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How To Use A Prepaid Digital Visa Card To Reward Your Employees

July 19, 2022
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How To Use A Prepaid Digital Visa Card To Reward Your Employees

Consistent employee recognition will always be important in maintaining job satisfaction and fostering a positive relationship with your team. 

Employee rewards are a fantastic way to implement recognition into your workplace and on top of that, prepaid digital Visa cards introduce a straightforward and accessible method to do this. 

This article will explain what sets these cards apart from regular debit/credit cards and will further provide information on how to implement them into your workplace. 

How To Successfully Use Prepaid Digital Visa Cards As Incentives

To successfully implement these cards as incentives to your team, it’s essential that you contextualize the program, provide transparent information on how it will work and inform employees about how they can be eligible for rewards. 

Inclusivity is key when it comes to employee reward programs and they should acknowledge high performing team members while motivating others to reach similar heights in their position. Let your team know when someone has made an achievement so all expectations are clear and there are examples of success for them to strive for. 

Along with that, you can use prepaid digital Visa cards to set different kinds of goals/benchmarks for your employees. You’re in full control of how many funds are added to each card and can even incorporate cards with increasing values to create different levels of rewards.

This will show employees what kind of work they need to complete to be eligible for each level and can motivate them to strive for higher performance so they can earn valuable rewards!

Although bonuses and rewards are usually added to an employee's account with their salary, this reward method can be impersonal and lack sentiment when trying to congratulate each employee for their individual achievements. 

That’s why prepaid digital Visa cards make a productive rewards option as they let the employee view this piece of recognition separately from their regular salary, which is ideal since their achievements are also special compared to their usual performance. 

Prepaid Digital Visa Cards

What Is A Prepaid Digital Visa Card?

Digital Visa cards simply make great employee gifts or rewards. To acquire a prepaid digital card from Visa, you can first apply online and then load it with the desired amount of funds. 

After this process is complete, the digital prepaid card can be delivered to the recipient by email and is ready to use as soon as they are registered. These cards are flexible in that recipients can request a physical card if the virtual format doesn’t match their preference!

You can also consider a Perk Card! The PerkUp prepaid digital Visa card works as a virtual card that holds a fixed amount of funds on it. Money is sent to employees in the form of digital rewards they receive via email and can be added to their Perk Card balance for spending. 

Perk Cards work just like a Visa card and arrive with their unique 16-digit card numbers, expiration dates and CVC.

These cards differ from the regular Visa in that they’re entirely virtual and not linked to any banking institutions, allowing for a convenient and safe shopping experience. Perk Cards can also be used online or through physical transactions with any merchant that accepts Visa.

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Features Of A Prepaid Digital Visa Card

The virtual prepaid Visa card arrives with it’s own expiration date and once this date is reached, any funds remaining on the card will be unavailable for use. 

However, the money can still be accessed if the owner requests a new card and the card issuer might also transfer the remaining funds in some cases.

Please note that financial service providers may ask for an initial fee to activate the card, and a monthly fee to keep the card active. Costs for this may vary.

When thinking about personalized employee rewards, there are card issuers out there that offer company-branded and customizable cards! The digital card can be given a special design and short message, creating a meaningful and memorable experience for the recipient. It’s also a great branding opportunity!

When looking at Perk Cards, remember that the card is reloadable and additional funds can be added at any time by the organization. These cards are not only meant for one-time purchases but if you are looking for prepaid digital Visa cards to use only once, it’s good to know that these cards usually don’t require a monthly fee. 

Money can be transferred to and from the card using PerkUp’s Visa-friendly platform. Recipients can send payments to a beneficiary, shop online, or pay for a monthly subscription right from their online account!

Another great feature for prepaid digital Visa cards is that they allow for payments to be made in other currencies, creating global accessibility for companies.

Benefits Of Prepaid Digital Visa Cards As Incentives

  1. Works For Everyone

Monetary incentives are the best option for when you’re rewarding various employees whose desires and interests differ. No team made up of it’s unique individuals can be expected to be satisfied by the same reward.

Prepaid digital Visa cards provide a personal experience in which recipients can spend their rewards however they choose and are not limited by the restrictions of merchant specific gift cards. 

This type of reward is also instantaneous and easy to distribute among teams, saving time for the company in general!

  1. Promotes Employee Engagement And Productivity

Consistent recognition and rewards set employees up for success by offering an added incentive to strive for their highest professional potential. 

They’re sure to remain engaged in their position when there’s a concrete reward waiting for them and the entire company will benefit from highly motivated and dedicated employees.

  1. Helps With Retaining Talent

In the current day and age, it’s important to offer more than a base salary to maintain a long-term and talented team. Monetary rewards are a great selling point for prospective hires and your current team with the opportunity to be rewarded for their contributions. 

Without modes of motivation, employee retention and job satisfaction can decline over time and can even lead to an eventual resignation. To avoid this, it’s important to foster positive rewards avenues to maintain positive growth for employees personally and the company in a whole. 


This article has highlighted the importance of consistent rewards and offers the relevance of prepaid digital Visa cards in employee recognition programs. 

PerkUp is a fantastic platform to achieve a positive company dynamic and if you’d like to know more about PerkUp rewards cards, you can take a look at our perk categories

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us either! We’ll be happy and excited to answer any inquires you may have about the platform!

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