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6 Blackstone Corporate Perks That Draw In Top Talent

June 2, 2022
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The Blackstone Group manages to entice and retain some of the top talent in the industry by offering unique Blackstone corporate perks to all its employees.

Below, we look into the details of the company’s talent package. If you hope to draw in exceptional employees to your business, there’s a page to be taken from this book. 

Here are six top Blackstone corporate perks and what we can learn from them.

The Top Six Blackstone Corporate Perks & Benefits

1. Women Empowerment

The Blackstone Group is well known for its diverse and inclusive work culture. Women, in particular, are empowered through programs such as The Blackstone Women’s Initiative and BX Win.

Both programs focus on developing women to their full potential. The programs foster connectivity across businesses. They also encourage mentorship and career development and help to shape Blackstone’s women recruiting strategy. This ensures that all genders are well represented across all levels within the Blackstone hierarchy. 

Blackstone trains and mentors employees of all genders in an unbiased manner to help them reach their potential.

2. Diversity and Inclusion

Blackstone has quite an open and active attitude when it comes to diversity and inclusion. Its targeted recruitment efforts aim to attract qualified, diverse talent. Minority employees get the option of belonging to the Diverse Professionals Network. 

This network is a support group and networking tool that helps to represent minorities within the workplace. Employees also learn how they can contribute to the welfare of Blackstone’s unique, team-centered culture, shaping the culture and future of the company. 

This sense of belonging plays a critical role in making employees, across all levels, feel empowered and welcomed. It goes a long way to encouraging employees to deliver their utmost best.

3. Discounts

Blackstone is leading the industry with some of the most comprehensive discount perks on offer. Employees get discounts on a variety of offers and products, from tech to dining and even cars. 

All employees - whether juniors, seniors, frontline staff, or managers - can use these discounts. Employees also don’t have to work a full year before benefiting from these awesome perks, which is often the case in some benefits programs.

4. Personal Development

Having the most inclusive and diverse workforce doesn’t mean anything if you don’t develop and train that workforce regularly. The Blackstone Group’s CEO, Stephen Schwarzman, firmly believes in the importance of training.

That’s why, today, Blackstone has excellent programs, including the ones we mentioned above, that train future managers and help employees succeed. Having a clear career path with advancement opportunities is a perk that employees love.

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5. Education For Everybody

Since personal development plays such a significant role at Blackstone, it’s no surprise that it offers fantastic education-related perks. Blackstone employees and their families get access to over 1,000 free online classes.

This includes children’s classes like karate, coding, and even Hip Hop dances. Adults can enjoy classes such as dance, yoga, and cooking classes.

Overall, this inspires a feeling of wellbeing and advancement that reflects in the employee’s productivity. An empowered and fulfilled employee is a productive and capable employee. 

6. Fantastic Culture

Blackstone employees rave about its fantastic culture. 88% of Blackstone employees say it’s a great place to work. Despite being a corporate beast, Blackstone still focuses on the individual. 

This openness and willingness to discuss important matters with all employees have seen Blackstone described as an organization with minimal bureaucracy. Employees feel more appreciated and better looked after in this work-together culture.

Final Thoughts

We find that the Blackstone group offers employees perks and benefits that empower, and improve its employees. While they offer employees amazing discounts on various products and offers, it seems to be the personal development and forward-thinking culture that is the best perks.

If you want your company to attract and retain the industry’s top-talent, you need to offer employees perks and benefits that address the employee’s needs and concerns. The Blackstone group is doing this right, and that’s why they are considered as one of the best places to work.

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