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7 Ways To Inspire Employee Engagement and Retention

July 20, 2022
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HR managers are definitely familiar with how challenging it is to implement new policies and foster a positive work environment that will consistently engage and motivate employees long-term. 

When executed effectively in the workplace, engagement and retention strategies will influence high performance and lead to a rise in overall productivity. 

To create a company culture that improves employee morale and reduces turnover rates, it’s important to encourage open communication, drive a culture of ongoing feedback and celebrate achievements whenever possible. 

This article will explain what employee engagement and retention mean and will provide a resource so you can promote them in your own organization.  

How to Increase Employee Engagement and Retention

Its essential to provide ample attention towards fostering strong employee engagement and retention within your organization, not only to boost productivity, but to support the people that show up everyday to better the business. 

Although every company depends on strong clientele to create success, employees are just as important in determining how well the business will run long-term too. In today’s competitive market especially, the achievements of a company truly depends on the enthusiasm and commitment of its team. 

The more attention a company pays to the professional wellness of its employees, the better their team will operate. It’s simple to retain high performing talent through incentives and career growth opportunities as these provide a direct avenue for employees to feel acknowledged. 

At the end of the day, a successful company is one that provides consistent recognition and simply treats its employees with respect. 

By creating a positive and fulfilling professional atmosphere, you’ll be able to retain high levels of talent long-term and will definitely avoid losing productive team members that are a clear asset to the organization. 

This article will give you 7 ways to inspire employee engagement in your workplace to help boost retention rates and create a team of content, excited individuals!

1. Awards and Recognition

Active recognition of efforts goes a long way in engaging your employees. It’s no secret that everyone appreciates feeling acknowledged and validated and it can be motivating to know that your contributions are being paid attention to by other individuals. 

After understanding this, you can encourage management individuals to publicly celebrate employee successes through special congratulatory internal emails or even incorporating excellence awards into the company culture. There’s also the option of including special performance bonuses to high performing employees!

An example of including awards and recognition into your work environment would be reward your team with lunch when they complete projects ahead of schedule. 

Not only are you letting them know they’ve gone above and beyond, you’re motivating them to continue this level of work ethic and continue engaging themselves with the company.

PerkUp offers great team lunch rewards so you can treat your employees to a meal that meets each of their individual preferences. 

2. Employee Benefits

Too often, employee engagement is overlooked and companies opt for benefits that can be generic and/or unproductive in meeting their employees needs and preferences. 

It’s important for employers to communicate with their teams to understand what their unique set of people would appreciate receiving, and creating a system that benefits their specific team. 

This can look like collecting feedback from employees which can even be done anonymously, to allow for honesty and transparency in each team member’s response. 

By catering your rewards to each specific individual, you can offer benefits that allow employees to grow professionally and socially, which will inevitably lead to increased company retention rates.

Examples of possible benefits to incorporate in your workplace include:

Leave Days

Although your employees show up and work hard for the company every day, they still carry personal lives that are just as important. 

By always keeping this in mind, you’ll understand why leave days are so valuable for employees. 

These can look like annual and sick leaves (which should always be present in the company culture), and leaves for other events such as maternity, paternity and adoption time off. Just remember to create a transparent, well communicated and highly structured leave program for these cases. 

Other leaves would look like study leaves for educational purposes and even religious holidays that should always be allowed and respected for each employee. 

Flexible Working Arrangements

Again, it’s impossible to maintain an engaged, loyal team of employees if their personal lives aren’t taken into consideration. 

There are various personal responsibilities that are just as important as professional success, and incorporating a flexible working arrangement can help create a healthy work-life balance and allow space for both aspect’s of your employee’s life to co-exist. 

On top of that, flexible working arrangements include avoiding micromanagement within the company culture. Not only is this highly demotivating, but it can reduce the amount of loyalty and appreciation that employees feel towards the company. 

You know your team better than anyone and as long as the type of work allows it and your employees are clearly committed to their positions, it’s important that they’re granted the trust in managing their own schedule or even choosing how and where they’d like to work.

It’s important to prioritize the output of work rather than how it’s accomplished. 

Discounts and Vouchers

Employees will always feel encouraged to perform at their best potential when incentivized and motivated with concrete rewards. These incentives can include anything from food to fuel for their cars, or even vouchers for spa days or weekend getaways. 

It’s definitely worth investing in their personal lives to keep your employees motivated and satisfied at work.

Spot rewards from PerkUp can provide many ideas to inspire you too!

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Woman participating in personal wellness.

3. Employee Wellbeing

Investing in a wellness program for your team will not only reflect the value you place on employee engagement, but it’s a clear way of promoting work-life balance within the company culture too.  

Your team will appreciate the extra step you’re taking to provide resources for their physical, mental, emotional or even spiritual wellbeing and by including wellness programs, you’re setting them up for professional success too! 

It’s a simple fact that individuals  who lead a balanced life are better equipped to handle the stresses of their jobs. 

This program could arrive in the form of company provided gym memberships or other exercise perks (e.g. voucher to a weekly yoga class), and the financial wellbeing of your team is also relevant here.

Assistance with your team’s financial management will alleviate the stress of employees and let them clear their mind to better focus on their positions. 

Employee participating in a professional volunteer program.

4. Volunteer Program

It’s been recently proven that generally, individuals are becoming more attracted to jobs that fulfill them holistically and including volunteer programs within the work dynamic can definitely encourage employee engagement.

Providing your team with access to make a hands-on difference in their community can significantly motivate employees, increase their retention rate and expand their appreciation and loyalty for the company. 

This can be done by providing your team a few days per year to share their time and skills through charitable initiatives such as mentoring young kids.

5. Career Growth

High performing individuals are always looking to build their career and create new opportunities for their professional growth. Offering accessible avenues for your team to participate in various roles within the organization is a great way to increase their engagement.

Leadership and mentorship programs especially, will bring out the best in your employees. They’ll have the chance to working with different sides of the organization and can gain an important and valuable understanding of how the business works. 

Development programs that allow staff to attend courses and further their education are another way to ensure employees have career growth prospects. 

When an employee’s potential is fully utilized, it increases their commitment to the company and drives company progress!

Professional team building event.

6. Team Building

Team activities can be great for boosting employee engagement by inspiring healthy competition and fostering a collaborative relationship between individuals. Allow them to step away from work, get to know each other and even have some fun!

A lot of the time, different departments don’t have the chance to mingle and interact with each other in the regular workday. By including team building activities, they’ll have a chance to put faces to the names of people they may only interact with via email or video calls and thus gain a more personable relationship.  

7. Management

There’s an important saying that goes: “people leave managers, not jobs”. More often than not, poor communication skills and lack of attention paid to employees causes disaster for the company. 

When employees don’t feel supported, respected or engaged by their company’s management, it’s difficult to maintain motivation to strive for success. The easiest solution for them in these situations is to resign from their positions and start anew with a more reliable company.

It’s important that management carries the necessary interpersonal and communication skills needed to engage their employees long-term. When the company’s leadership is enthusiastic, welcoming and consistently positive, employees can gain a better sense of loyalty and will retain engagement long-term. 

There’s always the option for HR managers to invest in coaching programs for the leaders in the company so they can gain relevant knowledge about how to engage with their employees. 

Why Employee Engagement and Retention Matter

It’s crucial that business track their rates of employee engagement and retention, especially when knowing that the rate of employee engagement in the US has dropped to only 36% of employees since 2021. If you want to maintain your team and avoid rapid employee turnover, it’s important to tackle this issue before it becomes an obstacle for the company’s success. 

Through improved employee engagement and retention, the company will avoid the high cost of hiring new employees and will maintain a knowledgeable workforce that understands the ins and outs of the business.

Employee engagement and retention is crucial to the success of every business as it creates inspiration and forms a healthy, productive work environment for all company members. 

If individuals don’t feel connected to their company or don’t have open opportunities for development and growth, it’s unrealistic to expect them to offer their best efforts. 

Final Thoughts

To summarize, employee engagement and retention are essential to  a company's success and a company depends on it’s employees being highly motivated and attentive to their positions. 

Not only will creating a company culture of engagement decrease employee turnover, but it will also attract the best talent to your business!  

Implement these 7 ideas to inspire your employees to engage with your company and watch the entire team and business flourish! 

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