year Work Anniversary Memes

61. Shocked Dog Meme

Celebrating a twenty year work anniversary? This meme of a surprised husky will delight even those who aren’t dog lovers on the big day.

Shocked Husky Dog Meme PerkUp Work Anniversary

62. Winnie the Pooh Meme

Co-workers come in all forms: some are Eeyores, some are Tiggers, and some are Winnie’s! For those who are fans of the timeless classic Winnie the Pooh, this meme is a great way to compare the feeling of putting in twenty years of work.

Winnie The Pooh Meme PerkUp Work Anniversary

63. Toy Story Meme

For the co-workers that go to infinity and beyond, this Toy Story meme will take employees on a nice trip down memory lane with this nostalgic throwback.

Toy Story Meme PerkUp Work Anniversary

64. House On Fire Meme

Everything is fine, right? To celebrate twenty years of a coworker who always puts out the fires, keeps on top of things and stays calm and cool under pressure, this is the meme is for them.

House On Fire Meme PerkUp Work Anniversary

65. Uno Meme

Uno has been one of the favoured card games over the past decades – and for good reason! For those who love a good card game or two, inside the office and out, this meme celebrates a twenty year work anniversary in the best way.

PerkUp Work Anniversary Uno Meme

66. Anime Butterfly Meme

If you have a co-worker who is always talking about One Piece, Attack on Titan, Yu Yu Hakusho or Demon Slayer and are confused: they’re talking about their love for anime. For someone with a soft spot for the animated world, send them this meme on their work anniversary to celebrate!

Butterfly Anime Meme PerkUp Work Anniversary

67. Button Smashing Meme

Looking to score a meme in the nick of time to celebrate a coworker’s work anniversary? Here you go – a meme to celebrate those who are always right on time.

Button Smashing Meme Work Anniversary

68. Skeptical Kid Meme

Looking for the perfect mix of humorous and adorable? Look no further than this meme of a skeptical, cute kid wishing you a happy work anniversary.

Skeptical Kid Meme Work Anniversary

69. Grandmother Meme

Though twenty years seems like it can go by in a flash, we all may forget a thing or two every now and again. Here’s a meme to mark how we can all feel about upcoming work anniversaries that we have misplaced on the calendar!

PerkUp Work Anniversary Grandmother Meme

70. Pharrell Happy Meme

For the music aficionados in the office, Pharell Williams is a staple in modern day music as a producer and artist. But even for those who aren’t, the music video and song for “Happy” swept the world and has become an icon in pop culture. Dance your way into your twenty year work anniversary with this meme!

Pharrell Happy Meme Work Anniversary

Twenty Five Year Work Anniversary Memes

71. Dwight Schrute The Office Meme

Celebrating a twenty five year work anniversary means one thing: a ton of password changes. Dwight from The Office has the perfect meme to celebrate your tenure.

Dwight Schrute Work Anniversary The Office

72. The Lion King Meme

Recognize this furry companion? If you or your coworkers are fans of the Lion King series, you will.

Lion King Work Anniversary Meme

73. Doge Meme

The Doge meme is a classic, and stellar for any occasion! Dog lovers or not, Doge will put a smile on any coworker’s face – especially one celebrating twenty five years.

Doge Meme PerkUp Work Anniversary

74. Silly Dragon Meme

A lot can change in ten, fifteen, or even twenty years – but twenty five is something special. This silly dragon meme sets the tone for the years of celebration to come!

Silly Three Dragon Meme PerkUp Work Anniversary

75. Original Grumpy Cat Meme

An icon in and of itself, Grumpy Cat has his star cemented clearly on the meme walk of fame. For a coworker celebrating the big 2-5, this cat meme will help mark the big day.

Grumpy Cat Meme PerkUp

76. Seinfeld Meme

Whether you loved the 90’s, 2000’s, or beyond – Seinfeld transcends generations and is beloved by many! From years of quotables and memes, ringing in a work anniversary is best done with the company of the legend himself, Jerry Seinfeld.

Seinfeld Surprised Work Anniversary Meme

77. Thinking Man Meme

Remembering these anniversaries over the years takes a lot of memory work (unless you have a stellar calendar system, which we recommend). Luckily, this meme can take the guesswork out and help you celebrate the big day for a coworker!

Thinking Man Meme Work Anniversary

78. Inbetweeners Meme 

Big fan of the Inbetweeners? As a cult classic, this meme is sure to delight fans of the show while celebrating twenty five years of work.

The Inbetweeners Meme PerkUp Work Anniversary

79. Step Brothers Meme

As one of the greatest comedy movies ever made, Step Brothers sets the gold standard for movie quotables. Celebrate twenty five years of working with this meme, and a classic “Did we just become best friends?” line to go with it.

Step Brothers Meme Work Anniversary

80. Dolly Parton Meme

Have you been busy working 9 to 5 for 25 years? Dolly gets it. Dolly *really* gets it, to the point of having made an entire song about it. For country music and Dolly Parton fans, this meme is the one for you.

Dolly Parton PerkUp Meme Work Anniversary

Pop Culture Work Anniversary Memes

81. Avengers Work Anniversary Meme

Looking for a meme in a snap? Well, Thanos has you covered in more ways than one. Celebrate any work anniversary with this Avengers meme.

Thanos Snapping Meme

82. Drake Work (Work, Work, Work, Work!) Memes

Started from the bottom, and now we’re here (at your work anniversary). Celebrate the big day, whether that is a year, five, or ten, with the 6 God himself – Drake.

Drake Work Anniversary Meme

83. A Ron Burgundy Salute

Who can turn down a congratulatory salute from the world’s favourite news anchor? Ron encourages you to be at your best and keep it classy for another year.

Ron Burgundy Work Anniversary meme

84. Yoda from Star Wars

A cult classic by himself, Yoda is the master of time, ceremonies, the Force, and your work anniversary. For the Star Wars buffs in the workplace, Yoda has your back while you celebrate the big day!

Yoda Work Anniversary Meme

85. Baby Yoda Memes

Sure, we did just cover a Yoda meme – but there’s a big difference, Baby Yoda memes are a whole other, much more cuddly version of our favourite Star Wars character.

Baby Yoda Work Anniversary meme

86. From the Boss Himself: Michael Scott

The Office is one of the most quoted shows in the past two decades from memes – and it’s no secret as to why. Michael Scott, the boss everyone misunderstands, is at the forefront of these memes.

Michael Scott Work Anniversary Meme The Office

87. Steve Harvey Meme

The Family Feud host and comedian is instantly recognizable from his work over the years, and makes for the perfect meme material for celebrations.

Steve Harvey Meme PerkUp Work Anniversary

88. Simpson’s Mr. Burns Meme

Boo-urns ring a bell? Mr. Burns, everyone’s favourite boss in the Simpsons, is here to help you ring in your big work anniversary day.

Mr. Burns Work Meme

89. Bob Ross Meme

Bob Ross is the go-to painter, teacher, artist and personality for many. With decades of teaching us all how to paint on television, Bob is here to help you celebrate your next work anniversary with a splash of paint.

Bob Ross Work Anniversary Meme

90. You get a meme! And YOU get a meme! 

Oprah, who many consider the Queen of talk shows and entertainment, is here with an infamous work anniversary meme to ring in the special day.

Oprah Work Anniversary Meme PerkUp

Top Ten Work Anniversary Memes

91. Taken Meme

Celebrate another year around the sun for your employee with this dramatic “Taken” meme.

If the person is a fan of action movies, send this meme of Liam Neeson from the “Taken” movie.

The caption on the meme states, "I will find you. And I will wish you a Happy Anniversary”.

The image and words allude to one of the actor’s most famous scenes from the movie. So, the recipient will immediately know how serious you are about the situation and have a chuckle at the thought. 

Taken Liam Neeson Meme Work Anniversary

92. Arnold Schwarzenegger Meme

From one of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s most notable films comes this epic handshake, which has stood the test of time in meme history. Celebrate your coworker’s work anniversary with a solid handshake and this meme!

Arnold Schwarzenegger PerkUp Meme Work Anniversary

93. For Lovers of Labradors

This list would not be complete without an adorable dog meme. 

Your superstar employee is sure to laugh out loud at the sight of this cute Labrador’s face. As the dog is wearing glasses and dressed in a jacket, it encourages fun on this important occasion. 

Labrador PerkUp meme Work Anniversary

94. Minions from Despicable Me

Who doesn’t love the adorable minions in the animated movie “Despicable Me”?

This 1-year work anniversary meme is about as cute and simple as they come. It is perfect for any employee who has managed to make their mark and work their way into their team member’s hearts during their first year at work.

Minions Despicable Meme PerkUp Work Anniversary

95. No Longer a Newbie

If your employee surpassed the one-year mark of working for your company, then this cute meme of a serious-looking baby is appropriate. They are no longer a newbie in the office and are all set to find their feet and grow from strength to strength.

No Longer A Newbie Work Anniversary Meme

96. Willy Wonka’s Golden Ticket

If you want to celebrate the moment an employee officially becomes a seven-year veteran at the organization, then this Willy Wonka work anniversary meme should do it.

Seven years at a company is a big achievement; you might want to add an extra touch by handing them a hand-made golden ticket.

Willy Wonka Golden Ticket PerkUp Work Anniversary

97. Surprised Squirrel Meme

Who wouldn’t smile at a surprised little squirrel with his arms up in the air? 

This is ideal for the employee who has been a long-standing member of the organization. By sending them this cute meme, you can show them how impressed you are and how much the team looks up to them. 

Happy Squirrel Work Meme Anniversary

98. Napoleon Dynamite Meme

Napoleon Dynamite is by far one of the most iconic comedies of the 2000s. Filled with hilarious one-liners, this film has solidified its place in pop culture. Wish your employee a happy work anniversary with this distinctive tagline…. “GOSH”! 

Napoleon Dynamite Work Anniversary Meme

99. The Hangover Wolfpack Meme

Being coworkers can feel a lot like being a part of the wolfpack; a band of brothers and sisters who are here to support each other through the ups and the downs. This Hangover Wolfpack meme helps to encourage the camaraderie you have with them on their anniversary!

Hangover Wolfpack meme Work anniversary

100. Been Here Meme

Mr. Bean is a comedy genius. He is endearing in every way and, with very little talking, uses his facial expressions to hit his message home. 

That’s why when delivering this meme to your employee, they will realize how much you mean what you say when you wish them a happy work anniversary. 

Mr. Bean Work Anniversary Perkup meme

DIY Work Anniversary Meme

If none of these are striking the right chord, create your own! Here are a few sites that you can use to generate your own memes.

Final Thoughts

Your employee’s work anniversary is a big deal, and it should be treated that way. Use these memes as one of the various ways you help your people feel appreciated, recognized, and celebrated on their special day.

Want more resources on how to create exceptional employee experiences? Learn more from the PerkUp Blog.

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