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50 Year Work Anniversary Gifts: Ideas for A Major Milestone

June 3, 2022
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It’s absolutely crucial to make sure your employees feel appreciated. While you can show gratitude daily in many ways, there are also some important milestones to take note of. 

One important event is an employee’s work anniversary. In particular, their 50 year work anniversary is a huge cause for celebration. So, it's essential that you show your employee that you appreciate their work and loyalty.

Below, we take a look at ten awesome ideas for 50 year work anniversary gifts that do just that!  

Why Work Anniversaries Are Important

Celebrating employee work anniversaries lets them know their work is noticed and valued. As a result, it’s a great way to boost employee productivity and morale.

Plus, it helps to prevent employee turnover by improving retention. By letting your employees know you value them, you foster employee loyalty and retain top talent.  

Ten Ideas For 50 Year Work Anniversary Gifts That Show Your Appreciation  

1. A Day Off Work

There's no better way to say thank you for all your employee’s hard work than a day, or even a week, off. Don’t count this as vacation time, and encourage the person to take the time to recharge. 

The chance to sit back and relax on a day or week of their choice is the perfect treat for a hard-working employee. 

2. Pay For A Meal At Their Favorite Restaurant  

Who doesn’t love a night of fancy dining? A great 50 year work anniversary gift idea is to treat your employee to a night out with a plus one. 

Let them relax with their favorite meal and a nice glass of wine all on you! We’re sure this one will make them feel valued and appreciated. 

3. A New Computer 

Computers usually need an upgrade after 4-5 years. A slow computer or laptop can make work-life difficult and slow down employee productivity. 

As such, one of the best ways to show your appreciation is to upgrade your loyal employee's workstation with a new computer. It will make their daily tasks a breeze!

4. A Commissioned Art Piece  

A beautiful piece of personalized art is a really special 50 year work anniversary gift. There are so many talented artists offering their work at reasonable prices. 

You could have a portrait commissioned or even a painting of their beloved furry friend. It is the perfect gift to transform their workspace or their home. 

5. An Extravagant Party In Their Honor  

Why not get the whole office together to celebrate your employee’s 50 year milestone? An evening of good food, champagne, and dancing is a fun way to show your appreciation. 

Plus, it shows all the other employees how much the company values hard work and loyalty. 

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6. A Bonus Cheque  

A little bit of extra cash is always a great gift. This way, the employee can choose to spend their money on something they really want or need. Plus, it’s a great option if you want to show your appreciation but can’t afford to increase their pay just yet.  

7. A Fancy Coffee Machine  

If your employee drinks coffee, you just can’t go wrong with a sophisticated coffee machine as a 50 year work anniversary gift. They can keep it in their office or take it home to enjoy. 

Couple this with a personalized mug, and you have the perfect gift! 

8. Tickets To A Local Event Or Concert  

A couple of tickets to a concert, play, or comedy show are fun 50 year work anniversary gifts that anyone can enjoy. Your employee will appreciate an exciting night out with their co-workers or friends and family. 

9. A Foodie Basket  

Consider packing a basket full of all your employee's favorite sweet and savory treats. You may want to include a bottle of champagne, a box of chocolates, and some candied fruit. 

A basket full of goodies is a simple yet effective way to show your employee that you know what they enjoy. 

10. An All-Expenses-Paid Weekend Away  

An all-expenses-paid weekend away for your employee and a plus one is the perfect way to say thank you. 

You could even add in a spa package to make sure your employee comes back to work feeling completely rejuvenated. 

Final Thoughts on 50 Year Work Anniversary Gifts  

If you have some milestone employee work anniversaries coming up, be sure to let them know you appreciate their loyalty. Consider one of these gift ideas, and your employee will feel super special!

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